18/03 Birthday - Zodiac Information


03/18 Birthday - Zodiac Information

Date: March 18th

Colour: Tyrian Purple

In One Word: Powerful

Shape: Arrow

Strength: Initiative

Weakness: Loss of Focus

Most Compatible Sign: Capricorn

March 18th is one of those dates that do not pose for the tip or the edge rather standing close enough to the center only to prove a degree. There’s an odd power to it, though, for it puts all masculine entities to focus while the Sun remains in a very feminine sign of Pisces. This test of balance is supposed to show and provide aspiration to everything in the lives of those born on this date if they only stop concentrating on their emotions rather than rushing into new adventures day after day.


SUN – MARS – (Pluto) – JUPITER

Such powerful deities in just one planetary row. Speaking of imminent success in the lives of these born on March 18th, they evolve enough to form solid relationships along the way. They have their social circle to depend upon and to comprehend that they can’t, and should not, do everything alone. Although they need the energy to start something new and incredible, they must act in sync with their hearts and emotional core or not feel dissatisfied regardless of their success. As we start calculating, we seek out that the story behind the destructive energies during this first planetary row is the level of parental roles and pictures they obtained in babyhood. It’s not only the sunshine within they have to search out, but they also must find out how to spread it on their surroundings and spot their reactivity


“The full-of-the-moon Illuminates a transparent Autumnal Sky.” 

The exciting thing about these two Sabian symbols is that they’re both speaking of feminine solid energies connected to the Moon and Venus combined. Since the planetary row of March 18th is so specifically masculine, these symbols say of an apparent tendency to balance those entities with their equally strong counterparts. Although we won’t see it initially, this date is all about balance, especially since it brings the Sun to the degree of Venus’ exaltation.


The purpose in the lives of individuals born on March 18th seems to be hidden behind their opposing sides’ battle. In general, it’s imperative to work out the larger picture and find meaning in things that surround them, learning a way to shift their perspective and build enough distance to determine everything in this world as beautiful and valuable. They could spend the more significant part of their lives in delusion and dishonesty with themselves, only thanks to beliefs incorporated deep in their subconscious world by patterns they witnessed as children.


Emotions play a massive part within the world of all Pisces. Those born on March 18th tend to carry themselves with a lot more concern than is really required. They’re in search of love and become its preachers and missionaries, taking things into their own hands and showing affection without shame or holding back. They’re the conquerors among Pisces and folks who know what they require and what they have to try to induce it. Still, their heart remains their mystery, and that they rarely fully understand its ways. Although they embrace their emotions as this distant point they have to know and reach, they are not alert to them in the slightest degree of time and often attempt to do something quicker and more reckless than they’d if they were in sync with their heart. Their sexual love should be full of excitement, and sexuality plays a significant role in any bond they form. However, the sole thing of actual value to any relationship they form is within the sense of purpose it carries along.


A person born on March 18th excels in all kinds of sports and martial arts. They find this to be their romance during this lifetime. They’re going to show the initiative and qualities of a pacesetter, pushing forwards only to interrupt new records and bounds. This makes them excel altogether in activities that require extra energy, physical or mental. In time, they learn enough to become teachers with a cause and missionaries that are to include their life’s philosophy into the lives of those around them.


Celestobarite could be a crystal that mixes barium and strontium sulfates, giving it the precise colorful image that pleases the character of individuals born on March 18th. It’s a stone that will cleanse the abdominal nerve plexus chakra and help one find their grounding while at the same time soothing the powerful energies from their inner world as they begin to rise. It’s used for the very best good and balances the complete system of the person wearing it. This stone is additionally known to chop through all types of barriers, taking you beyond your safety realm and into new adventures in life.


A gift for someone born on March 18th is also anything from equipment to colorful candles they’re going to use. It’s excellent to seek ways to attach their inner Fire with the natural water element they belong to. Keep company with something they’re keen about and encourage them to pursue these feelings. If you do not know them that well, their ideal gift is some things to allow light.


Energetic, forceful, and willing to bravely jump into new things, they’re the innovators among Pisces and people. They are always ready to travel into battle for his or her strong beliefs.


Conflicted, out of balance, and selfish, they quickly forget the ways of their heart to achieve the right image they want to form.


  • In 1959 Luc Besson was born, a French director and screenwriter also referred to as the founding father of EuropaCorp. Because of his parent’s divorce, whom both remarried, he recalls his childhood role to that of “the bad souvenir of something that does not work.”
  •  In 1979 Adam Levine was born, an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, and lead singer for the pop dance orchestra Maroon 5. His parents also divorced, and he had to seek therapy due to it, saying it had been a waste of your time since he was okay with the divorce.
  • In 1989 Lily Collins was born, an English American actress and the daughter of the musician Phil Collins. Her parents also divorced when she was seven years old, and he or she went on to measure along with her mother in LA.


  • 1850 – The muse of the American Express by Henry Wells (born on December 12th) and William Fargo (born on May 20th)
  • 1874 – A treaty is signed between Hawaii and, therefore, the US, granting exclusive trade rights.
  • 1940 – The meeting of Nazi (born on April 20th) and Mussolini (held on July 29th) within the Alps during which they agreed to create an alliance against France and, therefore, the UK.
  • 1990 – The most critical art theft occurs in Boston, and $300 million worth of paintings is stolen from a museum in Boston.

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