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The sexual relationship between a Virgo and a Libra doesn’t seem quite significant. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, which counts highly on their brains and rationality while drawing Venus to its fall. Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus and remains far from Virgo’s timidness practicality when it comes to the question of sex. They will probably go mad with each other, one being compellingly trying to keep the things clean and shiny from outside and the other being hard in their search for deep and pure love and a partner they can speak to about their feelings.

Most often, they are not even interested in each other primarily, and when they start a sexual relationship, they have to face the difficulty of speed. Virgo will want to move slowly and steadily, and even though their quality of adjusting to rapid changes makes them pretty adaptable, it is often not enough to reach Libra’s speed. They might find their space when Libra evokes deification of Saturn and slows down.

If they find their ideal timing, both companions might still end up discontent. Virgo was expecting a fairy story experience seeing their partner Libra’s persona. Instead, they may start finding wrongs in Libra’s approach. Libra’s pride doesn’t tolerate that much criticism, and they will probably see Virgo as less interesting, complex, and unaware of any emotional connection they wanted to make. For this sexual relationship to flourish, they are required to work on their emotional connection, the emotional vibes they are giving and taking from each other. Only then will they be able to complete each other truly.


The great thing is that Libra exalts from Saturn, which makes them honest and fair-minded. On the contrary, there is much rigidity between them, for they don’t understand each other’s fundamental natures. This is not so much an impression of confidence. It is pretty tricky to make the humble, reserved, and inward Virgo understand that their Libra partner wants to have everything out and aloud. On the contrary, Libra might misunderstand their partner Virgo’s hesitation and shyness to open up easily, so they are hiding some things; they have some deep and dark secrets buried in their hearts.


When it comes to taking responsibilities and duties in life, the two astrological signs Virgo and Libra, will be a great match. It could be wonderful if they get the chance to make important decisions in their life like house or profession together. If the two are in the same method, it would be excellent to learn and grow together in their fields. Moreover, they can also have fresh perspectives and views to share and help each other workwise. For both, the sign individuals have a lot of sharpness and logic.

So, where is essentially the problem? Well, the foundation of their relationship is mental power. So, sometimes they may not connect well emotionally, and to say, if one of the partners is going through a low phase of his or her life and he or she needs support, care, and love, so the other partner might not be able to give this in return. Why? Because they are mentally powerful in their relationship, but this might not be so spiritually or emotionally.


Their emotional relation depends much upon their communication pattern. It is more crucial because no other couple is exposed to getting separated on the “grounds of emotional connect” than these two, Virgo and Libra. The two main then, in extreme cases, break up.

Virgo is a sign where Venus falls, and this is the ruler of Libra and a planet that, side by side with the Moon, represents our emotions. The strong emotions that Libra carries seem to get lost when their Virgo partner comes by. Libra will try to be the person they are not. They will try to be exceedingly rational and vocal. As time passes, they may encounter themselves in a difficult position, where their emotions will erupt abruptly from their hearts one day. So, the key here is being true to yourself and mentally and emotionally being stronger, and both signs will learn these in their relationship.


This duo will value and regard almost similar things until they find out that it is partially true. It is an unusual case that comes between them. The stuff they felt similar words for at the beginning of their relationship might be different in the course of their relationship. They might not then share a similar taste for them later. It is pretty absurd.


Virgo can effortlessly adjust to situations. Likewise, they can easily change themselves. Libra is sensitive and considerate towards their partner; they don’t like them ever feeling bad for their decisions or choices in life. The two astrological signs enjoy doing plenty of activities together. Even their pace won’t be a problem as Virgo is quicker than other Earth signs, while Libra’s dubiety makes them a bit slow. It can be managed somehow.


Virgo and Libra can form a pleasurable, content, and intelligent bond. As far as the two show acceptance and approval to each other’s feelings. Generally, this relationship can go well, and the two partners can keep pace with each other, do many activities, and indulge themselves in incredible, desirable sex life. However, the two have to work on the emotional front of their relationship. They have to build themselves strongly as individuals and should keep their ego issues at bay. Virgo might take up the roles, duties, and decisions on behalf of Libra due to their indecisiveness. It is a deeper problem and should not be neglected as this may develop a lack of confidence and inferiority complex in Libra and a lack of regard for their partner. If this issue is not dealt with timely, this may take a toll on their relationship.

Criteria Virgo Man Libra Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection
Trust & Dependability
Common values
Intimacy & Sex

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