Aquarius History, Mythology And Predictions


Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Color: Light-Blue, Silver

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Date range: January 20 - February 18

Everything about Aquarius History and Myth 


Individuals born from January 20 to February 20 have a place with modest and calm zodiac signs, the Aquarius. Aquarius borns are very contemplative people, however the most whimsical and lively individuals. They are born savvy and profound scholars. They love alone time and like to make the most of their creative mind and life. Aquarius comes in the middle of two zodiac indications of Capricorn and Pisces. Aquarius has an old history behind its starting point.

The indication of Aquarius isn’t harmonizing with the star grouping of Gemini. The zodiac is situated among Capricorn and Pisces, taking the 11th of the 30 levels of the zodiacal circle. Aquarius is a fixed sign that comes after the colder time of year has started in Capricorn. It addresses the continuous, blanketed and cold piece of winter before there is any indication of spring.

The name of this group of stars is Latin for “water-transporter” or “cup-transporter,” and it is one of the most seasoned of the perceived heavenly bodies along the zodiac. Ptolemy referenced it in the second century AD; however, it was perceived as “The Great One” in the Babylonian star indexes before that. For antiquated Babylonians, it addressed the god Ea himself, the leader of the southernmost quarter of the Sun’s way (the time of 45 days on one or the other side of winter solstice). Ea was addressed holding a spilling-over jar and was related to the damaging floods. In Ancient Egypt, Aquarius was related to the yearly surge of the Nile and the banks of the stream were said to flood when Aquarius put his container into the waterway toward the start of spring. Greeks considered the group of stars a basic container, pouring water.

The heavenly body of Aquarius has no especially splendid stars, and it is found in the area regularly called “the ocean” due to countless heavenly bodies whose names are in association with water, like Cetus (whale), Pisces (fish) and Eridanus (stream).


Aquarius is born to be autonomous and unique while also being timid and calm. Be that as it may, they are the best pacifiers and mediators. They can tackle issues without harming anybody. Being separated from everyone else more often than not, they concoct extraordinary thoughts and techniques. Their thoughts are, for the most part, arranged to build up individuals. Like how the Aquarius star is utilized to direct the route for ships, People of this zodiac sign are additionally pioneers and guiders. They make their way towards progress. This star is exceptionally brilliant and can be seen through the mist. Essentially, individuals of this sign are exceptionally clear about their future and aspirations.


Even though there is an association with Deucalion, who constructed a boat with his better half to endure an impending flood, the story that generally follows the group of stars of Aquarius is the legend of Ganymede.

Ganymede was the most wonderful kid of that time, who was stolen by the divine beings based on his magnificence and taken to Mount Olympus, where he supplanted Hebe as Zeus’ cupbearer. There is a variant of the fantasy where Hebe lost her employment when she stumbled, and her dress came off, uncovering her bosoms. In spite of this, she was supplanted by a youthful, delightful man, ventured to be Zeus’ darling and protégé. Hebe was Hera’s little girl, and the incomparable goddess blew up due to this substitution. Due to constant battling, baffled Zeus just put Ganymede into the stars.

By one variant of the legend, Ganymede was taken by Aquila (one of adjoining star groupings), Zeus’ falcon. By another, Zeus changed into a bird himself and snatched him. To make up for removing his child, Zeus gave the saddle of heavenly ponies and a brilliant plant to his dad, the lord of Troy. Ganymede was the main human to gain immortality. Comprehend that the duality is introduced through the indication of Aquarius, as it shows waters “over” that help life. This implies that Ganymede was the main human who comprehended what comes from a higher place and gave this information to average citizens.


Aquarius History

Aquarius addresses, as it were, the kindness of the divine beings. Similarly, Ganymede was seen by gods given his excellence; this individual could be excellent or extraordinary in some other manner, enough to be upheld naturally or by her bosses. This is an account of one’s divine nature, the capacity to see things from “above,” go after the skies in any conceivable way and offer a heavenly message to simple humans. From a viable perspective, this sign will inform us regarding somebody who will effortlessly find a great line of work and work in the higher designs of human culture.

The excellence of the individual doesn’t need to be physical, yet can likewise be seen through a specific ability or an exceptional capacity. We can see somebody youthful, with the need to isolate from a compelling dad and start a vacation all alone. In Aquarius, we also see the potential for sexually unbiased and gay inclinations and the expected advantages an individual can have as a result of them.

The negative side of this legend is in Ganymede supplanting Hebe. This can be seen as somebody lovely taking over the legitimate situation of another person, at work, or even in a family. In a limited situation, the snatching of Ganymede addresses a manner by which an individual will be taken “to the sky” and can highlight the threats of going by plane, paragliding, parachute bouncing, and so forth.

Aquarius or Ganymede is the star kidnapped for its magnificence and made into a star of correspondence. Actually, like him, Aquarius-borns are seen for their excellence and remarkable quality that makes them stick out. Ganymede acts like a courier by conveying messages and information to everyday citizens. Also, these zodiac sign demonstrations like the air; they worry about others’ concerns and help them. Mimicking the Aquarius star, even individuals born under him like to be desolate and make the most of their solitary time. They can mix in with everybody like a breeze. They can change their actual structures likewise and be the person who everybody likes. The breeze is very similar to the timid Aquarius born, yet it is magnificent when the breeze picks speed. Individuals who have a place with this zodiac sign are similar to the breeze. They convey messages, feelings of others. They are crucial in a gathering like the air. The more grounded the test, the more grounded the Aquarius becomes.

Even though Aquarius has air as its component, individuals under this zodiac are not prescribed to do any movement identified with the air like paragliding, parachute bouncing, and so forth. It is said that they will not have the option to control their inward center component and might imperil themselves.


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