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March 7 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Pisces born on March 7, your personality is defined by your sensitivity, intuition, and selfless nature. In all life matters you show great sensitivity. While others struggle with their emotions, you may have noticed a psychic intuition about what others are thinking or feeling. Instead of using your receptivity to your advantage, you show a desire to help others. Your friends and family will be the first to admit that you are truly selfless when it comes to helping others. You would really do anything for anyone, whether they were close friends or acquaintances.

The elemental pair of your sign is water, and of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the only mutable connection with this element. Your special connection to water allows your personality and communication to take on the fluid and adaptive qualities of a free-flowing river. Besides the gift of effective communication, the influence of water also makes you feel at ease in the deep ocean of emotions. Continued acceptance of the influence of water will allow your compassion and emotional understanding to grow, but be mindful of moodiness, as this is one of the negative influences of water.

The task of choosing a career is always difficult, but fortunately your natural ability will open up many opportunities for you to explore. Your ability to communicate and understand will be a welcome addition to areas such as business, public relations or the media. On the other hand, your intellectual interests may lead you into academia or research, like Luther Burbank, who was also born on March 7th.


(Pluto) – URANUS – (Pluto) – JUPITER

Uranus and Jupiter together always speak of the voice of Heaven, or whatever our perception of the globe beyond our own maybe. They say of the Universal truth, a mission to become enlightened and evolve, cross our boundaries and limitations and go to something new, exciting, surprising, and out of the blue. This may speak of great friendships, an inclination to provide without constraint, and therefore the stressful pull of disappointment that may come when an individual is accustomed to the “real world” and folks in it. When we combine the digits involved during this date, we realize that the change of personality and a deep sense of power must be established within one’s core to grasp what they require out of life. True creativity hides in change within the flow of things that constantly reshape them for better or worse. They might need to handle several significant losses to start out realizing what they value and respect the foremost.


The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 7th of an intercalary year, and two years following it: “An Easter Parade.” To truly connect these two symbols, we’d like to determine and sense the color they both carry within. Although they appear quite different within the manifestation of beauty, they’re off course, two colorful glimpses of inspiration, one in all them on the within and the other shared with the planet. The overall feel leads us to acknowledge that there are two different ways that the colorful personality of these born on March 7th will express. Still, the essence is there in every case, and that they have something to measure with a magical, colorful glow.


The purpose in the lives of these born on March 7th is to seek out their core, their center, and their true Self. They’re warm, creative, and passionate individuals who may be sleeping for most of the time of their lives, only to get what they were born to try to go as they become old. Their truth should guide them towards success, fame, leading positions, or love, which can happen once they learn to depend upon their judgment rather than giving it away to the collective flow. In look for their power and their light within, they may wander away persistently, but with enough faith, they must pull through and reach their point of clarity.


March 7

In constant need of freedom and their distance to metabolize things in life, people born on March 7th tend to finish and break relationships more often than they’d want to. While a number of them might sink into the peaceful flow of their one true love, they’re predestined to alter and want someone strong enough to follow. Stagnation isn’t something they’ll ever be comfortable with, and that they must always choose a partner that’s adventurous and versatile enough to mix with their way of life. The language of affection itself is accented within the lifetime of every single Pisces representative. Still, those born on this date know that it hides in excitement and, therefore, the way the butterflies take over their life and into a new direction. Every move they create in their romantic world will greatly affect all other areas of life and considerably shift their perspective. For as long as they stay open, they ought to get and provide barely enough to keep their lives fulfilled and colorful enough. To calm down, they need to find a decent friend and deeply understand their complex personality.


A person born on March 7th has the power to determine one step further than everyone else. They’re innovative and different with workplace solutions where things have gotten stale and didn’t change for way too long. They’re here to swing things up. This may transcend them in architecture or engineering, programming, astrology, or anything that comes with new knowledge into existing functioning systems.


March 7

Satyaloka Quartz is often an excellent stone for those born on March 7th because it helps them feel the connection they need with the upper realms. It aids their faith and makes their personality shine in an exceedingly brighter light, giving them the chance to prevent resisting the flow and open up for the guidance they get each day. It’s considered a tool of spiritual enlightenment and brings clarity into the lives of those who use it, bringing them one step closer to their better, higher selves.


A birthday present for someone born on March 7th should be something out of the standard and something they don’t expect. They’ll enjoy the element of surprise far more than any actual gift, and this can be something one should confine mind when wondering about any occasion in their life. They’ll prefer fireworks over the perfume and prefer it more of a surprise party is held within the strangest place they might imagine. If you are not that near them, choose something out of the standard, with modern, different shapes, or a chunk of technology they do not possess, but they may use to play with for ages.


Fun, different, surprising, and exciting, they will never be boring or too demanding. They furnish freedom and enkindle the identical reciprocally; understanding flexibility is the dominant part of any friendship or social bond.


Distant and strange, outsiders without much contact with the important world may sleep for the most important part of their life, doing ordinary things in places and situations within which they do not belong, afraid to come back out.


  • In 1964 Wanda Sykes was born, an American actress and screenwriter, known for writing on The Chris Rock Show for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award, and her roles in Evan Almighty and The License to Wed. Her family’s history has been said to be “the only such case where it is possible to trace a black family rooted in freedom from the late 17th century”.
  • In 1970 Rachel Weisz was born, an English American actress most famous for her roles in The Mummy, About a Boy, and her award-winning supporting role in The Constant Gardener. When she was only 14 years old, she turned down an offer to star in King David with Richard Gere.
  • In 1971 Peter Sarsgaard was born, an American actor who appeared in movies Another Day in Paradise, Desert Blue, The Man in the Iron Mask, and Shattered Glass. He stated that “to abandon curiosity in all personalities, good or bad, is to give up hope in humanity.”


  • 321 – The decree in which it is established that the dies Solis Invicti (Sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire.
  • 1573 – The signing of a peace treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice.
  • 1876 – The patent for the telephone is granted.
  • 1900 – Wireless signals are sent from ship to shore for the first time by the German liner SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.
  • 1986 – After the Challenger disaster, the crew cabin is discovered on the ocean floor.
  • 1989 – Iran and the UK break diplomatic relationships.

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