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September 21 Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Career And More

As a Virgo born on September 21st, you are no stranger to emotions as you are very sensitive. Your sensitivity is obvious to those closest to you, as you are very open with them. The same cannot be said for the rest of the world, which you meet with great reserve. You have never liked being the center of attention, instead preferring to work quietly in the shadows. Your sensitivity is also linked to your appreciation of art and beauty, which are some of your most positive qualities.

Virgo’s partner is Earth, and as Virgo, you are the only sign of the zodiac that has a constant connection to the Earth. As with the solid ground that the Earth provides, you seek security in all matters of life. To achieve this stability, you rely on a practical and realistic world view. Your goals and expectations are rarely based on fantasy as you cling to your pragmatism. The influence of the Earth will help you on your path to success, but it can become detrimental if you fall into an overly conservative state.

Combined with your natural gifts, you are suitable for a wide variety of professions. Your sharp mind and restraint will be well suited for a career as a lawyer, agent or businessman. Similarly, your warmth and caring can lead you to a people-based career, such as teaching or counseling. Creative expression can give you the greatest sense of fulfillment, such was the path of Stephen King and H.G. Wells, who have September 21st birthdays.


Those born on September 21st are seriously concerned about the prevailing tastes in society at this time, either for the sake of establishing them in their circle, or for the sake of observing them for the sake of their own peace of mind. It can be said that most of those born on September 21st are exceptionally modern in everything, whether it be the way of thinking, the outfit, the house, or even the brand of TV that they have in their country house (or at least they passionately strive for it).

As a result, if finances do not allow them to lead such a lifestyle, people whose birthday is September 21st may suffer severely. Often their desire to achieve material well-being is dictated by the usual need for domestic comfort. It should be mentioned, however, that among those born on September 21, there are those who are not at all disturbed by such external manifestations of well-being and who are truly concerned only with to be modern intellectually and have a broad outlook. For this type of people, a natural way of life, far from the noise of the city, is usually of great importance.

Birthday September 21 zodiac sign Virgo

September 21st Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

The word “modern” is applicable to those born on September 21, both in the sense of “keeping up with the times” and in the sense of “progressive”. In general, they are attracted to new ideas, unusual trends in fashion, novels that are talked about in society. In addition, people whose birthday is September 21 are looking forward to the latest technical innovations with great interest. The reason for this interest is not only an understandable desire to keep up with the times, but also a true understanding that such innovations will allow them to work most efficiently.

What are the people whose zodiac sign is September 21st?

They take great pride in their creations, whether in physical form (eg, children, works of art, businesses, structures) or in abstract origins (concepts, systems, plans, inventions). The ideal occupation for those born on this day would be one that would allow them to generate ideas and then bring them to life. Those born on September 21 want to be admired. They attach great importance to questions of aesthetic taste.

Their idea of ​​beauty is often painted in the colors of unusual desires - rather, it is aimed at the unbridled, asymmetrical and defiant. Those born on September 21 do not shy away from danger bordering on violence. Such interests, of course, must be directed in a creative direction, otherwise they can become a source of destructive moods that destroy the personality. September 21 people know how to breathe the unusual into the banal. However, they should beware of superficiality in any form.


September 21st Zodiac Sign (Virgo)

You are a sociable and friendly person, you love people, and most of them love you too. But even so, those born on September 21 may have problems in love relationships. You are a sentimental romantic, and your inherent desire for perfection can create a gulf between your ideals and everyday reality. Moreover, you need a partner that matches your level of intelligence. You also need personal time for your varied interests and hobbies. Emotional distrust usually prevents you from revealing your soul to other people. If you allow yourself to express your true feelings, then you come across as a loving, caring, reliable, and romantic partner.


Your inquisitive nature and diverse interests allow you to communicate with many potential partners. Ideal for you is a partner who attracts and charms you with his intelligence and eloquence, and not physical virtues. An intellectual conversation about love, either directly with a partner or over the phone, serves as a kind of exciting prelude for your mind and body. Although you are very modest in public, behind closed bedroom doors you are surprisingly receptive to new ideas and ready to try something new and exciting in sex.


Those born on September 21 have an inquisitive mind and a nervous temperament, so being with a partner in the bath helps you relax when the smell of herbs comes from the water. You readily respond to sexual games, you like it when you and your partner tell each other spicy stories about your imaginary sexual adventures.


You are an intelligent, witty, quick-witted person who perfectly expresses his ideas both orally and in writing. You are reasonable and perceptive by nature, so you can easily recognize the hidden motivations that drive other people. However, sometimes your focus on the intellect comes at the expense of your feelings and emotions.

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