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July 20 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

People who were born on July 20 under Cancer Zodiac Sign are well known for their positive outlook and emotional sensitivity. They have a special talent for making the most of the people around them. They also have an intuitive gift for understanding the feelings and thoughts of others. Instead of using this gift to manipulate, they chose to be empathetic and inspiring.

When those born on July 20 experience strong waves of emotion, they gain valuable experience that they apply to understanding others. Further embracing the positive qualities of water, their second element, will help them become an even more compassionate and empathetic person.

They are fascinated by the possibilities at their disposal and often take refuge in the realm of fantasy. In terms of life and love, this leads to sometimes unrealistic expectations, but it also leads to very creative results. Based on this, one should not forget that their imagination is one of their greatest allies.

The sensitive nature and creative self-expression of those born on July 20 open up many career opportunities for them to achieve success. They are caring by default, and this makes a compassionate career, teaching or social work, an obvious option for them. Perhaps their true passion lies in creative expression. However, they can also be created for activities in the field of entertainment.



July 20th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

An uneasy combination of these distant entities with the Moon can be pretty unpleasant if a person born on July 20th does not fully understand and accept the need for change in their life. They could be stuck in love or anything else they wanted to hold on to and explode uncontrollably all over the place, unable to pick up their pieces as they held on to matters of the past. They tend to lose concentration on solid boundaries and the importance of letting go of things, people, and all good intentions they carry within because they are afraid of their emotional state and the influence and manipulation of others. Through exaltation and fall, Uranus enhances the natural opposition of the Moon and Pluto, making each person born at this time unable to avoid the serious issue that needs to be resolved.


Cancer representatives born on July 20th in the two years preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“In a Canyon Full of Expensive Homes, a Violent Storm”

Cancer representatives who are born on July 20th in a leap year and the year following it has the following Sabian symbol:

“An Indian Girl Meets Her Assembled Tribe and Introduces Her White Lover”

These signs show the connection of opposites and the link between the person and the Universe, the power of Nature, and the social structure they belong to as two excellent representations of the inner battle people born on this date are going through. They will try to connect the unconnectable and reach for distant truths as if they were born to stand “on the other side” of things. While we can predict the disastrous consequences of each symbol shown here, we can’t predict how things will unfold, reflecting the fear that someone born at this time might feel. When confronted with too many obstacles and distances along the way, anticipating the worst, they may fall behind and passively observe life rather than bravely facing it. It is critical for anyone born on this date to find a mission and begin believing that the path that is calling to them will provide positive results, as it is simply a matter of their cosmic role.


When we see Neptune as a distant guiding light in the lives of people born on July 20th, we must acknowledge the influence of metaphysical entities on the Moon in their planetary row. Everything appears to be hazy, distant, and difficult to grasp. This focuses on the talents and their future because they have no choice but to follow the mission they were born to, building faith through positive feedback they receive for the simple things within reach.


July 20th Zodiac Sign (Cancer)

We must acknowledge the severe physical side of the Moon and Pluto’s primal Nature because they find their core relating to Taurus and Scorpio’s signs (where they exalt and fall). Instincts will play a significant role in choosing their partners, and reason will play a minor role, even if they try to rely on it as much as possible. They must let go of bonds that provide them with everything they have and take away everything they have, going through a process of significant emotional changes and learning to let go of patterns they have built since birth.

The wonder of their feelings can be seen here because they can heal any relationship that comes their way, growing and evolving in a big and unusually satisfying way. The chance to become one with someone is to lead them until they forgive those who have wronged them in the past and begin to love themselves unconditionally.


Individuals born on July 20th excel in all areas of healing, profound philosophy, and, more often than not, life and death. Although the Nature of their Sun in Cancer seeks tenderness and a caring routine, this makes them unusually prone to choose dangerous professions. They will quickly build their fulfilling world in science, the dark and unseen, underground, or occult and esoteric knowledge. They will exceed all expectations when they let go to the depths of risk, extreme sports, and work under challenging conditions.


Rainforest jasper is an excellent crystal for those born on July 20th. It will not only bring them joy and times of rest and carefree encounters, but it will also provide them with a deep connection to the Earth that their Soul is here to create. This stone encourages deep grounding and connects one to their animalistic and most natural ways of expressing instincts, keeping them in touch with the source of energy they can use healthily.


A Cancer representative born on July 20th may have difficulty selecting a gift because, while they seek security and warmth, they are often difficult to approach through practical, homey, and everyday gifts. Choose something profound and deep, in tune with their actual abilities. If they have a favorite form of artistic expression, allow them to practice it. Keep in mind their desire to learn more or create something that demonstrates how you feel about working for them.


They become healers for their hearts as they heal the hearts of others, as they are profoundly spiritual and guided by the truth itself. They can be a mighty pillar for everyone in their life to lean on in difficult emotional times because of their profound and deep connections.


They become burdened by their insecurities and sad for their fate in their constant inner attempt to reach for the unseen, the untouchable, and too distant. When they are ruled by fear, they can become destructive and manipulative and even wholly uncaring.


  • Natalie Wood, an American actress nominated for an Academy Award three times before she turned 25 years old, was born in 1938. Her Moon-Pluto encounter influenced her family life, and she described her family as either gypsies or landowning aristocrats in Russia.
  • Gerd Binnig, a German physicist and academic who won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the scanning tunneling microscope, was born in 1947.
  • Chris Cornell, an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist best known for being the lead singer of the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, was born in 1964. He committed suicide at the age of 52, suffering from depression and substance abuse issues.


  • 1885- The Football Association legalized professionalism in association football.
  • 1903- The Ford Motor Company shipped its first automobile.
  • 1940- The first freeway in California opened.
  • 1969 – The Apollo 11 crew landed on the Moon’s surface, making Neil Armstrong (born August 5th) and Buzz Aldrin (born January 20th) the first humans to walk on the Moon.
  • 1976 – The American Viking 1 successfully landed on the surface of Mars.

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