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August 30 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

Virgo, born on August 30, is distinguished by a quick mind, reliability and generosity. You are smart enough and able to solve problems with a lot of purpose. When dealing with others, you do not value manipulation or lies, preferring honesty to everything else. You can have the most value in life for your loved ones, for whom you would be happy to do anything.

Your twin element is earth, and as a Virgo you have a fixed relationship with this element. The influence of the Earth becomes apparent when your earthly nature is revealed. You rarely take risks by choosing stability and a reliable path instead. You take great pride in standing on the ground and not chasing the hot air of unattainable dreams. Although the influence of the earth has become a huge force, do not let your cautious nature keep you from new beneficial experiences.

Choosing a career is easier said than done, but your natural sociability, discipline, and intelligence will serve you well in a variety of career areas. Your intellectual interests may lead you to a career in science, research, or healthcare. Similarly, your compassion can lead you to a career in education, social work, or counseling. You may have the ability to be very successful financially, as was the case with Warren Buffett, who was also born on August 30th. If you’re more drawn to the world of entertainment, check out the work of Cameron Diaz, another born on this day.



August 30th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

While this mix of entities brings luck within the toughest of circumstances, it’ll also prove them wrong once they expect everything to travel consistent with the plan. Extreme changes to their system of convictions must come as a consequence of too many strange expectations, as if positive thinking made reality work against them, and contrariwise. Although this presents a challenge, once they find the one sole truth to measure by, everything becomes clearer, and they find it easier to anticipate the flow in a more logical tone. Conflict of ego with their true personality is seen within the second planetary row, often resulting in conflicts with authoritative figures or hidden agendas that appear to distance them from what they honestly believe. They’re to realize stability through respectful contact and want to be confident and pleased with the person they’re, altogether its authenticity.


The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on August 30th: “A Harem.” Their Sun sign typically won’t allow such circumstances, and this might push their truest needs extremely deep, where they won’t see them anymore. So it’s their task to draw their cravings, see their longing nature for what it’s and embrace it so that they can target finding that one person to belong to and merge into one with.


They’re going to be called on for love and quiet family life, unsure of a way to reach the purpose of emotional recognition and understanding, for they appear to be throwing their own heart aside. They’re going to find peace after they give enough love to themselves and be able to share it with others only if they reach the purpose of full acceptance of their own emotional needs.


August 30th Zodiac Sign (Leo)

Changes that Virgos, born on August 30th, bring into any relationship will be difficult to beat in time. Although they easily get tied to people once they are intimately involved, this rarely comes without the influences of ancestors and their entire genetic inheritance that isn’t yet cleansed and clear enough to support the best of affection they need to succeed. This might lead them to multiple relationships that only serve one purpose – to finish, but it could also inspire them to remain faithful to their core until they find the one right person to be with. They need to attach on deep levels, those who will never be separated again, and this may get scary and too intense to relinquish. Their sexuality is deeply emotional, and when it seizes to be, it’s the primary signal that something is off with their perception of the direction they’re meant to require. They’re to remain focused and brave until they find an up to truly hook up with someone as deep and as receptive to their instinctive and purest emotional needs to truly reach the purpose of intimacy that will satisfy them.


Virgos, born on the 30th of August, act in areas that need plenty of digging, physical or metaphorical. This makes them excellent archaeologists, historians, and psychologists, in addition to natural-born healers who understand the risks of the physical world and act best fraught. They know what regeneration means and how death is believed in because of the ultimate truth of life but have trouble staying in reality amorously. Yet, at the same time, they’re connected to the current darkest side to their inner glow.


Virgos, born on the 30th of August, had best altogether areas that need lots of digging, physical or metaphorical. This makes them excellent archaeologists, historians, and psychologists, also as natural-born healers who understand the risks of the physical world and act best besieged. They know what regeneration means and the way death is to be believed in because of the ultimate truth of life but have trouble staying in grips amorously while they’re connected to the current darkest side to their inner glow.


A birthday present for somebody born on August 30th could also be a touch hard to settle on, for his or her deep interest often overcomes what they arrange to share with the planet. They have something which will keep them energized and in grips with the world, and a flower during a pot is usually an honest choice if no other ideas seem appropriate. They’re guided by strong morals, and unless sexually awakened, you shouldn’t choose anything which may trigger their defenses, so avoid lingerie and everything that simplifies the experience of sexuality in their life. Choose something they will learn from, a book about esoteric knowledge and healing, or a replacement method to assist them in discovering how beliefs shape their lives.


Deep, thorough, focused, and prepared to act under pressures that others see as threatening, they’re powerful healers that understand the depths of pain that almost all people would run from.


Dark, possessive, stuck, and lost in wrongly set visions of their future, they create rapid changes their heart isn’t ready for and simply amputate relationships and folks from their life when boundaries are crossed.


  • In 1871, First Baron Rutherford was a New Zealand British physicist and chemist who won the honor for the chemistry of radioactive substances. He’s known today as the father of physical science and is taken into account as one of the best experimentalists of all time.
  • In 1912, Edward Mills Purcell was born, an American physicist, and therefore received the award for his discovery of nuclear resonance in liquids and solids. His study is the basic foundation of NMR that has been widely utilized in medicine and plenty of branches of science.


  • 1853 – The founding of Melbourne, Victoria.
  • 1873 – The archipelago of Franz Josef Land is discovered within the Arctic Sea.
  • 1909 – the invention of Burgess Shale fossils.
  • 1945 – The liberation of the urban center from Japan.
  • 1963 – The hotline between the leaders of the US and, therefore, the USSR starts operating.
  • 1984 – Discovery, the space vehicle, flies on its maiden voyage.

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