Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Temperance
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Keywords: Synthesis, Moderation, Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Virtue
  • Affirmation: I am stable and peaceful.


Temperance is the card of acknowledgment where the whole typical pattern of life and demise, energy and division, and any remaining restrictions that come as guaranteed, discover solidarity for a common reason and for us to track down the genuine reason throughout everyday life. It joins the masculine energy with the feminine, keeping us in balance when circumstances require strength and perseverance, or delicacy and sympathy, contingent upon the vibe existing apart from everything else, living in them at this point. This card talks about private and holy development, which drives us towards the place of Self, where we see how inward struggles and inconveniences implied particular reflections and issues in the external world. Its representation is one of the analytical chemistry of life. It is consistently huge in a design, for it addresses where we find solutions expected to shift the direction of destiny or impact our life to transform it any way we want. It will give us what we need, regardless, more love and feel if we need it, or more realistic drive if we are stuck in impassioned circles, which is not beneficial enough. Water emptying from one cup into the other implies the information of the divine beings and associates the imagery of Jupiter with that of Uranus and the indication of Aquarius intended to bring authentic messages directly rational for us humans to discover.


The card of healing, Temperance shows solidarity and equilibrium, just as common admiration and a common acknowledgment to intense issues from an earlier time. It is a fine image of a combination of two, where one understands the other and one partner’s necessities are required by the other. Even though it doesn’t discuss the future and calls attention to a certain circumstance, current environmental factors, or at a particular time, it shows the serious reason that the relationship has brought serenity and harmony into our passionate world and shows us how to discover it all alone. Even though it shows a shared bond, this card tests independence and reliance and gives data about the ties we wish to stay away from in our heartfelt bond.


Things get settled, and times become easy in one’s working environment when Temperance is set in a reading. This card appears to know something we don’t about and drives us through learning, extension, new workshops, business travel, and participation with outsiders and the individuals to find a sense of contentment with the objective they wish to achieve. It is an astounding card for another partnership or collaboration, mainly when there is a higher mission to set out to ensure others or the planet we live on. With its help, there is no group we will not have the option to associate with and make something beneficial out of our participation even with the most troublesome partners.


With Temperance in wellbeing reading, time is required for recovery and healing, even though individuals may feel that they are completed with measures that made issues in a leading way. This card shows that there are points of equilibrium we are to handle, see them similarly as they are, and have faith in a definitive knowledge of our physiology and things it is attempting to show. For the genuinely wiped out individuals when the perusing happens, it is the quiet spot of acknowledgment where just upwards moves can be made, however long the individual tunes in to their feelings without dread and relinquishing internal expert for pieces and bits of the external one. Healing comes through the courage to follow the valid Self, with all its “unsuitable” peculiarities and the heart’s calling to weep; maybe that’s our initial move towards recovery. This card conveys the information that our weakness is our power and that our actual courage lies in our preparation to sink into all our sad, furious, or deep feelings.


With Temperance turned around, we may experience difficulty burrowing through to the center of the issue or confronting genuine feelings we need to confront. Since it discusses balance, it might come as a notice sign for us to quit exaggerating, whether we are exaggerating or underdoing. Yet, it usually shows what we stay away from our passionate world that requires a ton of consideration. Our capacity to manage misfortune conceivably left us standing stuck in distress, and it talks about an individual unfit to interface with others, secure their inward world, feeling the solitary touch with the world through profound endeavors that don’t come as simple as they once did. It requires alone self-assessment and feelings to be shared genuinely by the comfort of heart, however undesirable they may be to other people.


Past: When this card shades the past, it shows a calm and tranquil establishment given to a specific issue and gives a special note to the reading. It indicates a steady and firm development that is good, which sets the desired objectives on an aggregate scale, not just from an individual perspective. The one perusing the cards needs to remember that the issue being referred to will be profoundly regarded as a valid, legitimate decision of the individual, regardless of whether nobody else comprehends its motivation.

Present: Temperance is the point we generally go after, where peacefulness comes after occasions of battles and anguish when we are only glad to be alive while likewise prepared to follow up on feelings and follow our cravings any place they go. It opens our hearts for immense adventure in both the internal and external worlds. It shows the equilibrium found in our present connections, regardless of whether we question their impact on our feelings and hearts.

Future: As Temperance comes our way in days, many months to follow, we may quickly assume that we are progressing nicely and discover harmony in our paces, similarly as they are. It is a solid sign that we have done great, followed our actual calling, and aren’t reluctant to confront our battles today. Consoling and positive, it carries happiness and concerning contacts with the external world, others, and each of the individuals who utilize various devices in a similar name of adoration.


In the most established Italian card decks, this card was numbered either VI or VII before arriving at its steady XIV position. It is one of the four cardinal ideals and discussed balance ordinarily addressed by an individual emptying fluid from one cup into the other; this clarified as a blend of water and wine to show how we don’t need to abandon anything to clarify, keep it in offset with its contrary. A portion of the forms portrayed the Hebrew Tetragrammaton on the angel’s chest. Since the Thot Tarot deck appeared, it has been named “Art” rather than Temperance, turning its characteristics to a more productive and effective nature of quality and ability.