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September 19 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 19, you are known for your sensitive and reserved lifestyle. While you are watching others compete for everyone’s attention, you are never participating. You are more than happy to be in the background as it allows you to go about your business without worry. Although you are very social, you prefer to keep your inner thoughts and feelings to yourself. Luckily, family and friends aren’t the same distance, as you can fully open yourself up to those you’re close to.

The paired element of Virgo is Earth, and of all 12 signs of the zodiac, you have the only fixed connection with this element. Your connection to the Earth is responsible for your desire for stability. You want your life to be as stable and secure as the ground you walk on, which can sometimes lead to bouts of stubbornness. As you continue to set realistic goals for yourself, your practical nature will help you achieve them. If there were even one danger of the influence of the Earth, it would be an overly cautious and conservative demeanor. Try to avoid this problem so as not to miss any worthwhile opportunities.

Your strong intellect and restraint will allow you to succeed in a multitude of career paths, so your biggest challenge may be narrowing it down to just one. Your warmth and gregariousness will come in handy in teaching or in the non-profit sector. Because you love seeing new environments, you can enjoy a career in business that requires travel. As a backroom worker, you may also enjoy science or research. Your creativity and restraint can come in handy in the world of entertainment, such was the path of David McCallum, also born on September 19th. In everything you do, try to appreciate your originality and style, like Leslie Twiggy Lawson, who was also born on this day.



September 19th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

The Sun will rarely be grounded and straightforward to determine with two Neptunes in a very planetary row. Everything here may appear hazy and untrue or too idealistic and dreamy to ground. However, the task of earthly Virgos born on September 19th is to try, and do so, to mark their talents, their creative force within, and work with it for his or their own higher cause. This isn’t something to be mystified or ever forgotten, for his or her happiness depends on their ability to attach with gifts this life blessed them with rather than eating into what others see as acceptable.

Believers within the goodness of humankind may drift themselves. They have their personality under control, their authentic needs awakened, and their sense of Self clear. If they’re overwhelmed by their empathy and the feelings of others, they’ll rarely get out and take their rightful position and place in this world. Modest and sort, they have to square firm on their own two feet and keep their emotional boundaries intact.

After all the clarification of their primal planetary row and every one of those inconsistencies they have to check to find the reality within, they’ll bump into a big personal change. Their taught ego will fall to form room for the correct personality to emerge, and extremely often, these individuals will take a brand new course in life after they grow old. A change of their career path or their entire lifestyle will invoke them, especially if their upbringing was restrictive or in any way abusive.


The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 19th in per annum that isn’t a leap year:

“A Boy with a Censer Serves the Priest Near the Altar”

The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 19th during a leap year: There is the next ground to go to in these rows, a function to respect, and something larger than ego and private matters to attend to. This is often quite understandable considering their planetary row, as they’re to search out values out of their world to pursue true ideals meant to manipulate them. They’re to serve and to be hidden behind the scenes, even once they express themselves fully and shine within the outer world, and the inspiration they’re meant to share will easily be misunderstood or taken as a right.


Their main goal in life is to get where their true personality hides, setting free from egocentric tendencies and their usual lack of self-respect, until they build their character up to satisfy the upper destiny it’s here to follow. Their purpose is to get their attitudes different than everyone else, even after they go against individuals’ common opinions. This may ultimately help them to seek out the correct crowd to belong to and possibly to steer.


September 19th Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

All types of emotions hide within the world of Virgos, born on September 19th. They’re more complicated than it’d seem and sensitive to influences coming from their partner and other people they deeply look after. This might leave them wounded if they’re unsure about their place within the world and if they create too many compromises on their thanks to romance. They have someone who will respect their finest emotional boundaries, even after they aren’t alert to the tenderness needed to keep them going.

Haziness and dishonesty are possible in their contacts. Disappointments will come and go until they arrange to be completely truthful with their own heart and stop accepting realities that make them sacrifice an excessive amount of themselves for one more person. They’re to give selflessly, that’s true, but to the purpose where they still feel satisfied with what they’re stepping into in return. A sensible view of people around them is important if they’re to search for the correct partner. They may see what simply isn’t or observe others in ways in which they are undefined and unsure. The closer they get to the stone-cold truth, the better it’ll be to succeed in his or her ideals.


They have to remain inspired and that they might become prophets for a better cause, protectors of humankind or the kingdom, doctors, and healers of all types. They have things to flow to become the most effective in their field of experience, for or her waters must be clean so that they can stay conscious.


Selenite may be an excellent crystal for someone born on the 19th of September to urge them to tune with higher vibrations and realize their mission during this world. It’s a stone of non-public transformation that activates dormant talents and talents from past lives.


When choosing a present for somebody born on September 19th, you want to keep their sensitivity and emotional nature in mind. Even once they are protective of their inner world, secluded and lonesome, they shine out with their frailty and subtle energies but easy to note if you listen.


They’re ready to follow the perfect, brave to experiment, adventurous, and fluent in emotion, they’re empaths that see things others don’t and know what it means to stay a secret hidden.


Detached and lonely, they easily make up psychosomatic problems if they aren’t satisfied. Feeling powerless over issues that are their responsibility, they’ll become a burden for those near them and switch to dishonesty or drug abuse after they are lost.


  • In 1911, Sir William Golding was born, a British novelist, poet, and playwright who received a Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel Lord of the Flies. A strong connection to Neptune is seen through his marriage to a chemist, his success through fiction and poetry, as well as his war service in which he commanded a landing ship that fired rockets into the beaches.
  • In 1927, Rosemary Harris was born, an English actress and the American Theater Hall of Fame inductee. She attended convent schools, studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and lived abroad during her childhood years.


  • 1852 – Asteroid Massalia is discovered.
  • 1957 – The first time that a nuclear explosion has been contained entirely underground, without fallout.
  • 1982 – The first documented emoticons :-) and :-( are posted by Scott Fahlman (born on March 21st) on the Carnegie Mellon University bulletin system.

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