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November 22 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Since you are a Sagittarius born on November 22nd, your best known qualities include sensitivity, willpower, and a caring nature. You always care about your friends and family, which explains why you are so attuned to their needs. These qualities are highly valued by your loved ones, who have repeatedly witnessed your willingness to sacrifice for their happiness. In all areas of life you show the same devotion. You will work tirelessly towards a goal that you think is worthwhile.

Fire is the twin element of your sign, and as Sagittarius you are the only zodiac sign that has a fixed relationship with this element. The influence of fire allows you to feel comfortable in deep reservoirs of emotion. Embracing the qualities of fire will allow you to learn from experience and develop compassion. However, fire does not happen without negative influences; excessive indulgence in emotions can lead to moodiness or instability.

While choosing a career is one of life’s biggest challenges, you can take solace in the fact that your natural abilities are well suited to many career paths. Your people skills and enthusiasm can set you on the path to business, advertising, public relations, or the media. Similarly, your commitment to helping others may lead you to a career in law or politics. If your creative leanings are too strong, a career in entertainment can be rewarding, like Scarlett Johansson and Jamie Lee Curtis, who share your birthday on November 22nd.



November 22nd Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

With lights are in a particularly adjusted manner, those brought into the world on November 22nd have tasks to deal with which can be tackled easily. By their childhood and parental figures in adolescence, they become unimaginably confident with their emotional thoughts to process with others or close their hearts until they’re healed. Joyful and never yield on their childlike nature, they strive to measure a healthy life and distance themselves from people who remove an excessive amount of their energy. Moving with the flow, they’re typically turned to humor and sarcasm, making fun even of the main difficult events they come upon. Their strength is found in their sarcastic views and their clear and open yet tender approach to others.


The Sabian symbol for Scorpio representatives born on November 22nd:

“Children in Halloween Costumes from Various Pranks”

This symbol serves their nature well. Although it would be risky to follow their childhood energies and seemingly immature choices, they’ll truly get the foremost out of life while in positive activities that help them enjoy life even when it’s hard or dark times in life. The essence of masking their appearance speaks of their defense mechanisms that are often misunderstood, and opinions of others shouldn’t substitute them. They keep protecting their hearts from unnecessary pain so that they can freely enjoy things that make them happy. It is often also a symbol that something vulnerable, loving, and fun has to be masked to suit the horror of the world, but such actions should be stuffed with awareness and have their time of day rather than transferring on their entire lifespan.


Venus is the helping ray of light within the lives of these born on November 22nd, speaking of affection and partnerships they seek, but mostly observing their need for balance. They shouldn’t admire others. Even after they do, they’re meant to be ok with it, but they should find them within; instead of turning to envy or feelings of lesser value, they’re at risk of referring to strong and accomplished individuals. Once they realize that there’s nothing wrong with them for being different and standing out, they’ll find it easy to enjoy life on Earth with all its pleasures and colors.


Seeking love and constantly finding new ways to relate, individuals born on November 22nd are invested in their relationships with others in an exceedingly deep and private manner. Even when their coping mechanisms and defenses aren’t as healthy as they might need them to be, they’re going to open their heart to those they love without restraint. They have an inner compass and believe all sensations and delicate emotions that arise along the way so that they can follow their sensations with pure faith in themselves rather than simply rushing through patterns established by their ancestors.

Once they see the clarity of emotional interaction they need, to realize that they’re going to look for somebody who makes them laugh rather than holding on to heartbreaking love stories. Their talent to search out the balance will slowly lead them out of misfortunes of relating and into the sunshine, committed contacts they deserve. They fit with a partner who shares their sense of humor, understands quirks that make them unique, and provides their authentic personality color.


People born on November 22nd are highly alert to their surroundings and relationships and work best within a team where responsibilities are fairly shared and established. They’re going to show remarkable success in HR, human sciences, and psychology. Also, all of the areas that need teamwork, guidance for several different areas of experience, and can be directors who mend organizations and frameworks troubled by struggle and issues.


November 22nd Zodiac Sign (Scorpio)

Anyolite stone, also recognized as ruby in zoisite, may be a wonderful stone for somebody born on November 22nd. It helps them make a healthy connection between their brains and hearts and their initiative and life choices by taking note of their inner guidance in peace. It’s a colorful crystal that helps them find a balance between opposing energies they carry within aids to physical healing and stimulates positive feelings by reminding them that circumstances in life are often easy and flowing with time rather than pushing them around and becoming repressive as negative emotions get in the way.


Depending on their interests and desires in life, those born on November 22nd might surprise you with their distant reaction to typical presents like perfumes, picture frames, and books. They require something creative, artistic, musical, and funny, and it’s better to draw a cartoon in childish ways and frame it and lead with any “safe choice” that one would consider appropriate for anyone. They want a home feeling and wish cozy stuff for their room and their apartment, a wardrobe that makes them feel beautiful, and sheets for their bed that are soft, in colors that are alive and joyful.


Bringing spring to where winter has come, they’re light bearers with a mission to form others and themselves happy. A small amount of childish, humorous, and fun tie-up with an open, pure heart and provides love selflessly.


Out of balance, going into extremes between love and hate until they find the right motivation from negative circumstances, they may be tough to follow and resist the flow of life that’s natural, fighting circumstances and folks rather than turning to inner dialogues that will bring them peace.


  • In 1958, Jamie Lee Curtis was born, an American actress, activist, and author, known for her roles in Trading Places, Fish Called Wanda, and others except for her acting career, working with illustrator Laura Cornell, she has written a variety of children’s books.
  • In 1967, Mark Ruffalo was born, an American actor and activist, who starred in Shutter Island; The Kids Are All Right and Begin Again. Even though he battled with undiscovered dyslexia, he portrays himself as a “cheerful child.”
  • In 1984, Scarlett Johansson was recognized, an American entertainer in Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Knowing she wanted to be an actress while still a toddler, she practiced acting by observing herself within the mirror until she made herself cry. Considered a “sex symbol” of Hollywood, she lost the lead role within the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because the filmmaker thought she was “too sexy” for the part.


  • 1908 – Establishing of the Albanian letters set by the Congress of Manastir.
  • 1928 – The famous original composition of Ravel (born on March 7th), Boléro, premieres.
  • 1935 – The primary commercial transpacific air service is inaugurated.
  • 1954 – Establishment of the Humane Society of the U. S.
  • 1963 – The assassination of John F. Kennedy (born on May 29th).
  • 1995 – The discharge of the primary feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery, Toy Story.

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