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Virgo Man When a Virgo man falls soft on, he will ask himself if he's smitten for real, all the time. As a mutable sign, he might claim love and find out that it wasn't the sensation of affection in mere a pair of weeks. He may be tough to be with, for his emotions are as insecure as in any mutable zodiac sign, but with the element of Earth that his character belongs to, he's somehow strict in his expectations. While he's pretty loyal to his friends, when it involves looking for the love of his life, he rarely lasts during a loving relationship until he meets someone who can always give him the perfection he seeks, or until he gives au fait that one perfect love.


The sexuality of each Virgo depends greatly on other personal traits, like one's ascendant and positions of various planets within the natal chart. In general, the sign of Virgo is everything but sexual, and this man may be an uninspiring lover. His partner might need to force some creativity. The nice thing is within the indisputable fact that each Virgo likes to serve, and in look for perfection, most men born during this sign will do their best to grasp their partner's anatomy and be ready to truly satisfy them. Still, their insecurities are often disguised by simple boredom, and that they may be quite critical toward their lovers. It's often tough to be with a Virgo man if you don't obsess about every hair on your body and each scent you would possibly emit all the time.


Depending on what you're searching for, Virgo will be a satisfying man to be with or an annoying one. Virgo is dedicated to his partner, but Mercury rules him, and this results in a kind of double personality that he can't always trust. It is pretty superficial when it involves emotional closeness and intimacy, but he's intelligent enough not to drop off the partner he's gaga with. He likes his routine and wishes for some healthy choices in his life, whether he's tuned in to this or not, and it can make him demanding in an exceeding relationship. He does live obsessed with traditional values, and he would adore it if someone would be sure of him while he takes care of the planet.


He must have a very strict and robust moral compass to be valued. As an Earth sign, he's always looking for physical pleasure or goes to other extremes denying himself of any hedonism due to his religion or a system of beliefs. If he finds too many flaws in his partner, he will, without a doubt, explore for another one. Even the foremost loyal Virgos have this need, and that they have trust issues themselves as a mirrored image of their behavior. If he stops trusting you while you gave him no reason to, concentrate he could be dishonest himself.


Fellow earth sign Taurus could be an excellent match for a Virgo. Similarly, Virgo vibes with earth sign Capricorn, as they both prioritize diligence and are very ambitious. And Virgos also can be great matches for an additional water sign, Scorpio. They both are deep thinkers who value alone time, and that they have similar communication styles. Both are all about helping others, but dreamy Pisces can help logical Virgo lighten up a touch. Gemini and Sagittarius will put in extra work to woo a Virgo. Gemini is so talkative that Virgo can get irritated, and adventurous Sagittarius can find Virgo's carefulness to frame the neurotic. However, if these signs make a trial to know one another, they will have an excellent relationship, too (especially if their Moon signs are compatible).


The sign's mutable quality gives him enough sense to form changes necessary to keep the link fresh. He will want to require you to an area where the plates are always clean and tablecloths white and ironed, so you'll spill your tomato soup on them and feel guilty as hell. He will go together with you to anywhere that doesn't contradict his convictions, but in time, he might get bored of your choices, always in need of a change, although he belongs to the element of Earth. He's often too practical, but when he's swept off his feet, he will be surprisingly romantic and tender. He needs someone he can honestly care about, and dating him becomes a privilege in these situations, a minimum of until he finds your first flaw.


This is a person that has one mission in life – to mend something. Until he does, it'll not be easy for him to relax, smile, dance, and be as happy as you would possibly want him to be. He's grave because he has some severe details to arrange too, and unless he finds how to form constructive use of his mind at his work, he might drive you mad analyzing your every word. Let him have those already used things and fix everything around the house. His hands must be put to good use, or he will tell you all about the harmful use of yours. Virgo could be a sign meant to mend all that was broken and while you get annoyed by him, think if you were maybe chosen to be fixed yourself.


He is dedicated, intelligent, and capable, always able to make the required moves to form more cash or a much better environment for those around him. He will gladly sacrifice himself for the happiness of those he loves. However, his love for his partner will often last much shorter than you'd anticipate, and he's not that reliable or trustworthy as Earth signs usually are.


This is not a person that needs a lot of surprises. Everyone likes a pleasant surprise here and there, but the foremost important thing for him is to honor traditions, birthdays, anniversaries, and successes. He will treasure a pen, a notebook, a laptop, or anything he can compose, whether or not he claims he's not into writing. He will want to work out how things are made or fixed, and he is thankful for all forms of good tools that allow him to try to do something practical that must be done in an instant. If nothing else makes him happy, you'll always buy him an unlimited puzzle of 5000 little pieces. This could keep him occupied for ages.
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