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September 15 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 15, your artistic flair and sensitivity are among the most dominant traits in your personality. You appreciate art in almost any form and it is a talent that you apply to your individual style. However, your artistic flair doesn’t make you want to be the center of attention; in fact, the opposite is true. You rather engage in activities in the background where you are most comfortable. Although you may be a bit shy in this world, you are very open in your thoughts and feelings when surrounded by close friends and loved ones.

Earth is the element of Virgo, and in fact you have a fixed relationship with this element. The influence of the Earth on your personality becomes easy to see when it comes to your down to earth nature. Instead of living in a fantasy realm, you stick to reality and develop your goals in the same practical way. Your pragmatism and judgment are among your greatest virtues, but if you over-indulge in the influence of the Earth, you risk becoming overly cautious. Find a balance between practicality and conservatism in order to achieve the greatest happiness in life.

Your natural ability makes many career options available, which may explain why it’s so hard to choose one. You are both introverted and smart, which can be good for a career, for example, in education, law, science or research. Your artistic appreciation and vision may be well suited to a more creative career such as architecture, design, or art. While you may not be an explorer like Marco Polo, who was also born on September 15th, you might enjoy working in a business that requires a lot of travel. If the entertainment world is more attractive, look to the long successful career of Tommy Lee Jones, who also has a birthday on this day, for motivation.



September 15th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

The glow of September 15th, as the middle of the month, hides a secret tale of balance. It is a moment to acknowledge that the desire to share one’s sincerity is fueled by one’s deepest emotional needs and the Soul. To genuinely be content, those born at this time must let go of the need to cling to external authority and rigid rules, and those born at this time must let go of the rhythm of their own inner heart and personal judgments of right and wrong.

As their tale progresses, they will discover that faith is their most important life goal. They are to recognize and support their opposite sign of Pisces, with its legends, myths, sorcery, and all those impossible strivings that idealists can move towards, as many Virgo members do. In their lives, repetition is required, and their lessons must be learned and checked many times. If they don’t develop a strong circle of friends and family members who provide them with enough emotional support, they can become exhausted and give up on themselves.


Virgo members born on September 15th in the two years preceding a leap year have the following Sabian symbol:

“A Precious Stone-Encrusted Royal Coat of Arms”

The Sabian sign for Virgos born on September 15th in a leap year and the year after it is:

“A Lion Tamer Demonstrates His Capabilities and Character”

Both of these symbols convey a powerful message from the Sun, with one speaking of royalty and the other of the animalistic side of the ego that we must all take and bring to light. We can see that these people have become accustomed to fighting authority, and internal disputes are almost unavoidable. Their challenges will either empower them or keep them back, depending on their understanding of interaction with others and their authentic inner selves. Their direction is one of self-awareness, where they can find a happy medium. When they accept their animal inside and make it their pet while remaining respectful in positions of authority and leadership, peace will be achieved.


It is up to those born on September 15th to find beauty in the strangest of things, in minor issues in life, and in grounded, material encounters that may be tiresome to some, with Venus as their guiding light, the same Venus that falls in their Sun sign. They are to follow their passions and remain motivated rather than focusing on a job or a status, and they must fall in love with themselves often enough to realize what they deserve in this life. Their journey is one of harmony, and the pursuit of feminine, pleasurable aspects of life that they are often told aren’t fair or valuable for advancement.


September 15th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

Virgos born on September 15th may appear sensible and realistic in their love lives, but they are true idealists looking for love everywhere they go. When in contact with their heart, they are stable and faithful, filled with just the right amount of dignity around those they care for, and can be fiercely protective of those they love. When they develop their personalities and mature into adults, they are at risk from their surroundings’ rigid behaviors and prejudices.

Their love lives are always messy, and adolescence can leave them with unfinished relationships that keep them bound by all the things they vow “never to allow to happen again.” However important it is to maintain healthy boundaries, it is also a challenge to keep an open heart, recognizing that contradictions between them and their partner are meant to encourage them to break down the barriers they sometimes erect. They need someone to show them new ways and adventures, and they can never accept anything less than tenderness, care, and love.


A Virgo born on September 15th can find it easier to rise to positions of power and management because they are aware of all the small details that make up a whole and know how to coordinate others and their workplace. They are dedicated to their cause, which makes them good coworkers and team players when dealing with people from all walks of life. They could become well-known authors, public speakers, actors, and others who need to express themselves fully.


Aquamarine, one of the fifth chakra stones, is an excellent option for those born on September 15th. It’s a stone that boosts their confidence and allows them to express themselves clearly, allowing them to speak freely about topics that are true to their actual needs. It’s a stone for discovering one’s tribe and interacting with the right social network, all while releasing old feelings that weigh them down and hold them in an emotional position where they feel like they’ll never fit in.


It’s not difficult to find a gift for a Virgo born on September 15th, regardless of how critical or opinionated they are. You can always go for something realistic or relevant to their occupation. Nonetheless, their deep emotional needs for creativity, mutual self-expression are unquenchable, and they will adore your attempt to paint or create something on your own, profoundly embedded in the symbolism of your relationship and incomplete.


They are steadfast, faithful, dignified, and eloquent, and they are eager and ready to go to the heart of any fight, no matter how long it takes. They’re someone you can rely on, humble but enthusiastic, and always available when you need them.


They become bookworms, difficult to please, unnecessarily critical, and selfish when they reject confidence. They either close their hearts to the outside world or become too vocal in their frustration.


  • Agatha Christie, an English mystery novelist, playwright, and short-story writer, was born in 1890. She is best known for her series featuring fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Her mother was a psychic, and she was raised in a household exposed to all kinds of esoteric ideas.
  • Tommy Lee Jones, an American actor, producer, and screenwriter best known for his roles in No Country for Old Men, Under Siege, and The Amazing Howard Hughes, was born in 1946.
  • Oliver Stone, an American director, producer, and screenwriter, was born in 1946. For his work on Midnight Express, he received an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.


  • 1530 – In Soriano, the miraculous image of Saint Dominic appears.
  • Napoleon’s (born August 15th) army reached the Kremlin in Moscow in 1812.
  • 1915 – Australia’s oldest still-running cinema opens.
  • Tanks were employed in warfare for the initial time in 1916.
  • Nazi Germany adopted a new national flag with a swastika on it in 1935.
  • 1959 – The first visit to the United States by a Soviet official.

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