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February 21 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Pisces born on February 21st, you are well known for your intuitive, selfless and creative nature. Throughout your life, you have noticed the ability to understand the emotions and thoughts of other people. Your innate ability to sense when others are troubled allows you to be compassionate and supportive. When a loved one is in need, little can be sacrificed for their well-being. While your friends and family appreciate your dedication, they may most admire your imagination. You use your creative mind to find the best in situations and people.

Water is the paired element of Pisces and all signs of the zodiac, you have the only changeable connection with the element. Your relationship with water makes you highly adaptable and outgoing. Moreover, it is your connection with water that allows you to safely dive into the deep oceans of emotions. At times, when you experience powerful waves of emotions, you hold them with understanding. As you continue to accept the positive qualities of water, your compassion will grow. However, you must avoid excessive indulgence in emotions, as this can lead to bouts of moodiness.

While finding the right profession is a difficult task, take refuge in the fact that your natural abilities are well suited to a wide variety of professions. Your ability to communicate and understand can be a welcome addition in the world of business, public relations or commerce. On the other hand, your compassionate nature can lead you to success in education, politics, or social reform. You may find that your imagination and natural warmth are perfect for writing, media or journalism, which was the path of Erma Bombeck, who was also born on February 21st.


MOON – SUN – (Pluto) – MOON

february 21st

This is a “planetary row” where there aren’t any actual planets. It’s within reach of those individuals to acknowledge where the sunshine and creativity come from and reflect on it. They’ll find jewels in people and their inner world and be ready to set them, but those who do not have an inspired strength of their own and abilities they weren’t born with. This contributes to their managerial skills and skills to manage many folks without delay and helps them bring their feelings to the surface bravely and in some way to create up their confidence.


The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 21st of a bissextile year and a year preceding it:

“A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters”

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 21st of two years following a leap year:

“Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken on Desert Sand”

This date holds within the danger of the fireplace and an excessive amount of warmth, and while these two symbols won’t seem connected, they’re intertwined through the endangerment of life itself. We will see that individuals born on February 21st rush into new experiences out of a requirement to point out confidence but aren’t sure what they need to start with, making them vulnerable. Here, symbols already show the lost side of the zodiac and Pisces doggo within the desert dry, alone, or scared. Frailty is emphasized, and plenty of tenderness (and water) is required for keeps to continue.


The most important thing those born on February 21st have to reach for is active and open self-expression. They’ll find their mission in communication and every one those things that are opposite to the sign of Pisces where their Sun resides. Individuals born on this date must develop the talent to speak, write, and move, and that they will find their purpose to be to share the message from another world (often the “underworld”) with the remainder of humankind. With their Light shining brightly, their eloquence will grow in time. As they learn to safeguard themselves from the outer world, they’ll discover the wonder of socializing and shut encounters with their cosmic brothers and sisters.


february 21st

The emotional world of these born on this date asks for deep stability and recognition. Intimacy is the key to understanding their personality, and that they will instinctively know that every person standing before them is their mirror. Abandonment judgment and jumping bravely into new relationships, they’re going to come to seek out that a lot of people can satisfy their basic physical and intellectual needs. Still, their heart recognizes what truly makes them feel reception.

They need a partner with enough depth to grasp their world of dispersed feelings and someone to keep them grounded when required. With their higher purpose set within the rational spheres and communication, they find their relationships to be the battlefield to coach them. They choose as partners to indicate how to build solid arguments that stand against tests of other people’s intellectual force.


With such an intense ability to acknowledge what’s genuine and what isn’t, which talent is to blossom and which won’t touch the hearts of the many, they stand out as a workplace of a profiler, someone to manage others, discover young talents, and discuss their abilities. They will lead the way when someone has to show who they’re and reach for popularity, for they understand the requirement of the masses and attribute is, of course, understandable to them, even after they aren’t fully conscious of their own.


Ocean orbicular jasper is a beautiful stone for an individual born on February 21st. It encourages the sensation of joy and elevated spirits and helps one negative release feelings, bringing optimism and peace. A crystal to assist communication with positivity allows like to be expressed in everything an individual should say. The effect will result in a more robust understanding of one’s inner center of power and, therefore, Self.

FEBRUARY 21ST present

A gift for these individuals has to connect their passion from Pisces with their emotion, reason, and practical, material realm. This could sound just like the most complex thing within the world, but you’ll see that things that look most like them meet these standards. They’re way more practical than many of the Pisces representatives while at the same time deeply emotional. They’re going to cherish hand-made gifts, novels that spark emotions in their hearts but aren’t too cheesy, or something for his or their home, which will be used each day. To feature it, you’ll be able to always bring something sweet to their party, to take a position within the exaltation of Venus they’ll reach but tend to forget.


Sensitive and joyful, clear about their intentions, and talented to search out the correct person for the task. Excellent profilers who base their first approach on all the right feelings until they discover the reality.


Plagiarism and specialize in other people’s achievements. They will become vain, entangled in their ability to know others, with their boundaries poor and their emotional world shaken.

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