26/01 Birthday - Zodiac Information

January 26 Zodiac

01/26 Birthday - Zodiac Information




Date: January 26th

Color: Spring Green

In One Word: Inspired

Shape: Three Circles

Strength: Inner Wealth

Weakness: Overly Stimulated

Most Compatible With: Aries


Many details are gathered in the lives of those born on January 26th. Regardless of how we observe their role, we must recognize that there is very little rationality here to direct them. All they have to rely on is the Sun in Aquarius, which is incredibly intelligent and sensible, just a little too far up in the sky to comprehend all that happens on Earth.




MOON – VENUS – (Pluto) – SUN

No matter their sexual orientation, people born on January 26th have a love story to tell, as well as a lot more about feminine and masculine archetypes. The mission of unconditional love for oneself is apparent, but their Sun is thin, and their ego will stand in the way of emotion, becoming overly reasonable and demanding. In certain situations, these people give up on love to cut things off and eventually decide something, even though their feelings will keep them in the same relationships for much longer. Their growth can be visible in their love lives, in those they reflect on, and, most importantly, in their parenting styles.




Aquarius members born on January 26th have the following Sabian symbol:

“In a Mystery Play, a Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts”


This symbol’s picture has four layers of Neptune, since not only is a figure masked and performing ceremonial acts, but they are also in a mystery play, as though it wasn’t already a play. With all of these veils and Neptune as their monarch, the task at hand is complex, and it must be accomplished by faith and purity of emotion, divine love, repentance, and even sorcery, or they will never be satisfied.



Those born on January 26th have many secrets to reveal, and their intent must be driven by a gut feeling, a hunch, or an inner state of excitement. They will feel anything in their senses, but they are always in too much of a hurry to find a rational reason for events in their lives, rather than taking the time to stop and feel their place in them. They are expected to find a direction based on religion, divinity, and God, whatever those terms mean to them in their particular personality structure.




As long as their hearts are open to new adventures and experiences, these people will have a rich and inspiring love life. When they are in transition from adolescents and young lovers to married adults, they will eventually change, and if they decide to remain with someone for the rest of their lives, they will inevitably change. It is in their nature to try new things, and they could have several partners with very different personalities and behaviors. This is perplexing for those around them and potentially disturbing for women and the judgment they will face.


Idealization comes as naturally as the light of day to those born on January 26th. For as long as they travel from one extreme to the other, their brain is wired differently than the rest of the planet, and ultimate confidence in life can lead to ultimate distrust. They seem unable to distinguish between others’ desire to present themselves in the best light and their true personality. There are avenues for them to escape disappointments, but they are hidden in the highest senses and a bit of detachment, rather than an earthly love tale for which one would wait a lifetime.




People born on January 26th are gifted in some way, most commonly in painting, singing, or emotional speech. If they are willing to listen, their refined senses will lead them in the right direction, and their desire to uncover the truth will lead them to become art collectors and curators. To do it properly, they must find their dream work and something with a great link with their senses. No logical decision will ever satisfy them, no matter how hard they try to enjoy the fruits of their labor.




We can use tugtupite, a stone that enhances emotional sensitivity and brings feelings of love into one’s life in both its positive and negative ways, to support the flow in the heart chakra for people born on January 26th. It is a crystal that aids a person’s totality and fullness of love in all of its magnificence and magic.




With so much love in the numeral force of those born on this day, it’s hard to go wrong with a gift as long as it’s given from the heart. Anything would appeal to them, from flowers to a fine pen to an expensive piece of art. Unlike other Aquarius representatives, these Aquarius members aren’t information gatherers and have only enough information on their own. That is why, unless it has sentimental meaning and a special note attached to it, a book may not be the best option. Choose something lovely to use as a prop and hang on their wall or something nostalgic and tiny to carry in their pocket.




They are masters of finding harmony, being creative, caring, and calm. Individuals who have an inspiring mind, a large heart, and a sense of their surroundings are aware of what other people require. They have the power to carry Heaven to Earth because they are capable of great emotions and great love.




Confused, deceptive, lost in their thoughts, and occasionally too far away to grasp. They may be unable to cope with the stress of disappointment, leading to abusive behavior.




Paul Newman, an American actor, activist, producer, race car driver, and businessman, was born in 1925. He was one of the co-founders of the Safe Water Network and donated millions to charity.

Eddie Van Halen, a Dutch-American singer, songwriter, producer, and co-founder of the hard rock band Van Halen was born in 1955. He is regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in rock music history.

Andrew Ridgeley, an English singer, songwriter, and record producer, was born in 1963. He is best known for being a member of the music duo Wham! (with George Michael, who was born on June 25th). He also tried his hand at racing, indicating that he had the same need to drive as Paul Newman.




  • 1564 – A formal distinction between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism is made.
  • For the first time, the Ottoman Empire cedes territories to Christian forces forever.
  • Tennessee passed the first prohibition bill in the United States.
  • South Africa is home to the Cullinan diamond, which weighs over 600 grams and is the world’s largest diamond.
  • Glenn H. Curtis is the pilot of the first commercial American seaplane (born on May 21st).
  • The official language of India was declared Hindi.


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