Aquarius Daily Horoscope


Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Color: Light-Blue, Silver

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Date range: January 20 - February 18

Your astral climate

You need efficiency, but don’t look down on those who are lagging behind you. Provocation becomes second nature today. This will help you flush out the rose bush.


Your impulses are very badly perceived, your hesitations are severely judged ... All you have to do is develop your self-discipline to hope to participate effectively in today’s climate, made up of homework and sobriety ...


Do not overdo it because the sky is sifting through your intentions! Now is not the time for flirtations and banter, but for thoughtful commitments and meaningful encounters. Heaven favors your initiatives and your serious love projects.

In a Relationship: The dialogue may temporarily supplant your high ambitions, the thirst to surpass yourself, to transcend your fears and you will then be able to reach a higher level of communication with your partner, to develop your relationship.

Single : You now aspire to fully enjoy the present moment and not to be constantly caught up in your multiple responsibilities. You still have to find the perfect balance between these various poles of your life to fully develop.


You feel yourself growing wings. The privileged moments that you spend with those around you bring balm to your heart. It is such a pleasure to let yourself live, without asking yourself too many questions, that you overdo it.

Money Luck

The stars dispel the stress that you might have accumulated in recent weeks. You have been able to pay all your invoices, you are up to date with your reimbursements, it is already a first victory for you, and it lasts!


You do not hesitate to use your strengths to favorably influence your social circle and to attract the good graces of those who could promote your progress. You are kind to your colleagues and respectful of the hierarchy.

First decan

Born between January 21 to January 31: It’s a good day for everyone who works in banks, on the stock market, in real estate, for managers and bosses. But it is also a good day for all workers and beneficial for all responsibilities. You know what you have left to do…

Second decan

Born between February 01 to February 10: The opening to new adventures is looming for the next few days. Until then, it is always the discipline that pays. Stabilize your achievements, study your projects, remain honest and without concessions in your balance sheets and you will leave on a sound basis with the assurance of success.

Third decan

Born between February 11 to February 18: You are impatient with the obstacles and frustrations of a rigid administration, a demanding boss or a susceptible partner. Take patience, this school of discipline and mastery is very useful for structuring your behavior and making you more realistic.


Aquarius Horoscope: Daily

Your astral climate You need efficiency, but don't look down on those who are lagging behind you. Provocation becomes second nature today. This will help you flush out


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Love COUPLES: You will float on a pink cloud. Thanks to the complicity of Venus, well aspected, your marital loves will be shrouded in mystery and haloed


Aquarius Horoscope: Monthly

Love First Half: The good position of Venus in your Heaven will make you more enterprising in love. Your married life will be invigorated and much more


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