Pisces Monthly Horoscope: Astrology Predictions For The Month


Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Color: green, purple, violet

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 18, 24

Date range: February 19 - March 20


Neptune and Venus at a tense angle could lead to disillusionment in your relationship; remember that no one is perfect.
For those who are engaged, invest in caring for each other and exchanging affection to maintain the routine that only those who live together intimately experience.
Love can be found in many places, but in a marriage, the basis is fidelity, complicity, and a lot of affection.
The month could be a little tense in some areas, but for married or single women, good relationships could be born. By being yourself, you can find people you want to experience something special with.
Maybe still a little shy, but you won’t go unnoticed by those who admire the spark in you. A passion that could blossom next spring, it all depends on how you cultivate such a relationship.
Try not to compare current relationships with past relationships, as this may negatively impact the next ones. But without underestimating the feeling you may have had that for some reason has not been healed, know that better days are always coming. With each permission, a different experience, an apprenticeship, an overcoming. The dialogue will always be the beginning of maturity.


Even if it involves expenses, think of them as an investment in your future. The Moon in Capricorn makes good aspects with Venus and Uranus; go out more to have fun with your friends.
Mars in trine with Saturn bodes well for increasing your efficiency and productivity at work and fostering more lively interaction with everyone.
Unfortunately, envy is a feeling that anyone can experience because they don’t have what someone else has. Even if it doesn’t hurt you, it may not affect you at all. Your work will double and you may receive a professional invitation, whether for a trip or a transfer. If you feel that intuition confirms you to leave, take advantage of it.


Pisces monthly horoscope

Positive cycle for quick decisions that favor family life or your own home.
The Sun is in opposition to Neptune, the ruler of your sun sign. It would be safer to pay attention to your body and your general well-being. Do routine checks or postpone rescheduled appointments and, if possible, don’t risk self-medication. Leave laziness aside.
Climate change can affect your health. Psychologically, you may feel stressed or upset about something that you don’t know exactly what it is.
You can oscillate between depressive states with disappearances and anxieties. Try not to give up on your diet and physical activity now. This will help you maintain your immunity. But balance your emotional and mental side to have a quality of life. Some indigestions of life get stuck in the digestive system and if you lose the balance of matter you can harm yourself.
As you think that most people are afflicted by their worries, you are trying this month to fight what, in excess, causes a lot of harm: worries.
Try to cultivate gardens, be near water, and participate in water sports. They will be very interesting.
Spirituality will alert you to the changes to come. With Uranus, this upcoming eclipse, some consciousnesses will open.


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Love Neptune and Venus at a tense angle could lead to disillusionment in your relationship; remember that no one is perfect. For those who are engaged, invest


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