The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune

Planet: Jupiter

Keywords: Return, Reward, Destined, Driven, Stroke of Luck

Affirmation: My breath follows the rhythm of the Universe.


A card that makes all the difference is the Wheel of Fortune card. It understands and follows the rhythms of the Universe. The cycles we obey and live by, and every one of those things that we cannot control until we learn our deepest lessons of the Soul. It represents the circle we make moving from pain towards happiness. The other way around and in its upright position typically stands for positive outcomes, unexpected, new, intuitive choices that will bring fruits our way and show us the correct path to follow. It informs us that we are meant to control our destiny. It shows us to look out for our power and responsibility rather than allow others to power over us.

Our goal is to determine what might go wrong. Our responsibility towards the Self is to be contented for a specific phase of life to rise as free emotional beings and bravely face any future that may come.


The field of relationships sparks our demons whenever two Souls meet on the deepest intimate levels. The Wheel of Fortune indicates how we’ll overcome anything with our love. It also indicates how things will turn in their Universe, reminding us of patterns and family matters that we haven’t yet resolved. The truth this card seeks first is the love for Self. At the same time, it would bring incredible loving surprises with those we love. It shows we must understand the processes between connections. Living peacefully in the circle without hurting anyone.


A very altruistic signal in a career reading. Wheel of Fortune is the card you want to see if you can change your job, move into a replacement office, or expect a raise. It indicates our benefit to grow understanding our working routine, comes right down to projects that require to be finished so as for the next ones to start. Listen to long-term commitments that haven’t been advised yet. Realize that the flow of your time, emotion, and motivation define your next step and the results. It’ll help to differentiate whether or not you are trying to rationalize your decisions.


When a positive turn is required, Wheel of Fortune is a wonderful card to drag call at your health reading. Still, it’s primarily a reminder of the routine our bodies need, of natural cycles that we cannot avoid by overthinking and trying to bargain a day. It reminds us of all those things we did and didn’t do to figure out our overall well-being. This card requires rest, healing, somewhat unorthodox methods, and for us to own faith in things that come from the shadows. It offers salvation and knowledge, found on the opposite side of our fears and darkness. It shows us how to resolve the original, disturbing chronic conditions. If we dig deep enough through the trail of our Soul and emotions, we buried into our bodies.


The Wheel of Fortune is in a very way similar in both positions, for it faces us with the strain of change. We commonly don’t have any desire to embrace the natural cooperation of life in its switched position. The difference here lies within the undeniable fact that we are attempting to fight against the tides, against the Universe, and fear progress, transformation, or death. It’s a wake-up call that we would not be ready for our own choices just yet, as if we haven’t consulted our hearts on matters we are seeking information about. It shows things we’d like to urge out of, negative loops that have kept us in one position for too long. The faith we’ve got to recollect outgrowing circumstances that limit us.


PAST - When connected to the past, the card represents things that happened in their existence. Releasing us of heavy-duty and the burden of non-public responsibility shows how fate and far larger forces had their intent to follow. We aren’t responsible for things that reached their ending point or have to be thrown out into the trash. Looking at the rest of the reading, it’d show a circled, rounded-up unit of your time when a very important project or relationship came to an end. It reminds us that we are to go away from the past, where it belongs, rather than carrying unresolved emotions into each new adventure we startup.

PRESENT - Things are set in motion as we speak and consider them. The primary step hasn’t been taken yet. It’s only a matter of days, and it’ll be our task to know and fully grasp the magnitude of the alternatives we are making a straightway. The Wheel of Fortune won’t show within the contemporary world reading. Unless we progress, take care of our breathing, and allow situations to require us on a ride until we see where we can truly affect our growth. It’s a card of lucky turnouts and circumstances, representing the reading in question and showing the character’s stability in the person required to succeed in the destination. Follow the step by step process with dedication and respect for belief in higher forces.

FUTURE - Things are shaken to their core, changed, and shifted in ways that are defined by our current readiness to be told. When our future shows a surprising change, in fact, like this one, it also reminds us not to be lazy, move towards the goal ourselves, and respect God. The higher authority gave us the trail to follow within in the first place. It shows the expansion needed to understand the case and the cause and effect that may bring us to the purpose of interest. It also shows the change of personality that’s necessary so as for us to leap over outer authorities and find our authentic calling within, so we will be the master of our fortune.


The drawings and depictions of the Wheel of Fortune throughout history have varied greatly. Even today, the sources differ, and interpretations could also be many. Symbols weren’t commonly used on this card initially, but rather people-centred within the middle of the wheel or falling off it and climbing it during a constant loop. As if to indicate the essence of Self. It always had human or half-human characters in it, a number of them blindfolded and lost, others wise, old, or crowned kings with one role to follow. Half-humans were often half-sphynx, representing to seek knowledge incorporated deep into our being.

The core of instinct and our nature overcame by awareness and light-weight. Images came as an expansion to the verifiable idea of people. The four components or those are portraying fixed indications of the zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) as carriers of stagnation and alter life and death.