Temperance: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Temperance: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Temperance, abstinence
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Balance, equilibrium, compromise, friendship, trust
Reversed position: Fanatzim, limited thinking, instability

Temperance: General Meaning

Direct position

A lucky card that characterizes beauty, joy, peace and harmony, light and restoration. The card has a beneficial effect on a person and his activities. A person has to go through some kind of test.

Thanks to the lasso, disagreements and tense situations will take place in a more relaxed form. Regardless of the circumstances, you can count on things to calm down and clear up. There will be no hopeless situations. If something seemed out of reach, it will happen very soon. But the main thing is that a person should show his patience and self-control. The card implies adaptation and compromise, humility and humility.

A person under the influence of this card acts as a peacemaker or an intermediate link, smoothing out disagreements. He is ready to solve the problems of other people, knows how to sympathize, and has a philosophical attitude to life. As a rule, it maintains inner harmony and tranquility.

Reversed position

The unfortunate location of the card indicates a lack of harmony and balance. This may be due to a troubled marriage, a broken relationship, or an unacceptable partnership. Human actions can be very rash. Excessive squandering and irascibility are not ruled out. A person will spend not only money, but also his own strength.

An inverted card indicates that a person is becoming unbalanced, and it is very important to restore its Temperance. The card warns that there are many things ahead at the same time that cannot be combined. Such a test will not be passed, simply not enough strength.

A person is expected - the wrong approach to people and wrong judgments. He will be very emotional and quick-tempered, his mood will often change. Actions will be completely unpredictable. It will be difficult for him to study, to master new information.

Temperance: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Temperance: Tarot Card

Direct position

Compatibility card, characterized by peace and harmony, trust and mutual understanding. There is a very harmonious and calm relationship between partners. A tarot card can mean family happiness in the future or indicate that the family will experience happy events in life. And these events will certainly leave a positive mark on the fate of each of them.

Thanks to this card, the family will strengthen relationships and become stronger. For that person who has not yet met his soul mate, this card will give a new acquaintance. A person will turn out to be so kindred in spirit, even temperament and views will coincide.

Reversed position

There will be conflicts in the relationship when both partners will not make concessions, they will show their quick-tempered and aggressive character. One of the partners or both will behave unreasonably, biased and unbalanced. The card portends quarrels, misbehaviour up to a divorce. Harmony and mutual understanding, tenderness and gentleness, and sometimes intimacy as well, are absent in relationships. People close to each other move away from each other. And if they had shown a little patience, then everything would have turned out quite differently.

You just need to look behind yourself from the outside in order to come to a unanimous agreement. But the inverted position of the card will not allow two loving people to go to the world.

Temperance: Significance in Situation and Question

Direct position

The card will help a person to show his friendliness in any situation. He will be able to perceive other people’s judgments with dignity, to find compromises. There are no selfish conflicts and disagreements. A person will not fuss and fight for power. He will have excellent relations with the team, and he will be its main peacemaker.

The Tarot card describes a situation in which two loving people would rather prefer balance and goodwill in a relationship than be carried away by African passions. The card says that the time has come to resolve any problems, both in career and in love.

Reversed position

A person is capable of the most unexpected actions that can take place in a rude form. Under the influence of this card, many situations can occur that can inflict mental wounds on a person, a feeling of despair and disappointment. At work - conflicts, in the family - not all is well either. Often the closest people hurt each other.

At the moment when it is necessary to show sympathy and mercy, a person will show his complete indifference to circumstances. He will face competition and unsuccessful partnerships. As a rule, with Temperance reversed, he is incapable of judging people correctly.

Temperance: Meaning of the card of the day

This day can truly be called magical. A person will have some new discoveries and events in his life, something will happen related to creativity. Perhaps a person will not only manage to improve his life, he will be able to help other people in some way, he will gladly solve their problems.

If there are problems in a love relationship, then he will easily fix them today. There won’t be another day like this, don’t miss out! Only on this day you can smooth out sharp corners and make peace with your other half. And if someone decides to make a marriage proposal to his beloved - do it, she will agree.

Temperance: Advice card

It is necessary to bring any started business to the end, so that later there will be no big difficulties. It is very important at this moment to remain calm and balanced, to be in harmony with yourself and others. You should not prove to anyone that you are right and conflict about this.

He needs to take on anything. Even if complex tasks are set before a person, he will be able to find an original solution for them, because he is able to create something unique. And the Guardian Angel will always be on his side. He will help him fill his life with deep meaning, friendliness, mutual understanding, patience. Rely on fate.

Temperance: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Failure to find the truth
Ace of Wands
Getting Results
Ace of Cups
Reasonable Approach
Ace of swords
Pain, sickness, agony
Ace of Pentacles
Feeling of total happiness and joy
Be guided by wisdom
King of Wands
Disregard for the charter
King of Cups
Creative success
King of swords
Practical, prudent greedy man
King of Pentacles
Stubborn and prudent person
Queen of Wands
Queen of Cups
strong affection
queen of swords
Loneliness, enjoying one’s position
Queen of Pentacles
A very rich woman, both materially and spiritually
Strong Savings
Knight of Wands
obsession with an idea
Knight of Cups
Knight of Swords
Trauma, beware of firearms
Knight of Pentacles
you are in the middle of the road
Page of Wands
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Passionate fan
Page of swords
Boredom, melancholy
Page of Pentacles
Very talented creative person
Your good deeds will not go unnoticed
Two of Wands
empty hopes
Two of Cups
Bullying the body, strong physical exertion or diet
Two of Swords
Lying friends
Two of Pentacles
Harmonious Relations
Finding a compromise
Three of Wands
important news
Three of Cups
Lack of support under the feet
Three of Swords
Selfishness, selfishness
Three of Pentacles
Suffering, sadness
Four of Wands
Family harmony
Four of Cups
What goes around comes around
Four of Swords
Receiving important news, do not take action
Four of Pentacles
Insensibility, languor
Five of Wands
Something will bother you
Five of Cups
Don’t waste money
Five of Swords
Riot, malice
Five of Pentacles
You missed the chance to radically change your life
Strict fasting, loneliness
Six of Wands
Accumulate strength
Six of Cups
Imaginary success
Six of Swords
Wait for the guests
Six of Pentacles
Lack of knowledge and experience, excessive pride
Inexorable Change
Seven of Wands
Use all your energy to overcome obstacles
Seven of Cups
Rigidity, lack of feeling
Seven of Swords
Put in more effort to achieve the desired result
Seven of Pentacles
Man doubts his abilities
mind power
Eight of Wands
Eight of Cups
Fear, fear, conscience
Eight of Swords
Melancholy, depression, possible nervous breakdown
Eight of Pentacles
Wasted labor, disservice
Nine of Wands
The intrigues of enemies
Nine of Cups
Think carefully before making any decision
Nine of Swords
The opportunity to restore your good name, authority
Nine of Pentacles
Illusory happiness
Ten of Wands
Ten of Cups
There are many enemies around you. don’t trust anyone
Ten of Swords
Depression, sadness, loss
Ten of Pentacles
You have to fight for success
Independence, fanaticism
severe affliction
joy, success
speedy recovery