PRAYER OF SAINT CYPRIAN - For love, money, protection, and more

PRAYER OF SAINT CYPRIAN - For love, money, protection, and more

St. Cyprian was a wizard who devoted himself to witchcraft and occult sciences and later converted to the Christian faith. Before that, he was an apprentice to Evora Witch and left the famous Black Cover Book, a gathering of spells, sympathies, and prayers attributed to him. Below are some versions of St. Cyprian’s Prayer for various purposes, and use the powers of this holy wizard to achieve what you desire.


saint cyprian

Among the rituals pointed out in his famous book, the call for financial prosperity has always been among the most sought after. This famous prayer of St. Cyprian favors the energy of the arrival of money when done with great faith; see below:

“Save St. Cyprian, make much money, wealth, and fortune forever with me. Saint Cyprian brought me a lot of money, wealth, and fortune.

Just as the rooster crows, the donkey rumbles, the bell rings, the goat screams, so you Saint Cyprian will bring me much money, wealth, and fortune.

Just as the sun comes up, the rain falls, let St. Cyprian make money, wealth, and fortune over me (your name), so be it.

Trapped under my left foot, with two eyes, I see money, wealth, and fortune; with three I hold, money, wealth, and fortune, with my Guardian Angel I ask that much money, wealth, and fortune come to me. Like a creeping snake, money, wealth, and fortune only feel very close to me, can’t stay with the undeserving, and doesn’t stay with anyone. Still, me, meets all my wants, buying whatever I want, spending as I please, never make me suffer for running out of money, that when I always sleep and wake up, there’s money, wealth, and fortune inside my house, my purse, my pocket, at my business place or wherever I am.

May money, wealth, and fortune are not far from me that their values ​​are always high, very high, turned to me alone, that St. Cyprian money, wealth, and fortune be very valuable to me. So be it. By the power of St. Cyprian, so be it. May a great deal of money, wealth, and fortune come after me so that we may have comfort, fame, power, health, help the needy, have a good life and be happy.

I ask Saint Cyprian that money, wealth, and fortune seek me today; I ask this to the power of the Three Black Souls who watch over Saint Cyprian, so be it. May money, wealth, and fortune come all at once to my home, my life, family, and business. O St. Cyprian and the Three Black Souls watching over St. Cyprian, heed my request.”


This prayer of St. Cyprian is performed by those who wish to close their bodies against all the evils that affect our spiritual body. Envy, evil eyes, spells, binding works, and all sorts of negative magic are far removed from those who say this prayer with great faith. People who pray say that they have become more protected and stronger after prayer. See the words below:

“Lord God, the merciful, omnipotent, and just Father, who sent your Son our Lord Jesus Christ to the world for our salvation, answer our prayer, deigning yourselves to order the evil spirit or spirits that torment your servant (say now the name of the person itself) that get away from here get out of your body.

You gave St. Peter the keys of heaven and earth, saying to him, ‘what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, what you loose on earth will be turned off in heaven.’ (The officiant with the key in his right hand makes a sign on the person’s chest - or his own - as if closing a door).

In your name, prince of the apostles, blessed St. Peter, the body of (now say the name of the person itself). St. Peter closes the door of this soul so that the spirits of darkness do not enter, ever!

The infernal powers will not prevail over God’s law, for St. Peter is closing that door. From now on, the devil can no longer penetrate this body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Make the sign of the Cross.

After praying St. Cyprian’s prayer to close the body, pray a Creed, an Our Father, and a Hail Mary.


Who never suffered for love. If you are heartbroken for your lack of love and need to have it by your side anyway, ask the wizard and sorcerer’s intercession and pray this powerful prayer with great faith. He will listen to your request:

“By the powers of St. Cyprian and the three black souls that watch over St. Cyprian, (name of person) will now and imme

saint cyprian

diately come after me. (Name of person) you will come in droves, in love, full of love, horny for me. You will come back to me and ask me for forgiveness as soon as possible.

Saint Cyprian, make that (name of the person) forget and leave every other woman who may be in your mind, just loving me. St. Cyprian removes from (name of person) any woman, that he seeks me at all times, today, and now, wishing to be by my side, that he be sure that I am the only woman in his life.

Saint Cyprian, make sure that [name of person] cannot live without me, cannot settle or rest, nowhere can he be, without always having my image in his mind, and in his heart, at all times. When I lie down, I have to dream that I immediately have to think that only I can wish, and only I want to be when I wake up.

Saint Cyprian, who (name of person) thinks of me at all times of his life. That (name of person) wants to hug me, kiss me, take care of me, protect me, love me every minute, every second, every day of your life. To love me more each day and to feel pleasure only with me.

Saint Cyprian makes (name of person) feel love for me, affection, and desire, as I never felt for any other woman and never will. May he have pleasure only with me, may he be horny only for me, and may his body belong to me alone, may have peace and rest if he is with me.

Thank you, Saint Cyprian, for working on my behalf, and I will disclose your name in exchange for taming (name of the person) and bringing you passionate, dedicated, faithful love and desire in my arms. I ask you, my glorious Saint Cyprian, to come back to me for our dating / our love / our marriage as soon as possible. I ask this from the bottom of my heart to the powers of the three black souls that watch over St. Cyprian.”


Are you very afraid of losing your loved one? Do you feel your relationship is threatened? Without judgment, without fear, make the prayer of St. Cyprian for mooring. This prayer will make it impossible for your beloved to live without you, see the words and pray with great faith:

“By the unfailing power of St. Cyprian, (name of the beloved) will come after me. You will desire me with all your heart, with all your love.

Saint Cyprian, turn away (name of the beloved) from anyone who can love and desire him, make him seek me, and love me with all his might.

May (name of beloved) wake up wishing to be with me; he always is convinced that I am the right person to keep him company. May you always have my image in your mind, that when you sleep, you dream of me, that you wake up with your thought focused on me.

That (name of the beloved) wishes to touch me, have my love, passion, and be part of my life. Love me every hour of your day, smell me, want to touch me with love.

That (name of loved one) wants to hug me, kiss me, take care of me and protect me. May he believe that I am the woman (or man) of his life and that he will not depart from me for anything in this world.

May our life be full of passion, of love, and never be separated by the forces of St. Cyprian!”


When we are victims of brokenness and evil eye, we feel the weight of this negative energy on our shoulders. To get rid of all this burden, pray with faith this prayer that St. Cyprian indicated to all. It is a prayer to the Holy Trinity that will create a protective and liberating barrier in your body:

“God, heed my request, come to my rescue. Could you help me? Confused, let those who seek my soul be ashamed (make the sign of the Cross).

Go back and let those who wish me evil be ashamed. They soon return full of confusion who say to me: Well, well (make the sign of the Cross).

You are my favorite and my deliverer, Lord God, do not delay.

Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Divine Holy Spirit.



This may be St. Cyprian’s most sought-after prayer ever. This prayer has great power when prayed with faith and persistently. These words can undo the most powerful spells, jobs, and moorings. Ask for the intercession of St. Cipriano, saying:

“I, Cyprian, servant of God, whom I love with all my heart, body, and soul, has burdened me for loving you from the day you gave it to me.

But you, my God and my Lord, have always remembered this day of your Cyprian servant.

I thank you, my God and my Lord, with all my heart. For the benefits that I am receiving from you, for now, O God of creatures, give me strength and faith that I may disconnect, all that I have connected, to which I will invoke, always your most holy name. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Ye that lives and reign forever and ever. Amen.

It is true, Our God, that I am now your Cyprian servant, saying to you, God, mighty and mighty, that you shall die on the great top, which is heaven, where the mighty and holy God is, praised forever!

You who have seen the wickedness of your Cyprian servant! And such malice, which I was thrown under the power of the devil, but I did not know your holy name, bind women, bind the clouds of the sky, bind the waters of the sea so that fishers could not sail to fish for the sustenance of men, for by my malice, my great wickedness, I bound pregnant women, that they could not give birth and all these things I did in the name of the devil.

Now, my God, I invoke you again so that the witchcraft and sorcery of the machine or the body of this creature (so-and-so) can be undone and disconnected. For I call you, O mighty God, to break all the attachments of men and women. Let the rainfall on the face of the earth, that women may have their children from their fruit. May they be free of any attachment you have made, turn off the sea so that anglers can fish. Free from any danger, turn off all that is bound in this creature of the Lord; untied, turned off in any way; I turn it off, fuzzy, tear, shim, and shred everything, monitor or monecra, to dry this creature (so-and-so), because all the damn devil and everything is free from evil and all evil or evil made spells.

The Lord has destroyed and annihilated: O God of the highest heavens be glorified on earth by Manoel. The name of the mighty God. As the dry stone opened and poured water, from whom the children of Israel drank, so, O mighty Lord, with a gracious hand, free this your servant (so-and-so) from all evil, spells, ligaments, charms and all. Let the devil or his servants do it, but as soon as he has this prayer upon himself, and brings it with him, or has at home with her, before the earthly paradise, out of which came four rivers and six Euphrates tigers. By whom you sent water to all the world, by whom I pray you.

Lord my Jesus Christ, Son of Mary Most Holy, to whom to grieve, or mistreat by the accursed evil spirit, no magic, no evil deeds, do not do or renew anything evil against this your servant (so-and-so). Still, all things mentioned here are obtained and annulled, to which I invoke the seventy-two languages ​​scattered throughout the world. Let this servant (so and so) be absolute if any of their opposites are annihilated by their angels. May his house and all things in it be free from all evil. Evil spells by the name of God the Father, who was born over Jerusalem, by all the angels and saints, All who serve before heaven or in the presence of heaven. God, Father Almighty, so that the damn devil has no power to impale anyone.