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December 6 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Sagittarius, born on December 6, is distinguished by an assertive, honest and restless character. You value honesty in all areas of life, which may explain why those closest to you call you harsh or outspoken. Your openness is especially noticeable when you want something, as you express and pursue your interests with great assertiveness. Your assertive nature may also explain your anxiety. You often have so many diverse interests that you find it hard to stay satisfied with a routine.

Fire is the twin element of your sign, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only relationship with this element. The influence of fire makes you a warm and charming communicator, but also makes you adaptable like an open flame. When you face a challenge or a goal, your inner fire burns with great enthusiasm and passion. The positive qualities of fire will support you throughout your life as you strive to achieve your goals. Tired of the negative qualities of fire, which include bouts of impulsiveness and impatience.

Your natural openness and assertiveness will translate well into various career paths, although narrowing down your interests is a difficult task. An honest communicator, you could be an ideal candidate for a career in education, business, or public relations. Your assertiveness can make you a natural leader and well suited to management, administration, or teaching. The buzz in the entertainment industry can go well with your anxiety, as was the case with producer Jude Apatow and comedian Steven Wright, who were also born on December 6th.

Planetary Row


This planetary row is truly unique as it is the row of attraction. People born on December 6th derive their inspiration and motivation from beauty, which is symbolic of this row. They are open-minded and loving, always eager to interact with people from all races, colors, shapes, religions, and classes. Although their lack of judgment helps them not judge a book by its cover, it also puts them in a spot where extreme idealism blurs the true nature of others. They tend to overlook flaws that need to be accepted instead of being ignored, resulting in severe issues like misuse of trust and unnecessary arguments later on.

As true idealists, they see everyone as their equal and might place extremely high expectations that other people cannot meet. Typically these individuals incline towards thinking that for any relationship to work, the similarity of character is needed, which might be the reason behind their raised standards. They need a reality check at times as a reminder to be more accepting of differences to use their incredible inner power to connect with others with the purest of intentions genuinely. They are deeply emotional beings but tend to run away from reality. While they create their Universe, they separate themselves from the miseries of the real world.

Sabian Symbol

December 6th Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius)

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Sagittarians born on December 6th in a leap year:

“The groundhog searches for its shadow on the groundhog day.”

The Sabian Symbol for Sagittarians born on December 6th in any year other than the leap year:

“The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid”

There is a mysterious yet charming vibe surrounding both the symbols, opening the hearts and minds of people born on December 6th towards the not-so-normal things and paths in life. They might come across some difficulties that emerge from the past, but they will understand the predicament they were in and handle the situation well enough. As for their current state is likely to dive into the future for resolutions instead of understanding their present that can lead them to answers.

While they hold a deep desire to see into the future and recognize the Universe’s rhythm, they do so by taking steps that are too insignificant or indicate inexperience, making them turn to the illusions of superstition instead of knowledge. They require a true mentor to guide them through the workings of their inner core, so their connection with nature can be revived and as powerful as it was meant to be.


The icy planet of Neptune governs the lives of these individuals as a combination of inspiration and idealism that will not let them take rest until they finally decide to follow their dreams. They are blessed with an innate talent to discover and move with the flow. Even when things turn sour in life, they will always have something to hold on it; it might not have an exact shape or form, but it will be there to provide them with some comfort and strength nevertheless. They must take off their rose-colored glasses to see the world as it is, to find Divine Love and make a difference, not just within but outside as well, to help those who are most in need.

Love and Emotions

Looking for a hint of romance in all possible ways, pursuing those who might not be worthy of their attention or holding back to be followed by others, Sagittarians born on December 6th have a much bigger mission than what meets the eye. Their bonds could be superficial or clumsy initially, and their profound wish to have a blossoming love life will drive them into unhealthy or even toxic romances. They need to break free from the ties that they have created for themselves to understand their preferences and choose a partner accordingly. Typically they should seek a partner who will not fade away or deprive them of their energies in the relationship.

Unsure of what they are searching for, they will mostly jump into romances based on initial interactions and energies. Most of their relationships start smoothly but have a very bumpy ride towards the end due to their confusion and lack of order while choosing a partner. They tend to get ahead of themselves, and before they know it, they land up in utter chaos again. Just as they view the world with rosy glasses, they do the same with people, especially when they fall in love. When they become thoroughly acquainted with their partner, they will realize that their observations of the earlier times are entirely different from their partner’s true self.

This realization itself will devastate them, but they need to face the truth, however hard it may be. Setting emotional boundaries will help them maintain a loving relationship without risking their sanity. Doing so will prepare them to deal with the reality of being in a relationship and give them a good and honest picture of their significant other. In their quest for Divine Love, they will discover their soulmate once they yield to the natural flow of things and permit themselves to fall for someone who is not their mirror image.

Their Field of Excellence

Individuals born on this date excel in all forms of artistic expression and healing, and once they discover their talent, they are bound to shine. They make excellent pianists, singers, hypnotherapists and prove good at all other professions that require strange solutions or alternative methods. They despise stagnancy, so they look for careers that will need them to move or come up with new ideas and discoveries constantly. As chemistry and laboratory experts, they might find their true calling in the field of professional makeup, cosmetics, body art, or any form of glamorizing and accenting the human body. They are also brilliant salesmen as they know how to attract customers, demonstrate beauty hacks and more, or make a hit out of different combinations of styles, colors, or clothes that others avoided as futile.

Healing Crystal

December 6th Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius)

Epidote is an excellent crystal for people born on December 6th. Although it might be unpredictable at times, affecting others in their life in various ways, this stone aids in achieving balance within relationships and enriches them with the knowledge that is bound to resolve any problems that they are currently handling. It brings prosperity and like-minded individuals together as long as the bearer of the crystal is giving and generous. It will send out positive energies to prevent them from losing heart and keep them going towards the hope of progress even in the face of adversity. Bringing them in touch with their spirit, this stone will assist them in the pursuit of their talent if they have not already found it in all its shining glory.

The Perfect Gift

An ideal gift for these Sagittarians would be art or any related to their artistic interests. However, one should keep in mind that these individuals have high expectations, and they will not settle for any painting that seems colorful and bright enough. If one wants to surprise them with such presents, they should make an effort to understand the core of these individuals and the ideals they share. If it seems too much work, it will be a relief to know that they enjoy relatively common gifts too, such as a watch, a piece of jewelry, a fine perfume, or expensive cosmetic products. If one decides to gift them an item of clothing, leave overcrowding doubts and hesitations behind and choose a colorful one because they will appreciate the gesture and effort even if they do not wear it.

Positive Traits

True idealists with a cause to chase and a gift to share with the world, the people born on this date are emphatic, love openly, see the good in everyone, and generous and ready to impart their positivity with the ones around them. Creative and warm, they have the ability to turn all things into works of art when they are in touch with their inner spirit.

Negative Traits

Viewing the world and the people in it through a glass of idealism and illusion, they see everything as much better than it really is, as if they choose to be ignorant and shun knowledge. They tend to focus on their perception of the world instead of listening to their heart, which is aware of the truth. It leads them into a blame game of expectations that could threaten to break the foundation of their relationships and bonds. It could also make them distant from people they hold closest to them when they face difficulties or dark stages of life.

Famous Birthdays on December 6th

December 6th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1778, Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac was born, a French chemist and physicist, best known for his discovery about water having two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. His name is inscribed among the other 72 names in the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • In 1948, JoBeth Williams was born, an American director and actress, best recognized for her roles in the short film titled On hope, as well as movies such as Adam and one of the highest-grossing films of all time, Poltergeist (1982). She graduated from college with the intention of becoming a child psychologist, but passion pulled her towards theatre instead.
  • In 1952, Craig Newmark was born, an American philanthropist and entrepreneur who founded the advertisements website Craigslist. In an interview, he stated that although he was told several times that he should become a billionaire, one should know when enough is enough, so he chose to draw the line when it seemed that way. His decision led to his minimal business model, which ensures that he has enough money and the means to donate tremendous amounts of cash to non-profit organizations he fully trusts.

Important Historical Events on December 6th

  • 1884: The construction of the Washington Monument is completed.
  • 1897: Licensed taxicabs, the first such service globally, start operating in London, United Kingdom.
  • 1912: Discovery of the Nefertiti (Queen of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt) bust is made.
  • 1953: Completing the classic novel Lolita, regarded as one of the most excellent books in the 20th century.
  • 1977: South Africa grants independence to Bophuthatswana, but any other country does not recognize it.
  • 2006: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) reveals photographs taken on the surface of the planet Mars that suggest liquid water.

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