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March 12 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Pisces born on March 12, your personality is characterized by passion and experimentation. In all matters of life you show a noticeable intensity. If you feel like something is worth it, nothing can stop you from doing it. You show the same passion for your family, as you would gladly devote your time and energy to their well-being. While many people are afraid of change, you love the prospect of trying something new. You are ready to try anything once.

The pair element of your sign is water, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only changeable connection with this element. It is your special elemental connection that allows your words to take on the adaptable and fluid qualities of free-flowing water. Your relationship with water not only makes you a great communicator, but also makes you feel comfortable in the depths of emotion. When you experience powerful waves of emotion, you gain an understanding of compassion. The positive qualities of water will be of great benefit if you avoid the negative, overly emotional qualities of water.

Committed and compassionate, your natural ability will open up several career opportunities for you, although choosing one of these may be easier said than done. Your passion and communication skills can make you a natural leader in business or politics. Your sensitivity and emotional depth could be great for a career as an artist or musician like James Taylor, who was also born on March 12th.


SUN – MOON – (Pluto) – JUPITER

The masculine and the feminine are reasonably distant during this row, while they appear to square side by side. Reckoning on the amount of closeness with their parents, shared people born on March 12th can develop an out-of-this-world ability to pay attention and compassionately approach another person’s problem. They carry a deeply rooted need and a talent for relating, regardless of their gender. They must develop it and use it, learning a way to live their romantic or other visions within the universe that surrounds them.


March 12

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 12th of an intercalary year, and two years following it: “A Prophet Carrying Tablets of the New Law is Walking Down the Slopes of Mount Sinai” These two symbols mainly discuss grounding, and this may be seen through this tiny girl’s contact (through physical touch) with an animal, and the undeniable fact that a prophet is walking down the mountain to bring the tablets into the remainder of humanity, right down to Earth. It’s a powerful message of connecting to the bottom, the physical realm, the collective, and therefore the approach that our spontaneous, childish, and Divine natures share.


When all of their digits combine, Pisces representatives born on March 12th have a story of Venus to inform. They’re literally on an exploration for love, pleasure, and satisfaction through their bond with another human, with God, or with themselves. This helps them get more and more beautiful over time, as their life gains color and triggers the most effective of their senses and the state of self-worth.


With their mission during this lifetime specifically tied to matters of affection, we must understand that the physical world is their pool of balance that they often don’t understand for years. As they begin to create a fragile balance between their inner feminine and masculine qualities, they begin to notice once they have to take action, and after, they should watch for things to represent their lap or pass them by. Always swaying from one side to the opposite, they might choose partners very different in nature, from them and one another, until they find the correct person to be with. Many of them will create a cheerful home and live a lifetime of love they desire, which is often their priority. Still, they always must stay alert and look for their role in any situation, careful not to give the opposite person an excessive amount of power or take it away out of pure habit. Clear boundaries are the inspiration of any healthy relationship in their life, and powerful emotions will easily push them out of balance and into symbiotic bonds that may remove their power, self-worth, or confidence. If they continue to be connected with themselves regardless of what they see as a mirrored image before them, they’re set for a lifetime of affection and devotion they seek.


A person born on March 12th has an eye fixed for all kinds of mysteries and understands people quite well. This can be what makes them great detectives and investigators, but it won’t be the calling they choose too often. It’s the ability to connect to others that intrigues them and excel in anything within the right environment, being the precise person everyone wants in their team. Fun and in the hunt for their grounding, they’re good with individuals who have problems and often become healers and mentors out there who must give their own experience and understanding to those in need.


March 12

Variscite is a great stone for everybody born on March 12th because it brings joyous feelings into their lives and reminds them of their child within. It supports digging through past experiences and past lives, shining a lightweight on matters that hold them back. This crystal is usually used for people with disabilities or people who make sure of them. It’s the facility to fix the places in our bodies and Soul that were broken and want to be “glued up,” leading us to an acceptance of what can’t be changed.


A present for anyone born on March 12th could also be something for their home that lifts their spirits and shows color and dedication. They’re going to enjoy a trinket that’s bright and flowery, childish, and different from the bunch. Choose smiley faces and things that make them happy, however small or insignificant they will seem. They require to feel close and intimate, respected for their childish glow, while at the same time at an appropriate distance of heart to feel safe and secure.


Wide and different, they’re the connecting glue of relationships among humans and symbolize great mediators. They understand the needs of those around them and have a giant Soul that’s here to like and make.


Torn between extremes, out of balance, and lacking in moderation, they rummage around for someone to line them straight and fix them, as if they can not fix their faults and mistakes themselves.


  • In 1685, Bishop Berkeley was born, an Irish philosopher who significantly advanced the idea of “immaterialism.” Interestingly, although the most pull of this date turns an individual to their grounding and connection to the fabric plane, he’s known for his contribution to a theory that material substance is simply a gathering of ideas in our minds.
  • In 1946, Liza Minnelli was born, an American actress, singer, and dancer recognized by her energetic stage presence and strong voice.
  •  In 1968, Aaron Eckhart was born, an American actor starring in the Company of Men, Possession, Nurse Betty, Erin Brockovich, and smoking. Through hypnosis, he quit drinking and smoking, turning to a more productive and healthy lifestyle.


  •  1881 – The debut of Andrew Watson (born on May 24th) as the first black international jock and captain.
  • 1894 – the primary time that cola is bottled and sold.
  • 1912 – the inspiration of the Girl Guides (renamed later to Girl Scouts of the USA).
  •  1918 – Russia gets a brand-new capital – Moscow, taking up Saint Petersburg’s role for 215 years.
  • 1994 – the Church of England ordains the primary female priests.
  •  2011 – The explosion of the Fukushima Daiichi atomic energy Plant reactor.

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