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July 11 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

People born on July 11 are very comfortable in the realm of emotions. They are guided by their intuition and can easily feel what others feel and think. They also have a great understanding of their own inner world. Their enigmatic and closed nature is a testament to their mental strength, but it also causes great frustration to family, friends and co-workers as they remain completely unaware of their feelings at times.

Like a rocky ocean, those born on July 11 sometimes experience emotions in strong waves from which they draw deep understanding. It is this connection that allows them to be sensitive to the ever-changing waters of other people’s emotions. The qualities of water - the elements of their sign - feed their compassion. However, they need to be careful to avoid the negative effects of water, that is, capriciousness and emotional instability.

Although choosing a career is always difficult, the combination of practicality and compassion opens many successful career opportunities for those born on July 11th. If politics is their ambition, they may well be a good fit for a position at a higher level in the community. While business can also be fulfilling for them, their creative leanings can make a career in the arts ideal.

Planetary Row


The existence of two Suns in one planetary row is never easy for the person bearing it, for there is rarely enough room for two kings to co-exist. This is usually a sign that a person born on July 11th has a war brewing inside of them. They have to sharpen their willpower and take a stand to safeguard their opinions and aspirations against those they are bound to seek the approval of. These individuals almost always have troubles with authority, and they must make it clear to those influential people, whomever they may be, that respect has to go both ways. Doing so will give their self-image a boost, and they will find the courage to free themselves from other obstacles that might stand in their way in the future.

Sabian Symbol

July 11th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

Sabian stands for true faith as revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Cancers born on July 11th:

“A priest performs a marriage ceremony.”

This symbolism of solidifying the connection between two different individuals is quite powerful. Here, Cancers seem to be the mediator needed to link the two, representing finding a middle ground in faith and higher guidance. Individuals born on this day have a solid urge to unite what seems to be too contrasting to co-exist and tend to choose partners who are stubborn or set in their ways and challenging to deal with in their quest to bring them to compromise at times. These partners will also see them taking on the role of mediator multiple times between their parents. Still, their desire to heal and mend will mostly manifest through their friendships, social circles, and romantic relationships, where the battle for common ground begins.


The mission of individuals born on July 11th hides under the veil of the icy planet Neptune, in the fog of dusk in forests and oceans that remain untouched by humanity. When their purpose calls out to them, they charge for the zest of life with their gifts, specialties, and aspirations. These Cancers are true dreamers and idealists who hide behind their masks of the obvious and the ordinary. One might mistake them for ordinary citizens in plain sight, but their true nature that is nothing short of magical will be revealed on a closer inspection. They move towards finding belief and faith in their abilities, talents, and numerous possibilities that keep them in touch with Divine Love forever.

Love and Emotions

Although their love life might seem like a battleground where they are constantly searching for someone who respects them and accepts who they are, they are idealists and visionaries with a cause. When they begin to harbor faith in the ultimate emotion that governs their being, they stick with one person forever and never lose sight of the big picture during arguments and fights. They are gentle and reliable lovers, even when burning issues of self-respect plague them, and look for solid love interests who can get behind the wheel when times get rough and become pillars of support whenever needed.

There are times when they might get carried away by basing their emotional decisions on rationality instead of genuine interest. They might temporarily lose sight of their own emotions and get into relationships that look better on paper, so they must contact their soul and actual emotional needs to find someone they can enjoy being with. If they lose touch with their inner self, their materialism might take over, and they could be stuck in a loveless marriage or a relationship that does not bring them joy. Their happiness is their best point of reference and should never be overlooked.

Their Field of Excellence

Individuals born on July 11th shine in all positions that require leading and management, all those jobs that need skills such as organization of mind, governing, and business. They are excellent at organizing co-employees and delegating work in the right way. Once they overcome their shyness and excessive modesty and imbibe the right attitude, they become great leaders that entire firms and societies cannot do without. Creative children with high aspirations, the sky is the limit for them when they begin to use their talents without shame or insecurities holding them back. They are natural mediators, great friends, and individuals who are willing to invest in a risky project if surrounded by the right people. They function well within a team, although their life path typically relies on confident, private calls.

Healing Crystal

July 11th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

Linked to the dream of ancient Atlantis, Brazilianite is an excellent stone for Cancers born on July 11th. It will improve creative abilities and reveal incidents where force had been used too often, guiding the path of life without misuse of power. This crystal will stimulate the solar plexus chakra of the one bearing it, making it easier to be firm with their identity and stand their ground when confronted by influential individuals and authorities they have a difficult time facing. This stone is deeply supportive of creative manifestation and brings practical energy and visceral creativity into their life on a day-to-day basis.

The Perfect Gift

The ideal gift for a person born on this day should be a pleasing, sparkly surprise. Although their Sun sign pushes them into modest and practical choices, these individuals will cherish anything branded, expensive, or made of gold. Gift them a piece of jewelry, a fine belt, or any artifact that will complete their delicately put ensemble and the way they present themselves. If that seems too expensive, other good choices include all fiery and shining items, such as a large lamp, a starry sky for their room, or a holographic image of something or someone they adore. They require a touch of magic, inspiration, art in everything they pursue in life, so do not be too rational and practical to overlook how much beauty means to them and give them a present accordingly.

Positive Traits

Extremely strong-willed, creative, childlike, and brimming with energy, they are prepared to fight to protect their ideals. They follow the path they were destined to take with the utmost dedication and bravery and are ready to tackle anything that causes a hindrance on their way to salvation and the discovery of their inner core.

Negative Traits

If they lack the courage of a healthy Sun, they quickly become gullible and easy to control. Under intense pressure, they can also yield to becoming someone they are not, and in the process, they become prone to depression, leaving all responsibility dangling on others.

Famous Birthdays on July 11th

September 30th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1934 Giorgio Armani was born, an Italian fashion designer and the founder of the Armani Company. He is one of the most famous designers of all time. After pursuing a career in medicine, he changed his professional path entirely and became the figure the world knows of today.
  • In 1958 Hugo Sanchez was born, a Mexican footballer, manager, and coach, often considered the greatest Mexican footballer who ever lived. His popularity led him straight into managerial positions ideally suited for the two Suns in his planetary row.
  • In 1959 Suzanne Vega was born, an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She rose to prominence with hits like Tom’s Diner and Luka in the mid-1980s.

Important Historical Events on July 11th

  • 1576: Greenland was sighted for the first time.
  • 1848: The opening of the Waterloo railway station in London, United Kingdom.
  • 1893: Kokichi Mikimoto (born on January 25th, 1858) obtains the first cultured pearl.
  • 1962: The first Trans-Atlantic transmission of satellite television.
  • 1977: The Presidential Medal of Freedom is posthumously awarded to American activist Martin Luther King, Jr. (born on January 15th, 1929)
  • 1979: The first US space station named Skylab is destroyed as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

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