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December 16th Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius) Horoscope

Sagittarius, born December 16, is known for his charm and showmanship. you thrive on social media because it gives you the opportunity to share your friendly, warm, and charismatic personality with others. While others prefer to be on the sidelines, you are more likely to be the center of attention and get everyone’s attention. You perceive people as an audience and are open and enthusiastic about your performances. These qualities make you a highly sought-after friend and companion.

The pair element of your sign is fire, and of all the signs of the zodiac, only you have a connection with fire. Your unique relationship with fire makes you a warm and adaptable communicator. In a broader sense, the influence of fire penetrates to the very essence. When you are faced with a challenge or goal, the influence of fire fuels the fortitude and passion in your spirit. Continued acceptance of the positive qualities of fire will support future success, but be careful to avoid the impatience and impulsiveness that sometimes accompanies fire enthusiasm.

While choosing a specific career path is never easy, your natural ability and fortitude will give you the ability to excel in a wide variety of fields. As a confident communicator, you can excel in areas such as public relations, advertising, business, or marketing. In the same way, your strong mind can guide you along the path of instruction or teaching. You can find a career in writing that will be rewarding, as was the case with Jane Austen, who was also born on December 16th.



The need for a balance of giving and receiving is kind of obvious during this planetary row, especially once we take into consideration the strong fiery Sun of those born on December 16th. They’re going to be creative, inspired, and moving with the flow, typically good singers, dancers, or musicians on a path towards grand goals and achieving more love and sweetness in life. While this could be inspiring, there’s a fine line between actual joy and trying to make their lives prettier after they don’t feel that good to start with. Their coping mechanisms and defenses may include plenty of delusions and strange perspectives that make things in their life appear rather more light and glossy than they are. Although they must never surrender to their positive convictions and optimism, the core of their authentic self must be found so that they can truly attend to their personal needs.


The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 16th in any year that isn’t a leap year: “A Bluebird Perched on the Gate of a Cottage” The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 16th in an exceedingly leap year: “A Chubby Boy on a Hobby-Horse” There is fluffy, chubby imagery here, a small amount less gracious than one might expect, but certainly joyous and full of song, rhythm, and gameplay. People born now have to test their limits, stay childlike, and open to strange moves which may seem repetitive but teach them something new. They require to experiment, be as noble and royal as a real Sagittarius while holding on to their inner, less serious nature.


With the aim in lives of these born on the 16th of December found within the gravity and light-weight of their Sun in Sagittarius, it’s obvious that they’re to succeed in the core of their authentic personality without compromise and with full reference to their own needs, talents, and childlike creative force. Typically, they’ll require lots of solitude to break free outer influences for ages until they find out about things they need and make solid boundaries, allowing them to hunt middle ground and act from the purpose of everyone’s best interest, starting with their own.


With both Venus and, therefore, the Moon in their planetary row, we can see that there’s a transparent emphasis on the partnerships, romance, and lovemaking of those born on December 16th. In looking for their soulmate and also the right person to be with, they may come upon an excessive amount of strange beliefs, run from intimacy, or rush into it without a transparent sense of the personality of the one standing before them. Projections are as typical here as anyone else, but their idealism could push them over some lines that shouldn’t be crossed if they aren’t careful enough to never compromise their personality and self-respect.


Someone born on the 16th of December does extremely well at all sorts of artistic expression, public appearances, singing, playing instruments that are hard to be told, and are sometimes vulnerable to blow their horns with all their qualities. Their personality is colorful and fun, making them great comedians and people who bring beauty into the foremost challenging situations and places. Working well in large teams, they’re party planners, organizers of fun events, clowns during a local hospital, or workers in toy or cartoon production.


Yellow topaz is the perfect stone for Sagittarius representatives born on December 16th, for it gives them the constant presence of religion within the process they’re moving through. It’s a crystal known to assist manifestation of one’s visions and desires, helping with attracting qualities they carry in their heart so that they don’t have to chase after their goals once they are otherwise dropped in life – with positive beliefs and faith. Attracting helpful people into one’s workplace and residence evokes new friendships and relationships with a greater purpose.


People born on December 16th love public events, gala parties, concerts, and places where they will dance, sing, and yield to the flow. They have free-spirited adventures and to feel loved, and you’ll be able to never fail each day in grips with the woods, enter the open, in a very music festival or buy tickets for concerts of their favorite musicians. Buy a chunk of jewelry that stands out, something fun and colorful instead of too elegant or modest, a perfume with a cheerful note, and a tiny low painting for his or her bedroom that may put a smile on their face.


Laughter, positivity, and a fun personality ordain those born on December 16th for as long as they’re in tune with their talents. Emotionally charged, they are the move, give like to be loved, and understand how to create balance after they find themselves falling into an extreme.


Lost in the confusion of relating with others, they absorb atmospheres, feelings, and ultimately opinions of others, thinking that their personality is defined by what others see rather than feeling they’re the core of Self.


  • In 1961, Bill Hicks was born; an American humorist, satirist, and musician are known for his controversial work and dark comedy. Since childhood, he has mocked his family’s religious beliefs, telling his father to cherish his beliefs but not share them as if they were the reality.
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  • 1843 – Octonions are discovered.
  •  1937 – Two prisoners escape the prison on Alcatraz Island,
  •  1938 – A German decoration of state called the Cross of Honor of the German Mother is instituted.
  • 1947 – the primary point-contact transistor is created.
  • 1971 – Bahrain’s independence is recognized by the United kingdom, and also the date becomes Bahrain’s National Day.
  •  1979 – Libya, together with four other OPEC nations, raises crude prices, and this dramatically affects the economy of the U. S.

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