Virgo History: Explore Its Meaning And Significance In Astrology


Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces, cancer

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Date range: August 23 – September 22


Virgo is a symbol separate from Virgo, and most of the stars are in the symbol of Libra at present. The Virgo sign is set in the sixth 30 degrees zodiac circle between Leo and Libra in the zodiac. Virgo is a changing sign that will announce the coming fall. This makes it quite depressing, as it represents the turning point between the sunny summer and the probably rainy fall when all is gone. To add to it, Virgo is a forerunner of Libra, the Sun’s sign.

In Babylonian astronomy, this constellation dates back to about 1,000 – 700 BC. It’s known as “La Furrow” and is the Latin for “ear of grain” and represents the ear of the grain of deity Shala. This gives the impression of hard work, which produces results. Often Virgo appears as a woman holding in her hand wheat.


Virgo History

Virgo’s constellation was often linked with Agriculture, Demetres, and Ceres’ Greek and Roman goddesses. The original connection of Ancient Greeks was linked with Astraea, the Heavenly Virgin, which was one of the fifteen deteriorating ages of man, the last immortal to live with a man during the Golden Age. She left the human race and the world to flee from humanity’s wickedness.

Erigone’s daughter of Icarus is the most intense myth linked with this constellation. The shepherds killed Icarus because they were drunk with his wine and believed that he was trying to poison them.

When he was dying, he recalled how Dionysus taught him to take care of the wine and one day, a goat ate all he had planted and grew up with devotion and love. Angry, the goat was killed by Icarus, skinned, and called others to dance around him. He realized at the time of his death that he hurt himself by killing the goat.

Her daughter and her dog, Erigone, found her father’s body under a tree and hung him. The dog remained sad for the owner of the house until he also was dead. But there’s no end to the story. Dionysus, being so angry with this unfair act, punished Athens by suicide, in the same way, the maidens of the city.

There are few legends as misunderstood as the Virgo myth in all constellation mythology.

In most cases, a series of goddesses from diverse cultural mythologies combining the myths of the Virgo the Virgin have typically been interpreted. This is a misconception. However, I think.

The term ‘Virgo means ‘self-contained,’ which is better understood as ‘self-sufficient’ for us. Those born under the symbol of Virgo in astrology are said to act individualistically and self-sufficiently. Their nurturing is because they don’t have to find satisfaction for others but can create for others.

The myth of the virgin should not be interpreted as a virgin but as a mother for the whole world. Besides, we all know that moms cannot also be virgins. Immaculate conception.

So why is there confusion? Part of it is a misunderstanding of the word itself for many years. In fact, I am ready to bet that the fiery debate about whether or not I interpret the virgin myth correctly, mainly based upon the assumed meaning of the word, is prepared by other Mythologists reading this. I mean, “Virgo” sounds like “virgin.”

I don’t believe so. All accounts see Virgo as the Great Goddess, which is, though very accurate, a somewhat vague description. A view of the history of Our Lady’s myth across cultures suggests why the “Great Goddess” would be regarded in different ways.

Most of the deities connected with Virgo are regarded as deities of fertility or goddesses of the harvest. That echoes the view that through her fertility, Virgo is the guardian of the human race. It covers Ishtar, Isis (Egyptian mythology), Cere, and Demeter, including Babylonian mythology (Greek mythology). It is thought that the constellation Virgo is a female with a spike of maize that reinforces the mythology of the Harvest Mother.

The god of Hades abducts the Spring Goddess Persephone under the world in a well-known Greek myth. When the mother of a young goddess, Demeter, discovers this, she decides to ruin the mountain in its despair, the goddess of the harvest. So the goddess of Spring had to come back six months a year to help her mother harvest; long story short. Unfortunately, this coincides with the Virgo constellation visible only from March to August.

The story of Ishtar (the Babylonian mythology) is similar, but she was taken to a basement only to be trapped in it by her husband, Tammuz (the god of harvest).

Of interest, the Dike (Greek mythology), Astraea (Greece mythology), and Erigeron (Roman mythology) are many other mythological female figures believed to represent Virgo. When you realize that Libra is the next sign in the zodiac after Our Lady, things suddenly start making more sense.

However, there is a different explanation. The grain goddess Nidoba is often thought to be the first incarnation of Virgo in early Babylonian mythology, which is consistent with most Virgo mythology’s view of Virgo as a self-sustaining, life-giving caretaker. Worshippers of Nidoba, on the other hand, gradually shifted their focus to the god Nabu (Babylonian mythology). Nabu is the god of justice and wisdom.


In the human race’s stupidity and ignorance, the most important link in the two myths. In both tales, all the actors in heaven ended in either way due to the lack of appreciation and people with little moral and intellectual characteristics. An educated person’s image has not been valued for his knowledge. The myth of Virgo has a tragedy that could move generations of women to solve the source of the problem.

It is often assumed that Virgo has become a sign of lonely women who sacrifice for an advanced cause.No love story is in Virgo’s sign other than that which includes the family and the love of a woman for her father. It refers to a relationship between a girl and her father who committed suicide, and it is often a social or emotional suicide, not a physical one.

This tragic story is an important lesson hidden in Icarus’ last thought. He understood that by hurting another being, he had signed his fate. And even though a sacrifice was made in his life, the end was a spiritual, enlightening time—a time when the true value of every life was shown.


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