20/09 Birthday - Zodiac Information

September 20 Zodiac


Date: September 20th

Color: Mountbatten Pink

In One Word: Sadness

Shape: Star

Strength: Deep Feelings

Weakness: Self-Pity

Most Compatible With: Taurus


September 20th brings us closer to the core of our authenticity, facing us with our shadows and darkness of the heart. Although this could seem quite depressing for those born at this point, it’s a blessing in disguise, for they’re closer to the understanding of magic within the world than the rest of the people. The depth of emotion is the most vital tool that may be used for incredible insights, and these individuals are to find a way to forgive others and themselves during this lifetime.




This isn’t a simple position for the Moon, and while September 20th might bring the promise of the many emotional satisfactions and laughter coming after the storm, it isn’t an easy date to deal with. Lots of depth is required to relate if those born at this point are to find out about the balance of giving and receiving love and that they easily constitute the role of a victim on their way to get there. Family and their upbringing can be complicated, their relationship with their mother distant or lacking. They might communicate solitude if they don’t build enough trust for the outer world while they grow old. The wonder of this contact of planets is found within the intensity of laughter, joy, and life itself once dark matters are cleared, and the soul regenerates from painful experiences. The conflict of egos goes an extended way, and battles are found between their personality, which of their authority figures may leave them emotionally bruised and separated from their real cause. The need to have a tough time forgiving those within the position of power if they abuse it and want to search out some form of a middle ground with them, understanding their grade position it truly takes. They ought to never degrade themselves or their abilities, and bravado is critical to satisfying their needs staying open for others. 



The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 20th in each year that isn’t a leap year: “A Group of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially at a Court’s Function” The Sabian symbol for Virgo representatives born on September 20th during a leap year: “A Bald Headed Man Who Have Seized Power” These two symbols talk about positions of power. Still, they also mean the discrepancy of the utter feminine with the utter masculine and show who is to guide and follow. This has little to try to do with the gender of an individual born on this date. It’s more of a pointer to inner energies that result in fun activities and personal power. One should take care to balance out their true heritage and their bloodline to be dignified enough to deserve what’s seized.



They’re in grips with their pain and wish to maneuver through it to die to the opposite side, seeing the longer-term clearly and bringing their visions to life. They intend to seek out love, pure thanks to connecting with another individual, in a very story of upper love, compassion, and understanding.



Although their Sun sign dictates specific rationality and a practical approach to life, they won’t be able to outrun their feelings. This can typically get them into romances and relationships that remind them how fragile they’re. With enough tenderness for their own needs, they might find the correct partner to share their world with at a young age, getting tied for keeps with their one true love. However, the challenges of their deep shadows and feelings that hold them back might block them on this path and put tasks there to be resolved before they’ll indeed find the correct amount of affection and tenderness within. Called on to attach, they’ll rarely stay alone for an extended time, except within the case once they are bruised and want time to grow and forgive. After they let their hearts flow and recognize the strength and, therefore, the magic found in their childish joy, they become open and willing to accept all that’s sent their way, quickly finding someone faithful to create a healthy bond with.



People born on September 20th are excellent psychologists and healers, in-tuned with the planet’s pain and their ancestors. They’re someone you want to be around in critical times, which might put them in positions of high responsibility over time. They’re focused and dedicated, extremely deep in their assessments of character and other people’s emotional limitations, making them great detectives, politicians, or magicians who entertain the masses in unusual ways.



 Jet stone may be a superb choice for those born on September 20th, called the stone of protection and deep cleansing of one’s aura from any toxic influences. Healing traumas and purifying energies that got stuck will get them in reality with the emotional flow they have to follow rather than staying stuck in one place that doesn’t make them happy. Traditionally, this crystal has been accustomed to alleviate grief and help one find a secure location inside their heart where pure faith is restored. Therefore the purpose of all experiences is found. 



 A person born on September 20th is curious to find out about things that can’t be seen or touched. They have higher knowledge, something to point them out the way and help them with emotions dismissed by people in their lives. To settle on the right gift for them, it’s best to maneuver out of practical zones and into realms of the occult, strange, or what they’re willing to accept within the current positioning in their lives. They have something to cleanse their body and their emotional world to regenerate fully, and that they could use anything from a healing crystal to detox treatments of all sorts.



 Profoundly emotional and respectful of other people’s pain, they’re someone to depend on within the time of crisis and someone to square by your side within the darkest of times. They’re highly aware and prepared to assist others in healing their wounds. 



Too many qualities they see within the world could distance them from the remainder of humankind and make them destructive towards others or themselves. 



  • One thousand nine hundred thirty-four actresses were born, an Italian actress and the first actress to win an Oscar for a foreign-language performance. She is an offspring born out of wedlock, and he or she met with her father only three times. 
  • In 1956-Gary Cole was born, an American actor who starred asynchronous the great Wife and Chicago Fire and appeared in movies Office Space, Talladega Nights et al. In 
  • 1967-Kristen Johnston was born, an American actress known for her roles nonparallel 3rd Rock from the Sun and therefore the Exes, similarly appearing as Wilma Flintstone within the Flintstones. She wrote a biography where she discusses an addiction to alcohol and pills that began in high school.



  • 1519 – On his mission to circumnavigate the planet, the navigator sets sail. 
  • 1893 – the primary American-made gasoline-powered car is tested on the road. 
  • 1946 – Delayed thanks to WWII, the primary Cannes fete was held seven years later. 
  • 1971 – the primary time that a known hurricane crosses from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific. 
  • 1977 – The admittance of Vietnam into the international organization.
  •  2011 – the primary time that the U. S. military allows gay men and ladies to serve.


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