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March 17 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Pisces born on March 17, you are well known for your spirituality and passion. The inner workings of your mind are full of spiritual and philosophical questions, which explains why you may have spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning of life. Your spiritual side is closely tied to your intuition, and at times you allow it to be your guiding force. In all life matters you show great passion and intensity. If you feel that something is worth it, you will pursue it with great perseverance. Your passion is especially strong in relation to those who are dear to you. You are always ready to devote time and energy to your loved ones.

Water is the twin element of your sign, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only volatile relationship with this element. Your connection to water gives you many of the qualities of a flowing river, fluid and adaptable. The influence of water makes you an effective communicator, but it also allows you to be clear about feelings. As you dive into the depths of the seas of emotions, you gain understanding and compassion. Your strong connection with water will be one of your greatest strengths if you avoid the negative influences of water, including moodiness and overly emotional attitudes.

It is never easy to find a career of a lifetime, but fortunately your natural ability will create several opportunities for you to explore. Your quick wit and passion can lead you to intellectual pursuits such as higher education or research. Similarly, your communication skills make you a natural leader in areas such as business or management. Your sensitivity and spirituality can lead you to a career in self-expression, both poetically and musically, as was the case with Nat King Cole, who was also born on March 17th.



March 17

No weakness of physiology is tolerated with a row that mixes the Sun with Uranus, especially not when Jupiter magnifies their contact. Lots are predicted from people born on March 17th, and it’s in their nature to cross their limits and test their boundaries time after time. They’re going to push themselves too far only to explode and tear everything apart and repeat the method numerous times until they begin considering their senses and their emotional side. High awareness and intellectual strength don’t allow them to square in one place for too long, and as soon as they begin feeling engaged, they’ll unchain. Still, they have a solid basis within the material world to ground this freedom. In a very practical sense, this suggests primarily taking full responsibility for his or her body and health.


The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 17th of a year preceding a leap year: “Watching the Very Thin Moon Crescent Appearing at Sunset, Different People Realize that the Time has come to travel Ahead with their Different Projects” The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 17th of a bissextile year, and two years following it: “The full moon Illuminates a transparent Autumnal Sky.” There is incredible similarity within these two symbols in terms of the fallen Sun, for the start of autumn is connected to the sign of Libra, also as its setting on the amount of the homes. From a skinny Moon crescent up to the moon’s full phase, we see the complete cycle of emotional filling that ought to be presented within the purest sort of light.


While it’d sound cheesy, it’s quite obvious that the aim in the lives of Pisces representatives born on March 17th is love. Here, we aren’t speaking of affection that’s sensual and erotic, but of that deep, caring emotion that produces us smile and burst into tears. It is not a matter of physical satisfaction but non-verbal and non-physical interaction. They’re to search out their Soul and their emotional center to understand how to use the gifts they got to start with.


March 17

Although their planetary row doesn’t exactly speak of emotions, their Sun in Pisces does, especially when combined with the fact that each one of their digits combines into number 2 at the top, the quantity of the moon. Sensitive family matters will pull them forwards and define their sexual love. Whether or not they desire, they need to be jumped out of the system, which they’re too different from their parents to even be understood. They will fall smitten only to interrupt and choose partners that annoy them but make them feel passionate. It’s hard for them to accept a typical romance, and although they’re going to gladly write poems to the one they love, they will not like ending up during a rut of romance that never ends. They do not want someone to simply watch movies nightly, but someone to travel, paragliding with and embarking on an adventure that involves the mind.


People born on March 17th excel in things that people don’t even understand. Ranging from scientific topics and sophisticated technology, right to the Unity we all belong to by birthright, it’s impossible to determine where they’re going to find themselves as their life takes a turn for the better. Of course, they’re going to be excellent astrologers, programmers, designers, and engineers, but on the condition that they cut down enough to listen to the calling in their heart and from their child within.


Light yellow hiddenite could also be just the proper crystal for someone born on March 17th. It’s the crystal that may spark up gratitude and feelings of intimacy and love in the lives of those who use it, likewise as lift one’s mood and conveys the sense of spontaneity and joy. The healing energy of gratitude might assist in their thanks to starting believing in their abilities and becoming conscious of their individuality because it is the greatest asset they may ever have.


To choose a present for somebody born on the 17th of March, we’ve got to consider their current state of mind. Although they’re going to enjoy a candy box or a poem, they’re going to be swept off their feet with the voucher for bungee jumping or a visit to Vegas or another place where they will risk their savings or their lives. So anything from dice to their airplane is often an honest option, like literature on astrology or electronics, betting on their preferences.


Innovative, different, and prepared to shake things up and make this world a more robust place, they’re charitable, kind, always knowing that their biggest steps come from their greatest risks.


Restless, nervous, and angry, this is not someone involved with their primal family and emotions. Only if they embrace all things their heart needs to show, good or bad, will they begin accepting themselves enough to look for actual happiness.


  • In 1919, Nat King Cole was born an American singer, jazz pianist, and primarily African American to host a national television show. Unfortunately, his connection to the moon was tough, for he died of carcinoma aged 45.
  •  In 1964, Rob Lowe was born, an American actor who became an adolescent idol within the 1980s, starring within the Outsiders, Oxford Blues, and About Last Night. He’s also known for several sex scandals when recordings of his sex life became public and damaged his career.


  • 1805 – With Napoleon (born on August 15th) as president, the Republic of Italy became the dominion of Italy, making him King.
  • 1950 – The creation of element 98 was announced at Berkeley, and it’s named “californium.”
  • 1959 – The 14th Dalai Lama (born on July 6th) flees to India from Tibet.
  •  1968 – over 6,000 sheep are found dead thanks to agent testing in Skull Valley, Utah.

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