Cancer Horoscope


Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White

Day: Monday, Thursday

Ruler: Moon

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

Date range: solstice - July 22

Cancer is a cardinal sign and is included in the water signs. Of the zodiac signs, his character is the least clear; he can be from withdrawn, unsociable, and a bore, to dazzling, attractive, and admired by others. Sometimes he is too dreamy, that’s why he mistakes the real world for the utopia he has built in his head: the refuge of the fantasies he adores.

Cancers have extraordinary memory and also have an innate talent for the arts and remarkable letters. They are also ambitious and can easily change professions, friendships, etc.

The Crab lives its life by taking two steps forward and one step back; he is curious but fearful, he is brave but sensitive, he is fickle but conservative, come on, the best exponent of the spirit of pure contradiction!

When it comes to love, in their relationships Cancer is also a mix of contradictions; if he maintains a stable relationship, he truly loves, sincerely, although in his inner self that does not mean that he cannot have sexual relations with other people. In addition, he is characterized by tenderness, emotion and imagination that make him a very, very special lover.

Cancer Horoscope



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Cancer is a cardinal sign and is included in the water signs. Of the zodiac

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