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March 20 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Pisces born on March 20, you are well known for your passionate and experimental nature. When you feel that something is worth it, you don’t hesitate to devote time and effort to it. You bring the same intensity to all matters of life, which is especially true for loved ones. Your family and friends always appreciate your commitment to their well being. While many people stick with what is familiar, you love new experiences and situations. You think that almost everything is worth trying once.

The elemental pair of your sign is water, and of all the signs of the zodiac, only Pisces has a fluid relationship with the element. Like a flowing river, your personality is fluid and changeable. Your special connection to water makes you an excellent communicator, but it also takes you eastward into the depths of emotion. Through your experience, you gain understanding that materializes as compassion and emotional awareness. Embracing the positive qualities of water will be one of your greatest virtues if you avoid the negative influences of water, including bouts of moodiness.

While there are many factors that determine human perfection, you are fortunate to have natural abilities that provide many opportunities to explore. Your passion makes you a natural leader, which is ideal for a career in business, advertising, management, or administration. On the other hand, your compassion may lead you to a people-oriented career, such as teaching or counseling. If you take the time to develop your artistic vision, you could very well bring stories to the page or to the film, as was the case with Spike Lee, who was also born on March 20th.



Albeit this dance of the Moon with Pluto appears to be discouraging and dull, we can see that March 20th brings trust for the future that is to come after the progress of these two substances. Their unique story is an account and dualities, where one’s fall magnifies the other and the other way around. There is not much light in the existence of those born on this date. Yet, as they are liberated from profoundly established enthusiastic examples and roll out genuine improvements, they become real visionaries prepared to educate, develop, and fly.


March 20

The Sabian image for Pisces agents born on March 20th of a year going before a jump year:

“Light Breaking into Many Colors as it Passes through a Prism.”

Considering the planetary line that has a place with March 20th, we can see that the accentuation in the main Sabian image remains how light is going through issues to give countless tones. The following image carries the feeling of deference to the material domain. The kid begins to seem as though the stone, recounting an account of want and love bringing about genuine, grounded, and natural results. Both discuss appearance as it were, be it the impact feelings have on the issue or the impact matter has on the light of feelings.


The whole universe of dream and plausibility stows away in the existence of those born on March 20th and discusses their need to communicate their uniqueness as something extraordinary. They are to talk, compose, and sing until they show their center, share it with the world and track down the correct clan to relate to. Correspondence is how to end their difficulties and discover goals in enthusiastic comprehension of “the opposite side.” They are distinct couriers that contrast from customary men, brought to Earth to share something inconceivable with most humans.


March 20

Those born on March 20th convey elements in their enthusiastic world that will generally bind them in excessively cozy connections and beneficial interaction with relatives and others later on. Examples learned in their adolescence are solid. On the off chance that they were exposed to control, they could dismiss their character trying to impart a daily existence to somebody and keep their heart cared for by the affection they are moving or parting with. A delicate equilibrium essential in their enthusiastic world is seldom finished and made if they rehash what they have realized at home as small kids.

Development of the Soul is set up here. This makes it difficult for them to be lighthearted and impart unreservedly and transparently about their sentiments. With a need to conceal their dark side and put an accentuation on the brilliant one, they could protect themselves from closeness itself and neglect to open their heart for the correct individual standing before them. When they associate the most profound feelings with solid sexual articulation that doesn’t limit them in any capacity, they will realize that they are at last in good shape.


Everybody born on March 20th dominates in various sorts of investigation, brain science and the hypothesis that clarifies strange things and somewhere down in our oblivious world. They regularly become researchers and their quest for answers seldom finishes on a straightforward degree of interest or schooling. They need profundity and importance in anything they approach and consider. Their emotions are their best managing light towards progress and individual articulation.



To excuse themselves and the individuals who wounded them, those born on March 20th should have rhodonite in their gem assortment. It will trigger staggeringly profound empathy, comprehension and set them liberated from the dread of passionate interfacing. This precious stone can purge blockages in the heart chakra and their emotional world and give fantastic help during recovery from awful encounters. It will likewise help them remember covered up and failed to recognize gifts they haven’t known about and help them figure out how to utilize them.


To contact the core of anybody born on this date, you need to dive somewhere down in their enthusiastic world and see what they long for. This is quite possibly the most troublesome date regarding the decision of the ideal present, for they will, in general, keep their feelings removed from themselves, not to mention every other person. The perfect decision is to plan something to help them remember their adolescence, particularly on the off chance that you share something from an earlier time that can be placed in a fortune box and on their night table. Pick a photograph collection, a beginner film of companions talking about all that they love about them, or something that will associate the unoriginal picture with the feeling they convey inside.


Profoundly passionate, humane, and prepared to forfeit their heart for individuals they love. They are committed, energetic, and devoted to any individual that contacts their heart.


Envious and possessive, they regularly structure valuable connections that generally rule out developments without control or ways to liberate them.

  • In 1950 William Hurt was born, an American entertainer and Academy Award champ known for his roles in Kiss of the Spider Woman, Children of a Lesser God, and Into the Wild. Before joining the Juilliard School, he contemplated religious philosophy.
  • In 1957 Spike Lee was born, an American entertainer, chief, and screenwriter that coordinated well-known motion pictures like 25th Hour, Inside Man, and Malcolm X. He is known for his very strict “high contrast” dualism found in motion pictures that look at race relations and colorism in the African American population.
  • In 1958 Holly Hunter was born, an American entertainer who got various prizes for her role of Ada McGrath in The Piano. Her intense role play is the best way to understand how her planetary row manifested through art.


  • 1861 – Mendoza, Argentina, is obliterated by seismic tremors.
  • 1888 – The primary Romani language operetta debuts in Moscow.
  • 1915 – General hypothesis of relativity is distributed by Albert Einstein (born on March 14th).
  • 1922 – The principal US Navy plane carrying a warship is appointed.
  • 1956 – Tunisia gets autonomy from France.
  • 2015 – A Solar obscuration, equinox, and a Supermoon all happen around the same time.

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