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January 22 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As an Aquarius born on January 22nd, your adaptability and originality are among your most defining qualities. You have little interest in the mundane, instead choosing new situations, experiences, and environments. Similarly, you love social settings where you can show your unique point of view to those around you. People often gravitate toward your original personality, but they may be surprised to find out just how unconventional you can be. In all aspects of your life, you rarely agree, as you rather develop a one-of-a-kind way of thinking.

The pair element of your sign is air, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only constant connection with this element. Your air connection is special in the sense that it makes you more determined and stubborn than other air zodiac signs. In this way, your personality acquires many of the strong qualities of the wind. The influence of the air is also responsible for the gentle breeze of curiosity that makes you endlessly seek knowledge and understanding. These active air qualities will play a key role in your future success, but try to avoid less active air qualities that affect a dispassionate and aloof mood.

Since you probably have different interests, it may seem difficult to find a job, but fortunately, your natural talents will provide you with many opportunities for a successful career. Your need for freedom and new experiences may lead you to a career in travel, such as business or international relations. It is quite possible that a creative outlet can bring you the most satisfaction. If you’re musically inclined, take a look at the success of Stephen Adler, who was also born on January 22nd.


MOON – MOON – (Pluto) – SUN

Being made from two moons and one sun, people born on January 22nd often show to be those that follow and circle the most character of the story, rather than pushing forwards to become a pacesetter. Their passive side makes them question other people’s motives and emotions, and compassion can exchange the way of success if they do not embrace their ability to rule while still having the ability to respect everyone around them. Family matters are going to be truly important, with balance shaken between their maternal and paternal genetics. Although this is often somewhat typical for each Aquarius, within the case of these born on this date, a relationship with their mother will prevail and be an attack at the top of their priority list, waiting to be resolved.


“An Unexpected Thunderstorm”

The appropriate beginning of such a robust Sun sign, this symbol speaks of all those unexpected things that life could bring their way. Individuals born on this date must handle destiny that’s far beyond the purpose or personal peace, while their planetary row speaks of their attempts to seek out peace at any cost. Looking for a home, they might move, travel, or wander off because change is inevitable and shakeups to their system unavoidable. Once they incorporate the symbol in their Nature, they will have trouble settling down with anyone but themselves. It can cause them to become the body of this thunderstorm for others.


The most important thing those born on January 22nd have to discover is that the right thanks to express their individuality. We can see emotional changes in their life, exciting turns, and an exciting mind, but it would look like they are sent here to start up an exclusively dynamic path. The reality is their birthdate is ruled by Mercury, and this points to everything they strive for as if they are facing those dual emotions only to manage to include them in their rational mind. They seek explanation and self-approval and find meaning in clearing their mind of emotional fog by sorting all those matters of the guts within the correct drawers.


January 22


People born on January 22nd have a task to map out their emotional states. Their Nature is changeable, different, and exciting, and that they won’t accept boring relationships that do not have anything more to show. They themselves, are a mixture of heart and reason, which makes it quite difficult to predict their next move. They need to speak and use the ability gained through oratory skills to elucidate how they feel to those that do not understand them.

Their heart could get separated from their partner in time if they rationalize an emotional bond an excessive amount out of fear of getting hurt. This can be a decent thing, for if they weren’t so desperate to find all the answers, they might make the miscalculation of selecting a partner that supported their brain instead of their heart and sentence themselves to a life without love.


They could be excellent entrepreneurs, starting their family business and dealing with creative things while organizing their time to suit their transitional needs. These individuals are great in detailed analysis, memory games, and that they can keep a fantastic amount of data in their minds. This affects their skills as traders and salespeople, but they find their soul’s desire in communication, writing, driving, and oral presentations held in an intimate atmosphere.


January 22


For those born on January 22nd, a crystal of healing is green severe quartz. It is a stone to assist them in reclaiming the knowledge that they live to tell the tale of a beautiful and quite miraculous planet, feeling gratitude for the world and everyone being who inhabits it. A crystal to point out how beautiful life may be will trigger the female, satisfying and tender energy inside their heart.

JANUARY 22ND present

This is probably the sole Aquarius representative in an exceedingly bunch to tolerate an image frame as a gift for his or her birthday. They will use something practical and carry their memories safe and would not mind their gift familiar and unsurprising the maximum amount you may anticipate. Choose something fine, clear, and usable, or give them a memory to carry on while seeking new adventures. They have the emotion to be at liberty, and your state of heart indicates to them what they mean to you irrespective of the gift.


Emotional and unengaged to express their state of heart, they are a joy to be with once they are satisfied with their life choices. Compassionate and turned to others, they are going to take humanitarian work seriously and care deeply for each person who finds an area in their life.


Excessive talkers do not know when to prevent being detached from shared emotions and intimacy if they think an excessive amount of. Self-expression goes slow as they sacrifice their ideas for the well-being of the group.


  • In 1788 Lord Byron was born, an English poet, playwright, politician, and figure within the Romantic movement. He was celebrated and castigated in life for his aristocratic excesses – huge debts, numerous romantic affairs with both men and ladies, rumors of scandalous liaison together with his half-sister, and self-imposed exile.
  • In 1936 Alan J. Heeger was born, an American physicist and chemist who received an honor for discovering and developing conductive polymers. He’s known for an exquisite explanation of the research, stating that Nature behaves as conceived within the mind of a scientist.
  • In 1965 Steven Adler was born, an American rock drummer referred to as a member of the complex dance band Guns N’ Roses, from which he was fired over his white plague. Left by his father and discarded by his mother for bad behavior, he had a complicated family story to the house on his thanks to creative expression.


  • 1506 – The Vatican is enriched by the primary contingent of 150 Swiss Guards.
  • 1905 – 1905 revolution begins in Saint Petersburg as Bloody Sunday takes place.
  • 1927 – the introductory live radio commentary of a football match is given by Teddy Wakelam (born on May 8th).
  • 1946 – The Central Intelligence Group is formed, the predecessor of the Central intelligence service (CIA).
  • 1957 – The “mad bomber” from NYC, George P. Metesky (born on November 2nd), is arrested and charged with planting over 30 bombs.
  • 1973 – Elective abortion is legalized in all told fifty states by the Supreme Court.

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