Cancer Monthly Horoscope


Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White

Day: Monday, Thursday

Ruler: Moon

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

Date range: solstice - July 22


First Half:

No way to fall asleep in a little quiet comfort! No, you won’t want your life to come down to “metro, work, sleep”. In short, you will work to fight against routine and boredom in your relationship, and you will multiply sports activities, leisure activities, travel with your loved one. Single, you will make the most of your freedom, and will not think about starting a home at this time. Having said that, you will have a good chance of meeting the ideal partner soon, almost in spite of yourself!

Second Half:

With this aspect of Venus, do not worry too much if you feel that you are no longer progressing towards the ideal harmony with your spouse or partner. Everything will work. If you are still a lonely heart, don’t despair! These days, Venus will hit key points in your chart and shatter your subconscious defensive barriers. Love should surge into your life this time.


First Half:

On a professional level, definitely forget everything that has darkened you lately. You are now ready to make a new start, and this time for a success that will leave no doubt, especially not yours. A revaluation of your work will allow you to forge new projects.

Second Half:

These days you will feel like you have wings. Everything about your job will suddenly seem easy to you. Immediately execute your most expensive projects. Uranus will help you in all your steps and businesses. But be careful all the same! No shattering initiatives like you are used to doing.

Money Luck

First Half:

The Sun will be very favorable to you financially. It will assure you luck, success and wide life. There will be significant movements of money, sometimes unexpected, often in relation to the distant, the foreign. Luck in games of chance, happy initiatives in transactions involving foreign securities. But watch out for the picnic!

Second Half:

You will be exposed to certain financial fluctuations: capricious, irregular, even reckless expenses. The desire to appear or to dazzle can play tricks on you. Avoid expensive trips that can strain your budget and take a long time to recover.


The evolution of your destiny this month will not satisfy you entirely. You will fulminate because of the oppositions which will come to slow down your initiatives and thwart your march forward. Please, a little more calm and realism! Keep your head on your shoulders. Take a step back from your problems; take stock from time to time on what really interests you so as not to get the wrong target and get caught up in false problems. Sometimes, the astral climate will make you more preoccupied with everything that touches the interior life, with the unconscious, than with concrete and tangible realities. This could, among other things, awaken a passion or give birth to one, undoubtedly based more on a sensual, deep, and exceptional understanding.


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