15/12 Birthday - Zodiac Information


12/15 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: December 15th

Color: Aureolin

In One Word: Clarity

Shape: Vertical Line

Strength: Intelligence

Weakness: Rationalizing Emotions

Most Compatible With: Gemini

On December 15th, there’s a strong pull toward self-expression, as if this is the day when someone’s way of thinking is bound to come to light, even if they’d rather keep it hidden. People born on this day may speak too much or too little, with a high awareness of their surroundings and people around them, when they should turn inwards and work from the core of their heart and the emotions they experience while interacting.



Those born on December 15th are curious and witty, with a lot to say, a message to share, and a lot of relationships within their tribe to express themselves through. Still, rather than succumbing to the collective’s limitations, their words must find their own, and they must speak truthfully and openly from their hearts in any situation and with any other person in front of them. When in tune with their authentic personality and their emotional needs, they make lovely listeners and therapists. They are interested in specific details, oratory skills, and writing. They have a way with words and recognize that others rely on their advice, but they are only to give it when asked for it in the first place.


The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 15th in a non-leap year is:

“A Group of Immigrants as They Complete the Entrance Requirements into the New Country”

In a leap year, the Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 15th is:

“A Bluebird Perched on a Cottage’s Gate”

These two symbols clearly show the borderline, which serves as an invitation or a limitation for someone born on this date to enter other worlds and opportunities. Depending on their willingness to step outside of their comfort zone and confront their fears, they will be aided in achieving their goals by the natural flow of events and sometimes difficult authorities. On the other hand, fear binds them and makes the situation impossible, complex, or demanding, forcing them to go through tedious paperwork and routines that constantly seem to test their commitment to the goal. The crossing requires bravery and freedom of movement, and they must feel at ease wherever they go, thanks to the clear waters in their hearts.


Those born on December 15th have Neptune as their purpose in life, and they are on a quest for Divine love, which is typically found in creative work and the dream of talents they wish to pursue. They are not ordinary people. They must find a way to share their deepest and broadest sensitivity, their ocean of emotion, with the outside world to give from the heart and indeed find the personal fulfillment that comes with success.


People born on December 15th experience many ups and downs in their love lives because they are idealists who are always trying to do the right and reasonable thing. The rift between their minds and hearts could be significant, resulting in parallel ties and weddings for “all the right reasons” other than crazy, foolish love. Affairs and disappointments are likely, and they must learn to view the person in front of them as an actual part of their emotional world, rather than raising their guard and avoiding highly intimate contacts or ignoring their sensitivity.

They need a partner to cry with, spill their guts with, and protect their sensitive core even when they appear to be the strongest person around, as intelligent and reasonable as they are. They have a strong desire to be seen beyond the mask, and behind the protective pose they use to protect themselves from emotional bruises. They need someone to approach them slowly, patiently, and prioritize them when they aren’t doing so themselves.


A Sagittarius born on December 15th excels in all fast and parallel routines, working environments where much talking, writing, or paperwork is required for the greater good and works best with children, young people, assistants, and trainees who have recently graduated from college, as well as all those who are still looking for direction in life. They are writers and orators with a mission to restore faith to those who have lost it along the way, and while they may make some mundane professional choices, they will continue to spread this positive spirit wherever they go.


Purpurite is an excellent healing crystal for those born on December 15th, as it allows them to speak their minds without fear of hurting those around them simply by being themselves. It’s a good stone for personal healing, balancing them with others, and bringing one in tune with spiritual energies and a bigger picture they’re looking for to give meaning to all the little things they do in their daily lives. It connects the vision with the emotion needed to bring it to life, and it leads to one’s creative potential through clear self-expression by assisting them in verbalizing thoughts and feelings.


Small, sparkly trinkets, especially those worn on the wrists or rings with detailed, colorful engraved features, are a good choice for a Sagittarius born on December 15th. They want something to pique their interest, something to read or decipher and respond best when given a handcrafted gift, such as a poem or song written especially for them, even if it is childish or simplistic. Take them to a stand-up comedy show, buy them a bike for their country rides or hiking equipment for hikes in deep forests, near waterfalls, and in secluded areas where there are no other people but those they love.


When in touch with their authentic personality, they are witty, intelligent, and quick to solve any problem that may arise. They are eloquent, willing to interact with new people without prejudice, and excellent listeners.


When they put their emotions aside, they become overly rational, unable to truly understand anyone, including themselves, closing their hearts and seeking positions that appear successful but do not provide them with true happiness and satisfaction.


  • Henri Becquerel, a French engineer, physicist, and chemist who shared the Nobel Prize with Marie and Pierre Curie, was born in 1852. He was the first to discover evidence of radioactivity, and the Becquerel (Bq), the SI unit for radioactivity, is named after him.
  • Don Johnson, an American actor, singer, and director, was born in 1949. He is best known for playing James “Sonny” Crockett in Miami Vice and the lead role in Nash Bridges.
  • Adam Brody, an American actor who appeared in Mr. & Mrs Smith, In the Land of Women, and StartUp, was born in 1979. He’s been described as a “beach mood” individual and a “faux intellectual.”


  • 1905 – The Pushkin House was founded in Saint Petersburg to preserve Alexander Pushkin’s cultural heritage (he was born on June 6th).
  • 1933- The amendment to the United States Constitution prohibiting the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was repealed.
  • 1970 – On Venus, the first soft landing on another planet was accomplished.
  • 1973- The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the official list of psychiatric disorders.

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