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September 1 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 1, you are highly valued for your generosity, discipline, and quick wit. Your work ethic and attention to detail have earned you high marks from your employers and teachers, but your friends would say your generosity is your best quality. When others need help, you rarely hesitate to help in any way possible. You may not realize it, but you often put the needs of your friends and family ahead of your own!

Earth is your partner element, and as Virgo, you are the only sign of the zodiac that has a fixed relationship with the element. While the influence of the Earth may manifest itself in some tenacity, it can also be seen in your down to earth practicality and poise. You find little refuge in the fantasy world, preferring instead to create realistic expectations and goals. As you continue to embrace these positive qualities of the Earth, they will become one of your greatest virtues. Weary of the negative influences of the Earth, including caution, which risks becoming conservatism.

While choosing a career is one of the most difficult aspects of life, your natural intelligence, outgoing nature, and generosity are a great foundation for most careers. Your organization and discipline are well suited to the world of business or management. As a human being, you can find the greatest satisfaction in a career based on helping others, such was the path of Dr. Phil McGraw, who was also born on September 1st. Whatever career you choose, be inspired by the discipline of undefeated boxing legend Rocky Marciano, who also has a birthday on this day.


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September 1st Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

Sun is usually challenged by Neptune, speaking of poisons that can’t be metabolized easily and every one those things that taint the clarity of one’s vision. With this in mind, we will make sure that those born on September 1st have a task to embrace much larger forces than their own, and their intelligent and rational approach to things in life often keeps them removed from dreamy ideals they carry in their hearts. They’re idealists with both feet on the bottom that sometimes drift, trying to be more rational than they really want to be. They need to follow the beat of their heart to possess something large enough to strive for. A great change of their approach to personality and self-respect could be a part of the second planetary row for those born on this date. They’re to thoroughly approach their authentic needs, being creative in ways to manifest them each day.


The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 1st in a very year preceding a leap year: “A Five-Year-Old Child Takes a primary Dancing Lesson” The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 1st during a bissextile year and two years following it: “An Expressionist Painter at Work” There is lots of creative, childish and artistic strength in these rows, somewhat untypical for a Virgo Sun. Governed by emotion and ways of expression seen through movement and color, they need to enjoy life to manifest their visions and their true personality.


The purpose in the lives of those born on September 1st is to seek out their core of personality. Grounding won’t come per se a straightforward task, and while their specialization in physiology might make things easier, they won’t settle until they find their truthful role within the world. They’re missionaries with a better cause, there to shine a light on others and show everyone what may be done once we are in balance with our most blunt Self.


September 1st Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

The emotions of Virgos, born on the first of September, are vast and somewhat hazy, for they rarely manage to incorporate all their emotions within the equation of 1 romantic relationship. They’re idealists, and per se, they’re at risk of alternative, hidden, and platonic relationships that serve to show them about manifestations they want to succeed in during this lifetime. They have plenty of tenderness and someone to share their ideas with, or they won’t stick around for long. Whether or not they value it more highly to follow a rational path, they won’t be satisfied until they connect on invisible plains with someone who truly inspires them. The quest of Self is that the main reflection they see in their partners might lead them into relationships with people who have serious ego battles to attend to, sparking their sense of self-respect within the process.


Virgos, born on September 1st, excel in spiritual endeavors and sometimes become missionaries with the next cause. They’re philanthropists able to share their wealth, even once they don’t have that much to share, and nurture the best of a society that’s supportive of all humans able to recreate idealism of contact in their surroundings; they’re a wonderful part of a team, but work best when alone, up-to-date with their emotions, and prepared to creatively and artistically express.


Honey calcite could be a superb choice of stone for those born on September 1st. Its properties will connect them to higher realms and open their connection to the Universe while gently grounding them and resonating with their plexus coeliacs. It’s a stone to reinforce will and creativity, boosting their motivation and breathing life into forgotten talents one carries as an inheritance. It’s best utilized in meditation and providing them with an honest night’s sleep. This crystal may bring change to heal what’s broken the core of their individualism.


A birthday present for an individual born on September 1st should inspire them to follow in their authentic needs. What you’re feeling in your stomach is probably true, and you’re administering something respectful and true. They have presents that give light, sparkle, and push their imagination to achieve new heights. If you’re choosing a book, rather than someone’s autobiography, choose something fictional yet realistic enough, stories of one’s spirituality or their touch with God.


Spiritual, able to move for what they believe, they’re empaths with fragile hearts that give strength of will and character to those around them and support loved ones in their scariest choices and inner needs.


Strange, lost, and distant from the planet, they have a tendency to shut their heart for interaction after they are bruised one too repeatedly. Susceptible to choices that numb the pain in several ways, they may endanger their physiology to avoid addressing their dark emotions.


  • In 1950, Phil McGraw was born; an American psychologist, author, and television personality is known best as Dr. Phil. His father’s lifelong dream of becoming a psychologist led to him moving plenty during childhood and taking the identical foundation of the knowledgeable path when he grew up.
  •  In 1975, Scott Speedman was born; a British Canadian actor is known best for his role of Ben Covington within the series Felicity. He was a competitive swimmer and ranked 9th at the 1992 Olympic trials but suffered a neck injury soon after and had to go away from the game.


  • 1804 – the invention of Juno, one of the biggest asteroids within the Main Belt.
  •  1878 – Alexander Graham Bell (born on March 3rd) recruits the primary female operator.
  • 1920 – As a tribute to 100 years of peace between the US and Great Britain, the Fountain of your time opens.
  • 1934 – the primary cartoon by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is released to movie theaters.
  • 1939 – An order to start the systematic euthanasia of unstable and disabled people is signed by Nazis (born on April 20th).
  • 1979 – the primary time that a spacecraft visited Saturn, passing it at a distance of 21,000 kilometers.

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