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December 9 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Sagittarius born on December 9th, your assertiveness and openness are some of your best known qualities. You are determined and confident in all your affairs, which helps you get the most out of life. You are very clear when you want or desire something and are not afraid to show others your true feelings. This open, honest nature is one of your greatest strengths, although your frank communication may not always be appreciated by your family and friends.

Fire is the twin element of your sign, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you are the only one who has a connection with the element. Like an open flame, you are adaptable and changeable. The influence of fire shows up in your assertive and confident manner, but it shows up more in the passion that burns deep within you. When faced with a challenging task, fire ensures that your efforts are backed up by enthusiasm and fortitude. If you continue to appreciate the positive qualities of fire, it will help you on your path to success. Tired of the negative influences of fire, including impatience and impulsiveness.

Honest and hardworking, your natural ability is well suited to many career paths. Your intellectual interest may lead you to a career in education or science. Similarly, your natural leadership abilities can be great for business or management. If you find an issue that motivates you, a career in law or politics can be rewarding. Your need for adventure and excitement may motivate you to explore the world of entertainment.


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December 9th Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius)

When there is so much energy to respond to the calling of life itself, talents abound, and people born on December 9th know a lot, share a lot, and try out many new things whenever they have the opportunity. Nonetheless, they become estranged from their heart’s desires. Their ability to shine in various areas can cause them to be reluctant to express their true talents and skills. Decision-making is a mechanism that shifts and changes in these people’s lives, and though they know what they want, it’s always too far away and far away to aim for in a practical sense. Rather than projecting their minds too far into the future in search of the ideal, they should focus on living the ideal in the present moment, lest they become depressed and lost in their quest for a dream that will never arrive.

As those born on this date realize through life that they have been hazed by other people’s beliefs, especially their parents’, the clarity of lights will become their guiding premise. They need enough alone time to cleanse their emotional world of outside stimuli and dial back on intensity and initiative to find the emotional insight and tenderness required to see where they want to go. Their energies can be used better when in tune with the responsive, feminine side of their personality.


In a leap year, the Sabian sign for Sagittarius members born on December 9th is:

“Sunbonnets Protect the Heads of Children Playing on the Beach”

The Sabian sign for Sagittarius members born on December 9th in a non-leap year is:

“A Large Crowd Attends an Easter Sunrise Service”

There is a distinction here between religion for adults and religion for children. Those born on December 9th must consider whether their values have evolved naturally or are influenced by the group. Their inner child requires security from others’ egoistic and pushy influences and comments, mainly because they believe they will not be bruised by such encounters as long as they are strong-willed. Please slow down and experience what happens in their body and Soul every step of the way to see the true impact of the outside world on their emotional state.


People born on December 9th are to discover their proper course in life, their faith, values that align with their hearts and learn about their actual position in the universe, thanks to Jupiter’s valuable lessons at the end of each of their quests. They’re looking for the facts, for constructive and hopeful perspectives that will provide them with all they need at this point. They can become lost in their search for wisdom, only to be found again when their moral judgment drives them back to where they belong.


December 9th Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius)

Their choice of partners may be odd, make little sense to some, and seem contradictory or idealized, given their childlike nature and desire to be less serious than many and make life enjoyable. Although some will project this onto a partner, most Sagittarius representatives born on December 9th will not associate personal one-on-one encounters with the touch of Divine Love they seek. They need an emotionally supportive partner by their side to learn how to engage on deeper levels in the present. Otherwise, they risk experiencing disappointments that will close their hearts to potential interactions.

They must learn to pursue the emotional flow into the deepest depths without fear of commitment. They are far more sensitive than they seem, even to themselves. They tend to live in their worlds, and they can choose to be dishonest or flirty with people who don’t concern them. They need some balance and concentration in their love lives to see the link between their love life and the task they are supposed to undertake. They must first find great love through personal connections, and they must have someone trust in them so that they can return the favor, in all honesty.


A person born on December 9th is an idealist, painter, musician, and skilled in all types of arts. They are eager to share their feelings with the rest of the world. They are religious leaders, priests, and teachers who understand that teaching is a process that aims to affect a person’s heart. Their commitment to the cause allows them to succeed in every field in which their inspiration and motivation are based. They would be successful at long-term projects only if they are entirely linked to their higher goals, or their focus wears off too soon, as they are scattered in many directions.


Afghanite is a good crystal for someone born on December 9th because it lets them concentrate on everyday problems and turn to realistic problem solving rather than focusing on too far away issues. It activates the brain and allows them to think better while existing in the present moment. Instead of roaming into worlds of the mind that have little to do with the problems at hand, answers are sought quickly. It is calming and relaxing, and it assists in group work and the development of emotional boundaries.


A good birthday present for someone born on December 9th should smell good and feel good in their hands. Beautiful atmospheres, foam gatherings, tender songs, and concerts in the woods can appeal to them. If you love nature and want to be in touch with it, you can plan an open-air adventure, a hiking trip, or a horseback ride to a forest waterfall. They’ll want a touch of magic, a ticket to one of the far-flung islands, such as Iceland, New Zealand, or Madagascar, and a day full of emotion and sense.


They believe in humanity and can sense where people are supposed to go and what they are meant to do on their Soul’s journey. They are dreamers with abilities and values to pursue. Giving and gentle, their desires are grand and a glimpse of a utopia found here on Earth.


Disconnected from the present moment, they are distant, separated, mentally jumbled, and unaware of where they are supposed to go. They can’t see where their energies end and another individual starts because they’re idealizing, and they’re breaching the limits of safe contact.


  • Kirk Douglas, an American actor, musician, filmmaker, and centenarian, was born in 1916. He is best known for his explosive acting style, which he developed during Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  • Judi Dench, an English actress and one of the most notable British actors, was born in 1934. She appeared in Shakespeare in Love and GoldenEye. She explained that she was tired of age-related remarks and bigotry and that she wants to decide for herself whether she can no longer do those things.
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  • 1851- The first YMCA in North America was established.
  • 1872 – The first African-American governor of a state in the United States is elected.
  • 1905- In France, a bill separating church and state was passed.
  • 1948- The Genocide Convention was adopted.
  • 1960 – The first broadcast of Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running soap opera.
  • 1965- A Charlie Brown Christmas, the first in a series of Peanuts TV specials, premiered.

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