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September 17 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 17, you have a sensitive, artistic and reserved nature. While some people live in the spotlight, you can’t socialize. You find much more comfort in the background, where you can go about your business in peace. While your peers and peers may only be witnesses to your restraint, your family and friends get a much more exciting picture as you are comfortable sharing all of your private thoughts and feelings.

Earth is your sign’s twin element, and of all the zodiac signs, Virgo is the only one who has a fixed relationship with this element. You can be stubborn at times, but that’s just the result of the stability you demand from your surroundings. You want every aspect of your life to be as secure as the ground you walk on. It is the influence of the Earth that supports practicality, pragmatism and the pursuit of realistic goals. While Earth’s influence is a big advantage, be careful not to be overly cautious as it will actually hinder your success.

There are few more difficult challenges in life than choosing a career, but take refuge in the fact that your natural abilities are well suited to many career paths. You might be interested in working behind the scenes in a career such as business or law. Your analytical skills may also be well suited for accounting, finance, or writing. Your artistic inclination may lead you to a creative career, such as music. If so, check out the groundbreaking lyrics of Hank Williams Sr., who was also born on September 17th, for inspiration.



September 17th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

September 17th doesn’t constantly nurture their child within. Many things could remain unseen and kept at a safe distance for way too long, but change is asking for them every step of the way. It’s not until they realize that change will, of course, set them free that they’re going to truly live up to their potential and become as vast and lightweight as they’re meant to be. Traumas to their body, soul, and ego are possible, and that they are to accept the inevitability of life to live free and sleep at this moment in time. Their body has trouble carrying their head and mind on its shoulders. They must nurture their physiology as a real Virgo, staying dedicated to their routine, sleeping patterns, and therefore the strength of their neck and spine muscles. Once they give up on grounding experiences, they easily get overwhelmed and hurt, as if their physiology constantly reminds them to return to the physical world and do something big inside it.


There is a way of sorrow in these symbols, grief and loss that come with some style of trauma in the lives of those born on September 17th. This can be their link to the collective, and while any significant traumatic experiences won’t strike them, they’ll intensely feel the pain of the planet they board and others in it. They’re tuned in to the direction that the complete humankind must take and feel bad about the fate of the globe and, therefore, the limitations to the collective level of awareness.


The purpose in the lives of these born on September 17th always turns their attention to the fabric world, their place within the system, and living within the here and the now. They’re to find out the way to find solid grounding, earn more cash, and be fully functional within the material world rather than fantasizing about it in their mind. Action is required, initiative, and focus and physical activity that may boost their strength of body and mind, lifting their entire life to a new level.


September 17th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

There is plenty of stress in the lives of those born on September 17th, and their emotional world could seem as if it had been turned the other way up. They’re open for experiments, freedom of connecting, and don’t normally hold on so firmly as other Virgos to common views on relationships, marriage, and finding the one partner to spend their lives with. They have a decent friend to attach to and someone to convey them the freedom to measure as strangely or adventurously as they feel the requirement. Their nature is way warmer than they often show. To search out the true understanding, they have to embrace their authenticity in tenderness, allowing their hearts to drill their normal pace rather than constantly rushing through life. Sometimes, they could favour being alone, only to guard their sense of inner peace, but this won’t satisfy the core of connecting and being an element of something inspiring and ideal. Once they find that one true friend to touch them the way they need to be touched, they’ll finally desire they belong somewhere. Maybe even several times.


People who were born on September 17th excel altogether things that are uncommon but still need their typical Virgo attention to detail. This makes them great at technology, hardware production, technology, and testing new systems. With a practical kick, their astrologers meant to support through healing techniques that aren’t as extravagant or mental collectively might anticipate and wish a solid foundation to figure from to achieve success and truly shine.


Red hematite may bring the proper context of grounding into the lives of those born on September 17th. It’s stone to safeguard their mind, giving it room to return to brilliant and deep ideas. It must stay inspired while at the identical time connecting these higher planes with the important world they have to be implemented in. Helpful and protective can be a crystal that protects the female and everything emotional that has to be shared with the outer world confidently.


A present for somebody born on September 17th could also be the strangest of strange but still make them feel uncomfortable, even as the best of things may make their hearts jump with joy. Choose something that will surprise them or organize a gathering of their favourite people, something that may keep them feel loved and nurtured. You’ll also go along with karaoke equipment or any technical gadget used for practical purposes or connecting to others.


Different and a small amount eccentric, they’re the adventurous soul among Virgos, people who understand the collective experience in our humankind, moreover as humanitarians and good friends to stay close at the time of need.


They have lots of stability within their foundation and their inner core to remain functional and satisfied on the planet.


  • In 1859 Billy the child was born. An American gunman and outlaw knew to own killed eight people before being shot himself at the age of 21. Being orphaned when only 13, his first offense was stealing food and the rebellious pull of Uranus led to a quick, extremely rebellious, and destructive destiny.
  • In 1877 Henry discoverers were born, an English photographer credited for the invention of the Calotype Process.


  • 1630 – Founding of the town of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 1787 – Signing of the U. S. Constitution in Philadelphia.
  • 1908 – the primary Aeroplane fatality. 1925 – Frida Kahlo (born on July 6th) gets badly hurt in an accident and, as a consequence, abandons medical studies and takes up art.
  • 1954 – Publishing of the novel Lord of the Flies.
  • 1983 – the primary time that a woman becomes Miss America.

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