Pisces Horoscope 2021


Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Color: green, purple, violet

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 18, 24

Date range: February 19 - March 20

Spirit: Magic, Forgiveness, Meaning, Aim.

Colour: Dark Purple.

Places to visit: Tunisia, Seychelles, Bolivia.

Things to learn: Architecture, Local Space Astrology, Paragliding.

The General Feel

Pisces horoscope 2021

In 2021, Pisces members have a natural affinity for freedom, as if it were the most obvious thing in the universe. You can break free from those relationships, friendships that drain your vitality, and everything else in your life that lacks substance and meaning with a lot of effort. This is the year of lofty goals when your eyes must be fixed on the horizon and your thoughts on the future and all the hopes you wish to realize. Because you are ready to create, act on your impulses, and do something specific in the material world around you, inspiration will come slowly, slower than usual.

From March to July, uncertainty seems to be unavoidable due to Jupiter’s movements in Scorpio. Autumn brings with it powerful insights that will enable you to develop and benefit from your creativity. Many things will feel uneasy and hazy in your head, but that won’t stop you from having a series of ideas that come at the perfect time every time. If you listen to the universe’s most pleasing tune and obey signs on the side of the lane, you’re about to discover the benefits of your Sun sign.

The Greatest Challenges

Long-term partnerships become challenging to maintain during the summer months, and even though you know all is fine, you will not be happy with the situation in the end. Keep in mind that when one door shuts, another one opens. It will assist you in moving past problems and into new relationships that will boost your evolving Self.

The Greatest Rewards

The new year starts with a powerful pull toward the future, giving you a sense of direction and optimism for the future. You will learn incredible new things and alternatives to your whole system of values before the autumn, and you will be able to achieve every objective you set out to achieve. Take advantage of the opportunity to rapidly develop and broaden your horizons until your heart is full.

Physiology and Body

You’re more fragile than you would think, particularly in terms of your throat and lungs. Maintain a routine and learn about breathing exercises and other ways to increase your oxygen intake. Lift your shoulders and head up, stretch, and get enough movement every day to bravely open up to the world. This isn’t the right time for the nervous system, and inflammation in various parts of the body is possible. Maintain your immunity to the best of your ability, and keep your blood pressure and potential skin disorders under control. Headaches can be exacerbated by excessive stress, but the overall physical condition should be pleasant and manageable. If you’ve been suffering from a chronic illness, 2021 is the year to get it under control. Consider alternative healing practices and techniques that are more liberal and in tune with the energy field you belong to.

Love and Family

Pisces horoscope 2021

Your aphrodisiac is freedom! With Jupiter in your engagement houses for the past two years, there has been a strong emphasis on relationships. You may have started dating someone special or broken up with someone you’d known for a long time. Perhaps you spent a lot of time helping your partner or went into a “couple bubble.” As Jupiter soars through your wandering and freedom-loving ninth house, you’re able to stick your head out and see the rest of the world. You’ll stick with people who give you plenty of space to wander (and, ahem, breathe). Travelling, studying, and even starting a company with someone else will make your heart race. Single Pisces can find romance with someone from a different culture or region. The solar eclipse on July 12 in your romantic house could bring unexpected love or even pregnancy.

Friendships can blossom into love, and long-term relationships can become tedious. Bring enthusiasm into your emotional world somehow, and do something unusual that will provide you with the motivation you need to keep things clear. Many people born under the sign of Pisces will face financial difficulties that prevent them from having a happy marriage. Even if you and your partner have a joint account, it’s essential to keep your boundaries clear and visible, your wallet personal, and have everything that belongs to you. Selflessly share material wealth, affection, and feelings, but only to the extent that you are still happy. Others will respect your boundaries if you appreciate your own.

Work and Finances

Pisces horoscope 2021

The burden has been lifted! Saturn’s three-year trudge through your career home, which challenged you to be more organized, came to an end in December 2020. If you’ve been dealing with setbacks or slowdowns, things are about to pick up. As new opportunities arise during the year, you might do a complete 180-degree turn from pessimism to optimism. Jupiter, the benefic planet, is in your enterprising ninth house until November, encouraging you to dream big. Jupiter will begin a 13-month journey through your career field in November, which may be your luckiest professional year in over a decade. Uranus, the erratic planet, will finish its seven-year journey through your financial zone in May, making it easier to balance work and income.

Your daily working routine is about to be enriched by ideas that can be put into action at any time. A fresh approach to old problems and new ways of paying your bills could result in tremendous change much faster than you expect. The power place you want is closer than it has been in a long time, but only if you are willing to learn, travel, and work hard before your efforts lead you there. Even though there are numerous risky investments available, it is prudent not to risk anything you own. Rather than hoping for the best, do your best to evaluate the risks and be prepared for any eventuality. Money will come along with everything else until you honestly believe you deserve more out of life. This year, freelance activities may provide the majority of your income, and they may eventually transform into secure employment with just the proper working hours.


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Spirit: Magic, Forgiveness, Meaning, Aim. Colour: Dark Purple. Places to visit: Tunisia, Seychelles, Bolivia. Things to learn: Architecture, Local Space Astrology,

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