Star Sign Qualities

Just like the four elements talk of general characteristics of signs that belong to them, there are three qualities (also called modalities) to the signs of the zodiacal circle. There are four signs for every grade, all from a separate quadrant of the zodiac. This characterization is of great help after understanding one’s character and interpreting a particular planet in someone’s chart. Still, to the present day, their most significant and specific role is tied to horary astrology and timelines needed as a solution to an issue.


Each of the three qualities has its speed and characteristic and combines with just one sign from each element. This suggests that there aren’t any two signs of identical elements with identical quality. If we understand the element’s character, it’ll be even easier to grasp each specific sign through its combination with the standard. Opposite signs share an identical quality, and this is often their gateway to fix differences and find a way to incorporate each other’s philosophy into their own lives. In a way, this implies they ment brings a difference in their speed. Each coupshare the same pace in life, although their elele within the zodiac is presented by connecting two close elements, Water and Earth, Fire and Air, and qualities represent a bridge between their worlds that helps them build sympathy.


Number three could be an exceptional entity that we should always see as important. All kickshaws are available in threes, but regular things do too. If you think about it, you’ll see that there’s the planet, the hearth and also the Sea, the Underground, the Heaven, and our World, and therefore the Core, the Surface, and also the Atmosphere of planet Earth. We mustn’t forget that there are three qualities within the zodiac, rather like there are three varieties of houses in each quadrant of the zodiacal circle. Number three is ruled by Jupiter, the foremost beneficent planet of all and the king of all gods.

This serves well to mention that every opposition within the zodiac has been given a secret benefactor, something to attach to it and provides its purpose. Qualities seem to be here to allow us faith in an exceedingly positive outcome of any conflict, misunderstanding, or difference that seems too big to be overcome.