The Wheel of Fortune: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Wheel of Fortune: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: An important decision, confidence in luck, excitement
Reversed position: Bad luck, dead end, stagnation

Wheel of Fortune: General Meaning

Direct position

The map is about change. As a rule, this is a good omen, and therefore changes for the better. The Fortune card will give a person good luck. True, the circumstances will be out of control. Everything that will happen in life is a gift of fate. A person cannot change anything, he simply will not be able to change it.

Fortune is a mystical card that synchronizes the fate of a person with incredible accuracy. It is possible that such events will happen to a person in life that he once already had. The card speaks of a recurring situation, obedience to fate.

Everything that will happen to a person under the influence of this card is not accidental. Only here to change the situation is not given to a person. He will definitely feel the power of this card, under its influence he will be distinguished by contagious lightness, courage, activity, cheerfulness and unpredictability. Life becomes interesting and eventful.

Reversed position

If in the upright position, the Fortune card speaks of changes for the better, then in an inverted form it indicates an unfavorable fate. Plans are not destined to come true. Or maybe it’s just not the time yet. Constantly in the way of a person there will be obstacles, interference, bad luck and failure. This can be called “bad luck”, perhaps old problems will appear. But do not resist the ongoing events, they are still inevitable.

During this period, a person needs to be careful, Fortune of luck has turned away from him so far, so you should not rely on luck. Also, the card may indicate that there will be no global changes in a person’s life. That time has not come.

Arkan endowed a person with a passive mood and indecision. He will not be able to realize the opportunities that open up. In any case, he will be very slow, which will further affect his bad luck. There will be many unpredictable situations in his life.

Wheel of Fortune: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

The Wheel of Fortune: Tarot Card

The card is considered at the karmic level. This includes both a fatal meeting and a successful romance. Turning points in the relations of partners who managed to survive a big crisis are not excluded.

The card indicates that personal relationships will improve. But for this you do not need to do something and make a lot of effort. Everything will happen thanks to this card. And the most important secret that lies in it: the main thing is that a person be true to himself. It is with this creed that a person will find success.

It is necessary to trust the course of events that will occur. This applies to absolutely all people - both those who are single and who would like to change something in their relationship. They also say about this card “This is fate!”.

Reversed position

Stagnation, routine and boredom appear in relationships. Perhaps a person is stuck in stereotypes and no longer knows how to behave differently. Another interpretation of the card - there is no chance to return a loved one or a problem union. But, nevertheless, boring and routine relationships for some reason cannot be terminated.

A person is not always able to understand what is good for him and what is not. He will suffer from what happened in his life something is wrong. Under the influence of the card, he will be in a bad mood. Despite the fact that quarrels and scandals are not implied in family relationships, nevertheless, the routine destroys the union no less.

Wheel of Fortune: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The card falls to that person who is active and strives for his calling. There is no way to avoid situations that will occur in his life. You should not even resist them, it is better to try to wrap them in your favor.

Rational reasoning and understanding of the whole situation is necessary. In no case should you succumb to emotions and conflicts. Any decision must be made quickly. The best idea is the one that comes to mind first. Only in this situation can we talk about the implementation of plans.

Reversed position

An unfavorable card, which is characterized by problems. Life difficulties await a person in many situations where any prospects are simply absent. Even excellent opportunities, which, it would seem, he could take advantage of, will not bring success.

If the situation arose at work, then more successful competitors will appear. They will be able to make a good impression in front of their superiors, so all your efforts will be in vain. Even investments will not bring profit. It may happen that a person with his difficulties will be left completely alone. And if he is demoted, or even worse, given a dishonorable dismissal, he may fall into a long-term depression.

Wheel of Fortune: Card Meaning of the Day

The Wheel of Fortune: Tarot Card

Today, a person expects positive events in life. And no matter what happens in the fate of a person, everything must be accepted with gratitude. There is an opportunity to achieve a lot on this day, you can take the first step and take the initiative. Events can somehow happen that will be from a past life.

The day is full of pleasant surprises and surprises, you should rely on luck and luck. Today, everything is not accidental, pay your attention to the signs of fate, they will tell you something. The map of a person leads to certain events that should happen in his life. This, indeed, can be called a fate that smiles.

Wheel of Fortune: Card Tip

If a person is able to realize his purpose in life, then everything will turn out fine for him. There will be an opportunity not only to prove yourself well in your career, but there will also be an opportunity to show your talents, which many did not even know about.

The wheel of fortune helps a person finally grow up. She shows his powerlessness before fate, and says that it will be better this way. After all, not everything in life depends on us, and this is important to understand. And it’s even good that not everything is subject to a person, because the lasso stimulates his growth and maturation.

Wheel of Fortune: Combination with other cards

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