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September 14 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 14, you are perhaps best known for your sensitivity and reserved nature. While others may call you shy or timid, you’re really just not a fan of the limelight. You prefer to live in the background when you don’t interfere with others and they don’t interfere with you. This tendency makes it difficult for people to reveal their true thoughts or feelings. You are completely different with family and friends where you can be yourself effortlessly. Once you open yourself up, you may even be surprised at how emotional you are.

Virgo’s counterpart is Earth, which explains why you are the only zodiac sign that has a fixed relationship with Earth. Just as the Earth gives your feet solid ground to stand on, it encourages you to seek the same stability in all aspects of life. You are practical and realistic in your goals, as you see no point in throwing your head in the clouds. Your discretion will play a key role in future success. However, the influence of the Earth is not always positive, as you risk becoming overly cautious and conservative.

Choosing a specific career path and sticking to it is difficult, but fortunately, your natural ability makes several career options successful. Your natural analytical skills translate well into a research, educational, or scientific career. You can find great satisfaction in doing business for yourself, just like Tyler Perry, who was also born on September 14th. As a highly artistic person, you may be drawn to the world of creative expression or music, as was the case with Amy Winehouse, who also has a birthday on this day.

Planetary Row


When the Sun and the ringed planet of Saturn combine in a row, it tends to get a little tricky as responsibilities pile up and one of those is to learn about the hardships of life to get on the right path. Virgos, born on September 14th, can identify the injustice around them and see beyond the obvious that others tend to ignore. They are aware of the faults in others and themselves and need to fix those so that their mind can finally be at rest, which allows them to have a clear focus to make rational decisions towards their destined path. Ambitious and driven, their body needs a lot of energy and nurture to fight the problems that lie in their way to genuinely dedicate their lives to the order they so desire to maintain or create.

Loops in their lives will untangle but again be repeated until hard lessons are learned. Although they might have plenty of reasons to be thankful for, they tend to focus on the darker side of things. They will be determined to resolve something that has no solution, and in that process, they might begin to harbor the toxic emotion of guilt. Nevertheless, they must recognize and are grateful for the positive and joyous things around them, so they can balance out their altruistic, fix-it-all nature with happiness that life is abundant with.

Sabian Symbol

September 14th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

Sabian stands for true faith revealed by God.

The Sabian Symbol for Virgos born on September 14th in the two years that precede a leap year

“A girls’ basketball team”

The Sabian Symbol for Virgos born on September 14th in a leap year and the following year:

“A royal coat of arms enriched with exquisite stones.”

By reading the above symbols, it might seem as if the entire life of these individuals revolves around seeking power and dignity through the obtainment of materialistic jewels and have a seemingly passive approach towards success. However, these symbols signify an extremely precious feminine principle; the gems are, in fact, not a symbol of vanity but wisdom. It means that the individuals born on this date strive to fight for justice, but the fight is empty without love, devotion, and belief. Making those emotions a foundation of their struggle against injustice will empower their cause. As they let their sensitivity guide them through positions of power that are archetypically assigned to all that is male, they have a chance to win the fight. When in contact with their gentle side, they might be able to change the world.


The purpose of people born on September 14th shines through clean Mercury coming out of Virgo. Their mission in life is to speak and express their true personality as brazenly as they are meant to without caring about judgment. They have to learn ways to express themselves to feel confident around other people to find the right social circle to reach for comfort. Once they see a sense of belonging, they will realize that they can balance life with its beauty and colors; life is too short to be spent brooding over problems. We might not be capable of changing our circumstances, but we can choose to change our approach towards it, and the issues will seem significantly smaller and easier to handle.

Love and Emotions

Although there is a rational touch to these individuals that solidifies their position and helps them make choices that last for long periods, they are also idealists who strive for perfection. This trait can be observed in their need for building romantic bonds to the extent of taking their own emotional needs for granted. It can cause them to get emotional distress, and they might even become depressed. All they want is to find someone dignified, respectful, and loving who thinks the same about them.

Their romantic venture might seem less intense compared to those of others, but the inner depth and battle of emotions are pretty consuming, which is often problematic for people around them to detect. When they openly communicate about their issues, they are likely to stumble upon some shocked faces and misunderstandings that lead them to shut others out and themselves, leaving them feeling entirely alone and bound to their guilt and self-criticism. They must learn to satisfy their emotional, physical, and rational sides to some point so that they can move on to form a bond they wish to remain in for life.

Their Field of Excellence

A Virgo born on September 14th is extremely ambitious and organized, aware of the steps that they should take to reach their goal and the point of total satisfaction. They are masters of discipline and patience, which helps them endure activities that require lots of time and effort. They frequently find themselves in leading positions in large systems that must be maintained strictly and kept in order. Fields that might spark their creativity and bring out the best include writing about history and assembling biographical details on past people. On the other hand, everything else complex and necessary for fixing, such as structural engineering and mathematics, interests them greatly.

Healing Crystal

September 14th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

Tinaksite is a crystal known for its healing powers, especially in areas that need help in releasing mental clutter, and will prove excellent for those born on September 14th. This stone will grant them strength and vision to let go of negative emotions, thoughts, and concerns, which will allow them to equate the bad with the good and realize that the goodwill always outweighs the bad. Also, being a protective stone indirectly advises a person to set their boundaries and distance themselves from anyone who harasses or wounds them in any way.

The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for these individuals might be relatively simple since they are fans of history. A history book or a biography of their role model, or anything thought-provoking, realistic, and valuable, goes a long way with them. Avoid gifting them a gadget for their home. Instead, give them practical things that will help boost their careers, such as a new laptop, a wristwatch, or a pen. They are sure to appreciate such presents that will keep them in the loop with time and organization. However, it would be great to make those presents inspiring and beautiful too, to represent their inner extremes of responsibility and beauty into one.

Positive Traits

Ambitious, responsible, dedicated, and loyal, they are the right individual to rely on in a time of need. They always hold answers to problems that others brush past or do not see at all, and their intent to make the world a better place is truly admirable and should be taken seriously.

Negative Traits

They have a tendency to get rigid in their opinions and turn to their dogma in denial if they are not supported enough in their creative endeavors. Inflexible, stuck, and stubborn, they have to communicate their desires in a better light, even if they seem childish while doing so, to reach their objectives.

Famous Birthdays on September 14th

September 14th has seen the birth of many talented individuals, among whom there are:

  • In 1965 Dmitry Medvedev was born, a Russian politician, lawyer, and the third President of Russia who is considered more liberal than his successor, Vladimir Putin (born on October 7th, 1952). It was in his tenure that Russia recovered from the Great Recession.
  • In 1968 Michelle Staff was born, an American actress, producer, and screenwriter, best known for her character portrayal in the soap opera, The Young and The Restless. She welcomed her firstborn with a gestational surrogate.
  • In 1983 Amy Winehouse was born, an English singer and songwriter, recognized for her wide vocal range and the first British woman to win five Grammy awards. Unfortunately, her philanthropy, success, and meaningful expression could not help her struggle with self-harm, substance abuse, and eating disorders. She passed away from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

Important Historical Events on September 14th

  • 1829: The Russo-Turkish War ends as the Treaty of Adrianople is signed.
  • 1914: The first submarine of the Australian Navy is lost at sea.
  • 1917: The Russian Empire officially becomes the Republic of Russia.
  • 1959: The first human-made object to reach its surface, a Soviet probe crashes onto the Moon.
  • 1975: Elizabeth Ann Seton (born on August 28th, 1774) is canonized, becoming the first American saint.
  • 1984: The first-ever flight of a gas balloon over the Atlantic Ocean.

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