Names, Bible Stories, History, Origin, and Lists of Fallen Angels

Names, Bible Stories, History, Origin, and Lists of Fallen Angels

In the history of religions, there is a theme that tends to arouse the curiosity of almost everyone: the Fallen Angels, better known as “demons.” However, this name would not be technically correct.

Where do they come from? Who were they? What are the most important? These and other questions are what we will try to answer.

What are Fallen Angels?

The Fallen Angels are one of the first angels that God created but who turned away from him and began to question him, which caused them to be banished from heaven and, many of them, sent to hell. These are known as Fallen Gods or Fallen Angels.

Certain religions, especially those prominent in the West, teach that fallen angels, once pure messengers from God, followed the Devil (or Satan) out of heaven and onto the Earth in rebellion against the Creator.

In this sense, belief is also taught by those fallen angels now who rule the kingdom of the Earth as evil. It is an important spiritual conflict, in large part, and with God’s heavenly holy angels fighting the fallen angels under the command of Satan (or Lucifer) - the Devil.

We prefer a metaphysical view of fallen angels and what they can be in our lives. Let’s look at a few different interpretations to consider.

What is the Source That Speaks of the Fallen Angels?


Chester Beatty XII, 4th century Greek manuscript of the Book of Enoch. The main source for learning about the fallen angels is the “Book of Enoch, “an ancient Jewish religious work, traditionally attributed to Enoch, Noah’s great-grandfather, which contains unique material on the origin of demons and giants, the explanation of why some angels fell from heaven, and even an explanation of why the Great Flood was morally necessary.

Studies have estimated that the oldest sections of the Book of Enoch, mainly the “Book of the Watchers, “date from around 300 BC, and the last part, the “Book of Parables, “from the 1st century BC. Contrary to popular belief, the “Book of Enoch” is not part of the biblical canon used neither by Judaism nor Catholicism in general, but only by the Orthodox Christian churches of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

However, most Christian denominations or traditions do accept that this book has some historical or theological interest. It was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and is written mainly in Ge’ez (the language of Ethiopia and hence it is accepted in that country), although it also contains fragments in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin.

The Origin of the Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

At first, the Fallen Angels belonged to the celestial group that safeguarded the beginnings of humanity. They were created specifically by God to watch over man and were given understanding and freedom.

These characteristics led many of these angels to start questioning their Creator, moving away from him, and committing different “sins” that led to God expelled them from heaven, banishing them to hell.

Most of the angels fell out of lust but also out of vanity as their main motives.

Why Did These Angels Fall?


Here two aspects depend on the source. On the one hand, we find the biblical ones like Lucifer; but on the other, we find the Book of Enoch, where we see that 200 angels fell in total, with Semyazza as the main leader, although not the only one, since there were 20 leaders in total. These are known as the “Watchers .”

Archangel Michael drives out the rebellious angels. Illustration by Gustave Doré.

His sons were the Nephilim mentioned in the bible, giant demigods, sons of angels, and humans.

But it has not only been out of lust; even in the Grigori or Watchers, many fell for teaching men the art of war and the creation of weapons, among other knowledge that created the imbalance among the first men. For this, it must be taken into account that each Grigori is associated with a different type of wisdom.

List of Most Important Fallen Angels - Top 10 Fallen Angels

Lucifer - The First Fallen Angel

Fallen Angels


Representation of Satan by Gustave Doré for the epic poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. Did you know that Lucifer (yes, Satan) was an angel living right next to God? It’s true; he did. However, over time, Lucifer developed bad feelings like envy and greed inside him. Heaven does not allow such emotions. Thus the first “fallen angel” in the list of top ten fallen angels is Lucifer.

From then on, Lucifer (The Devil or King of Hell) brought sin to Earth. Consequently, he became the leader of fallen angels expelled from the heavenly Kingdom of God. Besides the Devil, nine fallen angels have corrupted men’s lives in some way or another. In time, fallen angels are termed demonic figures or demons.

Yukon - The Second Fallen Angel

God created Yekun among the first few angels. He is the second angel who fell from paradise and the first to follow Lucifer. He is responsible for persuading and misleading other angels from the path of Light.

Kesabel - The Third Fallen Angel

It was the second angel who followed Lucifer. Kesabel remains almost all the time in the form of a woman. Kabel propagated sin by inducing seduction in men.

Gadreel - The Fourth Fallen Angel

God banished Gadreel from heaven. His sin was to teach about death and how to handle swords against others entities, including angels.

Penemue - The Fifth Fallen Angel

Penemue placed the knowledge of reading and writing before humans. In some sense, his knowledge led men to lie and to turn the course of truth.

Abaddon - The Sixth Fallen Angel

Fallen Angels

Abaddon is the demon who has lost his place in heaven because he likes to destroy things. It is believed that Moses invoked Abbadon to devastate Egypt with a natural disaster. So, Abbadon is also known as the “destroyer.”

Azazel - The Seventh Fallen Angel


Azazel, depicted in black, refusing to prostrate himself before the newly created Adam. Illustration from the Arabic manuscript “Annals of al-Tabari.”

This demon introduced the art of weaponry to the world. This facilitated the production of swords, knives, and armor. The art of weaponry has caused bloodshed and countless untimely deaths to occur. Azazel closely resembles the fallen angel Gadreel. They both know how to use deadly weapons.

Leviathan - The Eighth Fallen Angel

Leviathan is one of the worst demons. Known for pride and heresy, its fallen form is a combination of serpentine and dragon-like appearance.

Samyaza - The Ninth Fallen Angel

This fallen angel has lead thousands of demonic entities. He persuaded many angels to come to men’s land after women.

Kascade - The Tenth Fallen Angel

Kaskade was the last significant angel to fall to hell from the Kingdom of God. Before the fall, he was a teacher of astrology. After the fall, this demon taught men the wicked strokes and strikes on embryos, demons, spirits, and souls. This deviated from the natural harmony in the lives of humans and their position and importance before God.