24/02 Birthday - Zodiac Information


02/24 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: February 24th

Shading: Indigo

In One Word: Circumstance

Shape: Circle

Strength: Guarded

Shortcoming: Inapproachable

Most Compatible With: Taurus

There is an opening in the core of every Pisces delegate brought into the world on February 24th. Their delicate watery nature is frequently showing transparently to the fantastic, complicated world encompassing them. At the same time, they are still youngsters, and their insurance interaction starts ahead of schedule as they put on numerous layers of waterproof plastic around their hearts and their profound enthusiastic center.


MOON – SATURN – (Pluto) – MOON 

An individual brought into the world on February 24th is by all accounts frozen or transformed into stone by torment they once felt. This is a regular defensive system. It is difficult for them to understand that there is a significant issue with their freshly discovered methodology, mainly if they constructed their dividers years prior while they were still youngsters. Fortunately, there is barely sufficient female energy and absolution to return them destined for success in this column. Keeping in mind that they may be inaccessible from their own emotions now and again, they will uncover them and comprehend them much better when they invest some time alone. Then again, on the off chance that somebody gets brutal and genuine, enthusiastic torment, a Pisces delegate is brought into the world right now. On the off chance that they choose to put resources into these capacities and imaginatively use them, they will feel vastly improved about their reality.


The Sabian image for Pisces delegates brought into the world on February 24th of a jump year and a year going before it:

“A Church Bazaar”

The Sabian image for Pisces delegates brought into the world on February 24th of two years following a jump year:

“A Parade of Army Officers in Full Dress”

When all is said and done, this date is by all accounts about modeling for the external world as a straightforward show of Self. That congregation market serves the majority with a specific goal in mind, similarly, as a procession of armed force officials discusses something they need to show. With everything taken into account, these images don’t start to expose the genuine character of those born on February 24th. We will frequently consider them to be sure and solid about their decisions. In contrast, they feel frail and lost, having real trouble showing themselves in any light that isn’t socially satisfactory in a typical manner.


While Saturn talks about higher domains and our absolute faith in God, this isn’t the real focal point of an individual born on February 24th. This is a life that requires training them to interface with the Earth and discover establishment. If they begin following a sound daily practice, they will end up feeling remarkable improvement about any leftover displeasure they pushed under a carpet. Everybody brought into the world on this date needs to accept struggle as a positive instrument for insurance. Their limits should be similarly pretty much as penetrable on a case by case basis all together for their heart to sparkle, no more, no less.


The enthusiastic universe of those brought into the world on February 24th is regularly covered up and intensely monitored. There is exceptional energy to this date that makes them profoundly touchy for the external world. They will discover their boundaries to secure them superior to any specific reactivity. Connections they forge will last more than those in existence of other Pisces delegates, for once they open their reality for an individual remaining before them, they are sure that this is the proper activity.

They need closeness with another person and will not be happy with temporary connections and experiences that don’t support their suspicion that all is well and good and harmonious. Nonetheless, they convey an inner resistance that should be settled through connections. They will generally be uptight; some of them hurt or excessively timid and ward on what they believe they merit. This is an individual who should chip away at their heart chakra and continually strip off layers of insurance from their intense center to remain open for the external world and structure adoring bonds that last them a lifetime.


The best calling for an individual born on February 24th falls under the domain of treatment. Regardless of whether they stick to medication, or if they pick brain science, elective recuperating, or needle therapy, working with individuals who have profound issues draws out their best side. The chilliness of Saturn could cause them to be somewhat firm and they too feel the best working alone, for this gives them clarity on their arrangement of duties and gives them a feeling of genuine security. They dominate critical thinking on a profound, passionate level. They will do as such with their customers, companions, and family regardless, so they should give their endeavors readily to the world.


To mend their heart’s wounds and potential sensations of surrender and chaos in their enthusiastic world, those brought into the world on February 24th may pick celestial quartz. It is a stone that helps self-awareness, rolling out difficult improvements less agonizing and giving a feeling of help by “substances” on higher planes of presence. On an actual level, this is a gem that guides issues with bones and the mind.


An individual with their birthday on February 24th likes to get a conventional present similarly however much unexpectedly prepared in a lunch pack. Gift them a watch, a kitchen clock for their divider, or a swiss blade to hold tight their keys. However, consider the importance behind the current that will show them the understanding you have for their way to deal with life and their inward world.


Defensive, astute, and cautious, with an interest in profound and satisfying exercises and lessons. Lively, with barely enough activity and life when they put a lot of focus on something, faithful, and develop companions and accomplices.


Discouraged, shut, and removed from the remainder of the world, challenging to move and influence in any capacity. Troubled by acquired pity, and on the off chance that they don’t purge their emotional state, they can be very hard for everybody around them to handle.


  • In 1938 Phil Knight was born, an American financial specialist who helped to establish Nike, Inc. His massive abundance has been liberally given to teaching foundations.
  • In 1955 Steve Jobs was born, an American financial specialist who helped establish Apple Inc. furthermore, Pixar, known as one of the pioneers of the microcomputer setup. He was set up for reception by his folks upon entering the world and contemplated Zen Buddhism going through India just before helping to establish Apple, Inc.
  • In 1966 Billy Zane was born, an American entertainer and maker, most famous from Twin Peaks and Titanic. To address the issue of speed, he conveys inside on his mission to liberate from the draw of Saturn; he took an interest in an Assembly race in 1999.


  • 1711 – The central drama at any point composed for the London stage, Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel (brought into the world on February 23rd), debuts.
  • 1822 – Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad, is initiated as the primary Swaminarayan sanctuary on Earth.
  • 1854 – The initially punctured stamp, a Penny Red, is given authoritatively.
  • 1920 – The arrangement of the Nazi Party.
  • 2007 – The fourth government agent satellite of Japan is dispatched to serve a superior recognition of possible dangers to their country.

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