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A Sagittarius woman swiftly falls in love and is impassioned for it. As a sign from the upper elements, Fire, and Air, she is deeply enchanted by communication power, and her mind thinks that she is madly in love even when she has slight feelings for the other person. She is a social being, and so she eagerly desires human contact and someone who could make her feel good. The bad thing here will be when she gets too dependent on others for her happiness. Sagittarius is a Sun sign, and she looks for the right partner who will give meaning to her life. The true meaning of her existence lies within her. To be happy, she needs to realize that satisfaction and content come from within, and she should stop looking for it in others. She should be content on her own.


This woman can be awkward in bed. It might be due to her hesitation and childlike behavior that may let her take time to make the first move romantically. But it is for sure that she will laugh hard and will try to make the atmosphere a bit light. She does not require a partner who is unconfident and thinks her woman needs to get matured. In Spite, she will be more than happy with someone who gives her space, falls with her and gets up with her, and then laughs. She needs someone to share emotion and love with.


Sagittarius Woman All the relationships are equally important for a Sagittarius woman. She loves it when people show trust in her, in her innocence, in her goodness. She is a kind woman who wants to make people around her happy. While doing so, she might sometimes stretch the limit too much and be impractical, and then it gets hard to understand where she went wrong with her choices and what made her trust people that don't deserve her trust. She can make adjustments and changes, but if she has been let down and disheartened many times, she may turn out to be serious, more strict, and judgemental. Still, this will not make her feel good as she always has this mission of making others happy. She will only be satisfied in a relationship if she is given unconditional love and is being respected and accepted.


A Sagittarius woman is honest and can't lie even if she has to do so. She may fall in love easily and hence also may develop feelings for more than one person at a time, but she won't be, but she won't be good at hiding it and faking it. When she decides to be purely truthful and honest with things, it will be uncomplicated for her, and even if she is not to say, then it will be a child's play for her partner to understand and catch her deceitfulness.


She is a woman who is in search of adventure and exploration in life. She does not want to waste her time and energy doing the same monotonous things over and over again. She wants that fresh air of excitement and change in her life. It is not difficult for her to understand that she cannot depend on too many people to have fun. She can create and plan it on her own for herself. Even as she climbs the stairs of age and progresses forward, she will remain active because if she leaves to do so, she will essentially lose herself; she will lose her identity and self. She cannot just sit at home cooking the same dishes and cleaning the same things all the days. You will never feel dull with her because she is high-spirited. She is a jovial person to stay around.


She is there to make everyone's life good. Doing so, she may at times unintentionally force her opinions and choices on others, but after all, her intentions are correct. She is brave and strongly opinionated. She always sees a silver lining in the cloud. She has true potential to bring out the best version of others and especially her partner. Unfortunately, it can happen when she stretches her boundaries much and gets too pushy. She aspires to make the world a more reliable place, and her thoughts and opinions should be considered; her say should be valued and respected no matter what. Even though she needs to find a way of being relevant and accurate, she sticks to her beliefs. She never let herself down and faced every situation boldly.


She will be the light of your life. She will do anything for you, just to see you happy and content. She will try hard to bring new meaning, new perspective to your life. However, sadly she may sometimes not realize her true value, her true potential, and might turn out as too pushy in her judgment and belief. She is funny, and explorer by nature and can be too innocent, clumsy, and haphazard with things.


Jupiter rules a Sagittarius woman's Sun sign, and she loves gifts too much. It doesn't matter what present you buy for her until and unless you can put a smile on her face. She does not care much if gifts are of practical use or not, are they applicable or not for as long as she is given attention. Surprise her with something that shows that you value her freedom and care for her adventurous zeal. Take her to a place where she loves going to, take a beautiful bouquet with yourself while you are going to meet her, and make her feel that you admire her and her taste in things; you adore her and her strengths.
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