Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Color: Blue

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aries

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21

Date range: November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius zodiac sign is an active (male) sign and it shows in the symbol. He, being a strategist or a simple performer, always retains his activity, up to restlessness. In addition, its representatives will easily decide to commit an insane act only because of the fearlessness with which they were born.

The liveliness of Sagittarians has one weak side, namely: they can only do one thing, however, they concentrate on it completely. Sagittarians do not strive to solve several problems at once, and they will not be able to. It should be noted that this sign acts excessively impulsively, without even having time to properly consider the act and estimate the consequences that can be expected at the end.

In addition, Sagittarius needs to be confident in what he is doing. Representatives of the sign do not take into account generally accepted standards or perspectives that promise success, preferring their own ideas and inclinations, which are fickle, because Sagittarius make decisions spontaneously and often change their chosen point of view to the complete opposite.

This sign is cautious, but not cowardly. It is Sagittarius who often choose dangerous professions for themselves and go in for extreme sports. They have a penchant for avoiding risky situations and injuries.

Sagittarians never want to be bored, for this reason, they have no fear of changing their lives. They would do this quite often, but dreams of justice in the world and their own happy future constantly distract them.

Sagittarians Can Be the Cutest People Until You Make Them Angry

Sagittarians during the entire life cycle are distinguished by the activity of not only the body but also the mind. They are almost always in high spirits and developed harmoniously. For them, valuable qualities are freedom, ease and openness. Representatives of this sign perceive any restrictions with a certain degree of aggression.
Sagittarians are sincere and kind-hearted. These qualities are balanced by their excessive impulsiveness. In addition, the sign easily goes to extremes, acquiring enemies for itself by an unsuccessful struggle for the truth or by excessive frankness. Sagittarians in most cases protect other people’s rights rather than their own. They are constantly responsible for others and bother them with their endless care.

Sagittarius are of two types - they are generous idealists who intend to make everyone happy, and cunning financiers who are eager to gain power at any cost. The latter look in the eyes of people as snobs and flatterers, but their opinion does not bother them at all.

Sagittarius Can Tell You Things So Directly That You Won’t Know if You Should Be Upset or Love Their Honesty

Sagittarians are convinced that they are impeccable, therefore they do not even react to objective criticism, and they do not accept useful advice and are rude. However, those who do not influence their behaviour are treated in the nicest way. They will always find a compliment for the interlocutor, a joke, a minute for chatting and even a vest to cry into it.

Male Sagittarians are usually talkative, and their rebellious spirit gives them eternal teenagers who are frankly rude, hooligans and fight. The big plus is that Sagittarians always win these fights. At the end of the battle, they are ready to spend a lot of money to return the defeated enemy to a calm state. The male Sagittarius is distinguished by the great generosity of his nature.

Sagittarius zodiac sign women are one of the best mothers, distinguished by their ability to sacrifice for the good of the family and nobility. They never apply punishment to children without a good reason, are faithful to their husbands and do not mislead loved ones. What they don’t like is doing housework. They may desperately try to create cosiness in the house, but the result will not please them. Nevertheless, they calmly relate to their shortcomings due to unchanging optimism.

Sagittarius Traits

sagittarius zodiac

  • Qualities: Generous, optimistic, extraordinary funny bone
  • Shortcomings: Tend to promise more than they can deliver, anxious, likely to have lesser control over their tongue and occasionally blurt out something regardless of how undiplomatic
  • Sagittarius likes Freedom, travel, theory, and being outside.
  • Sagittarius dislikes Clingy individuals, being compelled, odd hypotheses, and subtleties.

Curious and enthusiastic, Sagittarius are the voyagers of the zodiac. The receptive outlook and the philosophical approach to life have inspired them to meander throughout the planet, looking for the significance of life. Sagittarius is an outgoing person, consistently idealistic, loaded with energy, and prepared for changes. This is indicative of people who are regularly engrossed with their minds at work. Yet, when they discover an establishment, they show their capacity to change dreams and musings into substantial activities and conditions.

A Fire sign, Sagittarius is looking for approaches to innovatively paint the world with their unique perspectives. They have a clear understanding of their goals and are legitimate by upright objectives. Sometimes they are so genuine that they appear crazy, totally neglecting some important considerations and feelings of others. They must figure out how to state their viewpoints in an open-minded and socially worthy manner.

Sagittarius is controlled by the giant planet Jupiter, the best helpful astrological goliath. Their excitement has no limits, and these individuals have an incredible awareness of what’s funny, joined by exceptional interest. Needing supreme opportunity, their bold soul takes them from one apocalypse to the next, investigating different societies and methods of reasoning.

Sagittarius is a healer who is misunderstood. Guided by centaurs and the life events of Chiron, Sagittarius is indicative of education and healing, consistently prepared to oblige a companion and help other people mend something or another. Sagittarians are supporters who are seldom completely acknowledged by commoners. They always looking for significant stretches where they may track down a home. Torment is regularly taken cover behind their grin, and they would happily give all that they need to others to carry on with their lives liberated from it. Favoured by numerous unimaginable things, they are looking for something or another to make them feel complete.

Element of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius is the third fire sign. Its flame is strong and stable, and from a sharp wind, it flares up with even greater force, and becomes brighter, at the same time it does not throw sparks around itself and does not affect a large area.

Like all representatives of Fire, Sagittarians love adventure, but do not rush into them like Aries and do not dream, instead of acting like Leo.

Of the entire fiery trine, Sagittarius is in the most advantageous position, possessing fairly strong fire, but at the same time easily giving in to control. Sagittarians are not consumed by the flame of their passions, like Aries, but at the same time, they do not try to contemplate inactively, being content with this action, like Lions. The fire of this sign is even and bright, it gives the required energy in order to move forward.

The Love and Sex Life of a Sagittarius

Sagittarius have a tendency to commit important acts, completely without considering them in advance, which invariably affects their family life. They enter into a marriage union at an early age, not paying any attention to the advice of others, and after being disappointed, they do not break for a long time, fettering the bonds hand and foot. The fact is that the representatives of this sign are proud and prefer to torture themselves and their partner, rather than admit to making a mistake. Sagittarians generally tend to praise the hearth, even when its fire is almost extinguished.

Both women and men born under this fiery sign do not set themselves the main goal of marriage. For complete happiness, they need freedom, for this reason, their chosen ones should not even try to take possession of the other half completely and completely. People of this sign in their partner want to see a smart and erudite person, and not just passionate and attractive.

The family life of the Sagittarius zodiac sign is full of ups and downs. Thus, after the period of scandals due to their angry outbursts and excessive eccentricity, there are periods of passion and romance. Representatives of the sign do not know how to correct the mistakes that they have made, but they gradually learn to at least just ask for forgiveness for what they have done. Sagittarius is not the pickiest person, but if he is going to spend time with you, then he is damn sure that it will not be in vain.

Sagittarians will not refuse to command their other half, but they will not tolerate such an attitude towards themselves. Direct critical statements can seriously offend them, and if Sagittarians are in a bad mood, they will make any nonsense a global problem and bring the situation to a break in relations.

In a marriage, Sagittarians look quick-tempered and unpredictable, because they are used to not showing their loved ones their feelings and weaknesses, and they give vent to feelings only when it becomes impossible to correct mistakes.

The relationship between the two Sagittarians will be interesting, successful, and filled with wanderings and adventures. A good match for Sagittarius will be Aries, who will soften his assertiveness and selfishness and understand his rebellious soul.

Sagittarius will be able to pick up the key to the heart of Leo full of vanity, charging him with a thirst for life and indefatigable energy.

But with Pisces, it is unlikely that something will work out. The fact is that the ardour of the representatives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign can scare away the sensitive and vulnerable Pisces.

For the first time, Sagittarians fall in love as early as childhood, and then they always continue to instantly give themselves entirely and completely to each novel. Sagittarians, being tireless romantics, know how to easily charm, but at the same time are fickle. From the outside, it seems that they are simply collecting a collection of their love victories, but this opinion is far from reality - Sagittarius falls in love sincerely and is very worried after parting with another partner.

The Fire of Sagittarius Can Warm Your Soul, Ignite Passion, or Set Fire to Everything in Its Path

Sagittarians should not be blamed for their flightiness, as they are simply too active. If Sagittarius can get a partner who is able to undergo changes with him, and even better, follow a step ahead of him, then such a romance predicts to be long and passionate.

True, in order to achieve this, you will have to work hard. Sagittarians tend to get fresh erotic experiences by changing their partners rather than working on a relationship with someone they’ve already charmed.

Sagittarians always have a lot of sexual partners. The point here is also the fact that they are lucky in love. In addition, they fear the manifestation of a possessive instinct in the future and often limit communication with the object of love to only one sex. The same reason leads to the fact that Sagittarians keep in touch with a non-free person for a long time since this does not limit their freedom.

Sagittarians are afraid of boredom, and sexual life, but they themselves do not offer to try something new, accepting the ideas of a partner with particular enthusiasm. They hone their skills without any problems and openly share what they already know with a completely different person.

Those who have their Sun in Sagittarius are perky and amusing. They will appreciate having their connections fun and lighthearted. They look for partners with liberal qualities that are similar to their own and suit their enthusiastic, expressive nature. Continuously in the mindset to evaluate something that is new as well as refreshing, they struggle to perceive the line between kinships and love, just as affection and sexual connections. The similarity that Sagittarius shares with other signs rely upon the change and variety their partners will allow into the relationship.

Sagittarians don’t like bland relationships. They feel utterly bored in a relationship that is dull, bland, and boring. Those who come under this sign like excitement, exploring new things, and energetic activities. They are attracted to partners from diverse backgrounds, those who are different from themselves and the people who are a part of their social circle.

Sagittarius is a fire sign so their emotions tend to be fiery and zesty. It goes without saying that for a relationship to work with someone from Sagittarius, their partner has to match that energy and stay tuned into that range consistently. Those belonging to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius zodiac signs, are also fire signs and pair well with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius agents need their partners scholarly, animating the entirety of their faculties, sufficiently delicate while simultaneously concrete and definite about their feelings and decisions. They have the capacity to regard nearly anybody as good, continually hoping that something good emerges from individuals that come into their life. This is an indication of both - conviction and dissatisfaction - and isn’t generally in a state of harmony with the most joyful of romantic tales. Suppose a Sagittarius depends too solidly on their psychological strength, excusing delicacy and feeling. In that case, they could wind up in a progression of inane flings with partners who don’t even make their hearts leap.

The Friends and Family of Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac

Companions - This is quite possibly the best and most fun indication across the zodiac signs, mainstream among companions, and developing social associations that are far and wide. They appreciate the variety that life and culture have to offer. They like to encircle themselves with individuals who are different from them and make companions with people across the globe. Liberal and kind, however long they hold their life methods of reasoning in line and figure out how to snicker, everybody ought to be adequately fortunate for their companion.

Family – People of this sign who show signs of inconsistency and are always on the move, now and again appear to show an absence of interest in the issue of the family. Their perspectives are broad, and their arrangement of convictions considerably more extensive, and the vast majority of these people will consider them to be their home. Notwithstanding, their ruler lifts in the indication of the Cancer zodiac sign, the family movement. Indeed, they are fiercely upheld by conditions applicable at home and get an opportunity to bloom through private associations, parenthood, and discovering affection and pardoning for each individual in their genealogical record.

Career and Money in the Life of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarians’ career paths are usually bumpy and seem to be at odds with their personality. They can focus on one thing for a long period of time, and do this business, but they are never limited to only one speciality, each time starting life from scratch. Concentration and hard work help this sign in achieving success, regardless of the undertaking, however, the closer Sagittarius approaches the top, the more he is drawn to something unknown and new.

Sagittarians Are Intuitive. They See Opportunities and Take Risks!

For fearless and active Sagittarius, risky professions are most suitable, which include: rescuers, soldiers, divers, policemen, military journalists, pilots and firefighters. People of this sign clearly follow their choice, if no one interferes with them.

Most Sagittarians love music, which is why they make good composers, instrument makers, and performers.

Sagittarius is a gambling sign. If they fail to find their place in the business environment, they become regular casino visitors or work on the stock exchange. Only here in gambling do they fail to win, and the easily received money they instantly end in some strange way.

If Sagittarians sit idle for a while, they begin to suffer. It is for this reason that they need work like air, but sometimes it makes them sacrifice the interests of the family and free time.

When Sagittarius imagines something to them, they get apparent concentration and do all in their power to make their dreams come true. This concentration frequently gets diminished and diverted. This is one of the tremendous challenges they continue to face until their efforts either hit or miss their objective. They appreciate a unique work environment and cooperation. They are recognized as those who lift others up when others are feeling worn out or feeling low. The occupations that work best for them are those of a travel planner, photographic artist, scientist, representative, and self-employment that gives them sufficient space to manage their own time.

Money can undoubtedly turn into a hazardous area for every Sagittarius, essentially because overspending turns into their lifestyle if they are freely allowed to explore their desires. Their viewpoint is excellent, and with mindfulness, there is such a vast amount to see, have, contact with, and smell in this world, they feel it would be a disgrace to burn through any time pausing, saving, or cautiously arranging their accounts. They will face challenges they don’t need to take, in some cases wearing pink goggles and winding up baffled, yet in every case profoundly accepting that the Universe will furnish them with all they require.

Here’s How You Can Attract a Sagittarius Man

Men born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are carefree individuals and unceasing explorers, inspired by religion, reasoning, and the significance of all little things that constitute whole life. Sagittarian men who have their Sun in this sign love undertakings and consider life a cradle of unlimited potential outcomes. He needs to investigate all of them to figure out which ones are true and will work the best before making an informed decision. A Sagittarius zodiac sign man is straightforward, bold, hopeful, and fretful, meandered in the ongoing quest for his new objective. To win his heart, one needs to be a part of his mission, appreciate his intelligence and regard his sentiments.

The drawback, this man can be imprudent, restless, thoughtless, and shallow. Needing extreme opportunity, he won’t endure tenacious partners, those who are unable to find strength suitable for freedom and drive. To win the heart of a Saggitarius man, a woman needs to learn well when to hang on and give up. He is a sensible mastermind and an excited audience, someone keen on listening cautiously to all you need to express before handling information and reaching his own decisions.

Here’s How You Can Attract a Sagittarius Woman

Women born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are wild, free, fun, well-disposed, and active. They appreciate communicating their thoughts on all everyday issues, resolved to make every moment count. Dynamic, curious, and refreshing, this is a genuine lady who consistently expresses her honest thoughts. She esteems opportunity and freedom and discovers satisfaction in locations that are spacious, particularly when coloured by experiences or significant discussions. Dating this lady requires a receptive outlook and a daring soul.

When a Sagittarius zodiac sign woman becomes hopelessly enamoured, she tends to focus every last bit of her emphasis on her lover and effectively disregards different aspects of herself. Although she’s autonomous and sure enough to recollect how various significant parts are composed, she appreciates the unconstrained draw of feeling consuming her bosom and brain now and again. A Sagittarius lady is open for affection and, for the most part, has different love illicit relationships all throughout her life, and she won’t agree to a relationship which just makes her feel glad or diminishes in motivation over the long haul. She considers life to be one significant experience and anticipates that her partner should make her giggle and accompany her in her movements.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Health

Sagittarius, for the most part, are practically not painful. The main enemies of this sign are cold and humidity. Sagittarians often suffer from colds, and the matter is not limited to just a cough and runny nose - the infection descends lower, turning into serious diseases of the throat and lungs. It is most difficult for those who smoke, since they, indulging their weaknesses, do it even when they are sick.

Sagittarians suffer from rheumatism, which occurs because they do not dress according to the weather and at this time they are in the fresh air for a long time. It is also hard for those who are engaged in sedentary work - they complain of pain in the back and shoulders.

I Am a Sagittarius and I Am Skeptical

In general, in order to keep their body in a healthy state, Sagittarians need the help of a reasonable and calm person who will look after them and tame their energy. Sagittarians are restless, and this is reflected in their peace of mind - in old age, they become regulars in the neurological department.

Quite often, Sagittarians are faced with accidents that have consequences that affect their health for a long time. This sign never loses optimism, which helps to maintain fortitude, even during serious illnesses.

Usually, Sagittarius zodiac signs by nature do not have very good skin, and most of them suffer from various dermatological diseases.

Sagittarius Culinary Preferences

Sagittarians are advised to eat in moderation, but try to make their diet more varied. In another case, they lean on spicy and fatty foods, completely forgetting about fruits and vegetables, and displacing tea and juice with alcohol, which they should not drink at all.

Sagittarians are advised to be careful with seafood, as Japanese cuisine can provoke a gag reflex in them and cause nausea. It is better to include fish on the menu in a baked or boiled form without the use of seasonings with sharp taste characteristics and fatty sauces.

It will be useful to include tomatoes, beans, carrots and cauliflower in your daily diet.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Child

Young representatives of the sign of Sagittarius are usually sweet and charming children, surrounded by attention, and easily acquiring new comrades, as well as having a large number of patrons among adults. It’s easy to get along with them. They are open to the world from an early age. Sagittarius children speak absolutely without thinking about what they said, and those around them understand that the truth speaks through the mouth of a baby. If adult Sagittarians do this, they are considered not delicate and tactless enough.

Sagittarians are demanding of adults and of themselves. Such children will not stand and silently listen to reproaches regarding negligence and laziness on their part, especially from those people who themselves cannot show off accuracy and diligence. Such kids will not climb into their pocket for a word - as soon as they start talking, quite sharp comments begin to break from their lips.

It is difficult to achieve the location of the Sagittarius child and even more so to keep it. To do this, you need to have extraordinary abilities and an outstanding mind, in addition, to be self-critical, and fair, be able to admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness for what you have done.

If You Can’t Handle the Truth, Don’t Ask a Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Person to Be Honest

Sagittarius are inquisitive, but this only hinders their achievements in school. The endless questions lead teachers to a dead end, and the desire for experimentation can lead to a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, the main problem is that Sagittarius cannot keep new information in his head for a long time. He will remember only information that will help to find data or ask someone an exciting question.

Sagittarians negatively perceive restrictions on freedom. Parents will not be able to keep a child at home if he needs to go for a walk, make him read the necessary books, and also decide what to wear for him. However, you should not assume that Sagittarius will not take into account advice and comments - he will analyze them, and then draw his own conclusions.

Viable signs Sagittarius should consider: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius


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