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Aquarius and Scorpio sexual and intimacy compatibility

Even though the signs Aquarius and Scorpio are opposed, Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio can be excellent after looking at the Aquarius dates. However, it is expected that this particular couple will face many challenges and will have a difficult time making things work for them. However, since they are so opposed, Scorpio can be considered Aquarius’ best love match.

When a Scorpio and an Aquarius come into contact, the result may be explosive. They may have a tense relationship as squaring signals, but Scorpio exalts Aquarius’ king, Uranus. These symbols embody the pinnacle of sexual liberation, a position where there are no boundaries or taboos. They’re a mix of Water and air, emotion and data, all wrapped up in an enticing aroma. If they become entangled and eventually split up, they will come to hate each other and all they’ve shared in their sex lives.

Finding a balance of passion, emotion, and critical thought is extremely difficult for these partners. Although Scorpio’s sexuality is hungry, intensely emotional, and all-encompassing, Aquarius desires to be free of all limits and emotions and struggles to be with a possessive partner.

Depending on their versatility and the depth of feelings they express, their sex life can be like a battlefield or a wonderland. They will have a hard time changing their natures and adapting to a partner that is so different from them because they are set signs.


How on Earth will two truthful and straightforward people like Scorpio and Aquarius have such a difficult time trusting each other? When they get too close, the issue becomes apparent. Scorpio’s belief that Aquarius should be tamed and belong to them in a romantic relationship would lead to a violent revolt and their partner’s counterattack. If there is some form of coercion, things could spiral out of control, and unspoken tendencies could break them apart in a matter of minutes.


These partners will have exciting discussions about any weird subject they might think of as long as they don’t give in to their stubborn, unmovable modes. They won’t want to make small conversations or talk about their day at work. It’s pointless from their viewpoint, and while Scorpio prefers to be in control of everything their partner does, conversing with someone who says odd things would be refreshing. Their relationship’s most striking feature is the extraordinary intensity and breadth of interaction in just one couple. They will have similar views on something out of the ordinary and will struggle to accept our world as it is.

Since Scorpio exalts Aquarius’ ruler, their relationship can evolve for both of them. Scorpio will not only admire their partner’s intellectual prowess, but they will also assist them in understanding how their ideas can be realized through a sense of limitless possibility.

Their admiration for each other, combined with their static personalities, is the weakest link in their relationship. We would assume that both of these signs are associated with change and that they couldn’t possibly be static, but they are, in fact, motionless in their approach to change. Their most significant challenge is to take a moment to appreciate what they’ve discovered in each other.


If they fall in love, Scorpio is likely to spiral into an obsessive mess of emotions against their uninterested Aquarius mate. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to hit Aquarius’ emotional heart, and it’s challenging to do so without spontaneity and confidence. Scorpio can be spontaneous in circumstances where there are no emotions present, but they will rarely allow their love for someone to be controlled by their partner’s maybe-yes-maybe-no swing.

Aquarius can rarely accept or be with someone who attempts to make them more secure and grounded or meet their need for freedom. They will begin to pull away as soon as they feel compelled to do something, and any emotion that might have been forming will be immediately covered by the fear of commitment and the rut of daily life.

Scorpio must be untied, know that their spouse will never be theirs and that they are free to leave at any moment if they want to maintain emotional harmony. They’ll have to realize that their relationship might end tomorrow and that there’s nothing they can do about it. On the other hand, Aquarius would have to face their emotional depth and be willing to make certain adjustments in their approach to romantic relationships to experience Scorpio’s emotional essence consistently.


Both of their characters will prioritize enthusiasm and transition, and this will be a strong point of convergence for them. Unfortunately, the majority of the other qualities they seek in a partner are entirely different. Scorpio values loyalty, sex, and deep emotional attachment over Aquarius’ free spirit, connectivity, and freedom.


They will find many things to do together as long as they stay out of their ego war. They’ll both enjoy taking chances of some sort, so their ideal date could include everything from skydiving to a night out at a casino. The best way for them to spend quality time together is to participate in intellectual activities and competitions, enabling them to express potential animosity healthily.


Someone might argue that this is a karmic relationship, that these individuals were rivals in a previous life, and that they will fight until one of them dies. However, this is a little serious. Scorpio, after all, is the symbol of Uranus’ exaltation, and as such, it adores Aquarius. In most cases, a Scorpio spouse may profess their love obsessively, although this can be beneficial to Aquarius. All of our theories about their lack of emotionality will be drowned in their ultimate affection when we look at the sign of Aquarius, which exalts Neptune, the monarch of the Water, a symbol of Pisces.

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