12/12 Birthday - Zodiac Information


12/12 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: December 12th

Color: Jungle Green

In One Word: Moderation

Shape: Flower

Strength: Balanced

Weakness: Extremism

Most Compatible With Gemini

December 12th could be a date of high hopes and aspirations and a time when inspiration comes from pure emotions and letting move to the flow of life. But, unfortunately, restrictions won’t be the best at present, and while boundaries are healthy and needed, individuals born now need more room to expand and breathe freely than people might. This isn’t just a matter of their Sunset in Sagittarius, but of the impulses, their mind, and heart all-loving make during a loop that must be balanced to their full potential, so their point of satisfaction is found.



During this planetary row, the wave of sunshine is intense and seeks the purity of one’s heart and calls with one inner child to be lived to its full potential. Those born on December 12th see the cycle of life and, therefore, the cycle of energy exchange that others won’t, but their high hopes and aspirations make it hard for them to stay up with their own energetic space. They seek a balance between masculine initiative and female joy, both childlike and innocent, so that they can manifest visions from their mind and make. Inhaling and expiration, their relationships indicate the precise balance they’ve managed to make, as they compare what they offer with what they receive and find the outer world harmonic, to follow peace within the inner one.


The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 12th in a very leap year:

“A Child and a Dog Wearing Borrowed Eyeglasses”

Vision seems to be the most theme in these symbols, the vision of the longer term within the first one and realistic vision within the second. People born on this date have to find their truth, see things clearly, and find grounding for their minds so that they can see reality because it is and affects it in ways that allow growth within the material world. To stay things clear and focussed, they have their childlike contact with instincts intact and worked on so that they can freely act on impulse without guilt or judgment from the outer world. This needs solid and cold boundaries occasionally to respect and love themselves first and connect with others from the position of the safety of Self.


Venus is the leading light for those born on the 12th of December, mentioning, once again, the importance of balance that’s to be made in their lives. Their purpose is to attach with another creature, all-loving, get creative, inspired, and see how the globe is gorgeous when it’s taken in truthful presence. To offer their idealistic and most joyous and intimate relationships ago, they’re to recollect that they’re only human, even as the person standing before them, so that no unrealistic expectations would change their way and taint the image.


A strong contact of masculine and female principles is to add lives of Sagittarius representatives born on December 12th, thus making them vulnerable and proactive at the same time, pushy and detached, and sometimes bruised by contacts that haven’t had enough closeness and regard to begin with. The person before them is their reflection, and when bruised, they ought to never “give au courant love” or close their heart for further interactions, for messages received by intense contacts are to be deciphered and seen for what they represent.

They might outgrow several important partners in their lifetime but have to stay faithful emotions instead of loyal to the past so that they can truly use the beauties of talent and inspiration they’ve been blessed with.


They’ll be leaders and coordinators similarly to people who don’t find it beneath them to induce tiresome things in serious trouble with better authority. They have a better cause to strive for, someone to show, and good coworkers by their side. Addicted to the ways of the planet, its development, ecology, children and teenagers, they excel in teaching and schooling of any kind, furthermore as environmental causes.


To boost creativity and a lively approach to issues in the minds of those born on December 12th, vanadinite could be an excellent choice of a healing crystal. It’ll support their natural fiery approach to life while giving them enough emotional structure to metabolize their actions and the deeds of others. It helps with overdoing and overspending, breaking personal limits and limits meant to stay safe and promote healthy breathing. It’s known to assist with lung problems and asthma by a robust, energetic flow through the guts chakra.


The choice of a birthday present for somebody born on the 12th of December may appear tricky, except for as long as you follow laughter and childlike energies and desires, you won’t be wrong. They’ll enjoy a replacement game to play, a course in painting or playing an instrument, or something beautiful for his or her home.


Expanding the horizons of everyone around them, they hold on to their inner child and stay fun, joyous, and open-hearted even at maturity. Good with children, they share love in artistic ways and form relationships inspiring and crammed with emotion.


Going into extremes, they push too far only to feel guilty afterward, losing sight of 1 step after the opposite and becoming too detached from contact and times because of plans they won’t abandon.


  • In 1881, Harry Warner was born, a Polish American businessman, one of every one of the founders of Warner Bros, and a person who played an important role within the screenland. People near him thought that he died of a broken heart.
  • In 1915, Francis Albert Sinatra was born, an American actor and singer, and one amongst the best-selling music artists. He was known for his turbulent sexual activity and swam daily within the Pacific Ocean, finding it therapeutic and giving him the solitude he needed.


  • 1941 – Imminent “extermination of the Jews” is asserted by the potentate (born on April 20th) at a gathering within the Reich Chancellery.
  • 1950 – Congregation is led in the first services of Paula Ackerman (born on December 7th), the primary woman appointed to perform rabbinical functions within the U. S.
  • 2015 – Adopting the Paris Agreement meant catering to greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation, and finance.

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