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July 17 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

People born on July 17th are known for being optimistic, sensitive, and intuitive. They often impress others with an almost psychic ability to know exactly what they are feeling or thinking. They use their emotional understanding to express empathy to those in need. Their friends appreciate this skill, but they also like their upbeat and positive attitude.

Water and emotions go hand in hand with those born on July 17, which explains why they often find themselves caught in the waves of emotions. Through this experience, they gain understanding, which they then apply to the shaky emotional waters that others are also feeling. Their compassion will continue to grow as they embrace these qualities of water. However, the influence of water is not always positive, as excessive immersion in water can lead to emotional instability and moodiness. They need to remember this.

Those born on July 17 have a lot of ideas and are able to express them creatively - they should use this gift when choosing a career. They can find their passion in making others laugh, which was the path of American comedian Phyllis Diller, who was also born on July 17th. However, some other forms of creative expression, such as acting, may be their calling. On the other hand, their compassion can lead to a more humanitarian, people-oriented career. For example, to teaching or social work.



The stress in the row of people born on July 17th is apparent, and it is unlikely to be alleviated until their unique needs are met. Their youth can be stressful or even traumatic, but they find personal liberation and high aspirations as they get older. This is an odd time to be born when no structure can hold one back, and the personality yearns to emerge precisely as it is, special and unique, through the right social circles and norms that are anything but standard or typical.

With a clear need to express their truth, each person born at this time must feel the group’s need while still acting in their way, with respect for their true Self. Gaining freedom from certain groups, including possibly their family, is a turning point in their lives. They take responsibility for the person they want to be and begin following their dreams.


Cancer representatives born on July 17th in a year preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Woman and Two Men Are Castaways on a Small South Seas Island”

Cancer representatives born on July 17th in a leap year and two years later have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Descent of Superior Power Overshadows a Willful Man”

Nature’s power, the Universe’s power, and everything larger than one human is emphasized here, pointing out possible circumstances in one’s life that one cannot control. One of the most basic requirements for those born on this date is to let go and accept their fate, as this gives them wings to fly once they can face their reality. No amount of self-delusion will help them, which becomes apparent as they progress along their chosen path. For their true personality to emerge, their small ego must fall away.


The main goal in people born on July 17th is to achieve a state of balance. Extremes will push them from one shore to the other, back and forth, until they discover real value and inspiration in life. If they want to be truly happy, they must form close relationships, enjoy life, and surround themselves with art and beauty. The more they struggle with personal worth, the further they are from finding the satisfaction and love they seek in this lifetime.


July 17th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

Those born on July 17th tend to put their whole heart into any relationship they form because love is their source of inspiration and their main goal in life. However, ego battles and forces that tear them apart are common, and love will not triumph until they understand what they deserve and who they indeed are. Breakups and stressful situations, and unusual relationships that may not be well-accepted in their surroundings are expected. They will choose partners who are ahead of their time when they are free of prejudice, and they may end up with those who don’t see their core from their projections and insecurities.

They need someone productive and grounded who can give them a relationship filled with friendship, communication, and freedom so that they can be truly intimate and choose monogamy. They must talk about any issue that comes to mind to communicate their inner needs, and baggage, tension, and heartbreak should never be off-topic. They will find someone as unique and special as they are to keep them surprised, excited, and happy once they have developed the ability to recognize their true character’s strengths.


Every year on July 17th, our world is enriched by the voice of change and emotional liberation. People born on this date excel in all things modern and new, and they should never get stuck in the past, clinging to issues that no longer serve them. They are innovative souls who find their way through programming, astrology, science, and modern technologies, and they are always ready to create something artistic using given, unusual means.


July 17th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

Hanksite is a good choice for anyone born on July 17th as a crystal to help with restlessness. It is a stone that cleanses the body, aids in breathing in toxic environments, and aids in releasing past traumas and experiences that have held them back. This crystal promotes multidimensional evolution by containing knowledge to unlock consciousness that has been locked away. It stimulates creativity and awakens the feminine need within you.


Birthday presents for people born on July 17th should contain information that excites them. They want to be surprised by something new and innovative, such as fireworks and electronic equipment, while still expressing themselves artistically and softly. Get them a glitzy phone case or a splash of color for their computer. Organize a get-together of friends and a surprise party that will make them happy, and don’t let social norms or practicality influence your decision as long as you are tender and have their best interests at heart.


They are innovative, full of new ideas, and free-spirited once they are liberated from the environment in which they were born. Friendly and interested in social events, they become the party’s light when they find the right tribe.


When people feel invisible, whether they’re rebellious or too different to fit in, frustration builds up until it explodes. Their main challenge is the frailty they feel around other people and the strict or aggressive attitudes of others, which cause them to be tough and aggressive.


  • Donald Sutherland, a well-known Canadian actor who is about to receive an Academy Honorary Award for his contributions to cinema, was born in 1935. He earned a double major in engineering and drama in college. He’s been married three times in his life.
  • David Hasselhoff, an American actor and singer, was born in 1952 and held the Guinness World Record to be the most-watched man on television. The Young and the Restless, an exemplary depiction of Hasselhoff’s planetary row, is the role that catapulted him to fame.
  • Darude, a Finnish DJ and record producer known for his progressive, uplifting style of music, was born in 1975. His stage name was inspired by his nickname “Rude Boy,” which evolved into “Da Rude.”


  • 1203- Crusade captured Constantinople.
  • 1867- In the United States, the first dental school affiliated with a university was founded.
  • 1902- Buffalo, New York, invented the first air conditioner.
  • 1945 – Leaders of the Allied nations met in defeated Germany to decide the country’s fate.
  • 1955 – In California, Walt Disney (born December 5th) opened and dedicated Disneyland.

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