Virgo Zodiac Signs


Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces, cancer

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Date range: August 23 – September 22

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) - The sixth sign of the zodiac, the representative of the elements of the Earth. Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, which largely determines the characteristics of their behaviour and character. Representatives of this sign are characterized by accuracy, practicality, attentiveness and prudence.

Virgo traits

virgo zodiac sign

  • Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hard-working, practical
  • Weaknesses: Shy, prone to worry, overly critical of self and others, workaholic
  • What Virgos like Domestic and wild creatures, healthy food, reading books, being in nature, and tidiness
  • What Virgos dislike: Boorishness, seeking assistance, being in the limelight

The nature of Virgo is largely determined by the patronizing planet, Mercury. He endows Dev with quick wit, talkativeness, and energy. At the same time, Virgo is an earth sign, which makes her practical, sensible and withdrawn. For Virgo, cleanliness and order are important. They are independent, caring and attentive to others. Virgo is a changeable sign. The mutable signs are the thinkers and philosophers of the zodiac. They symbolize the end of the season or the completion of the natural cycle, therefore they have mental and physical flexibility and dynamism.

Virgos are observant of the small details, and their humane tendencies make them a sign that that practices carefulness in everything that they do. They meticulously plan everything and do not leave events happening in their life to chance This sign is usually misunderstood because they are not accepting of their own feeling as something valid, accurate, or perhaps relevant when against reason. The Virgo sign is a representation of a maiden with wheat indicative of vitality, youth, and innocence.

The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a sense they’re encountering everything for the primary time.

Virgo is an Earth sign which perfectly fits Taurus and Capricorn. That’s why they have a strong character that prefers to be conservative, systematic, and highly practical in their everyday life. They do have goals, ambitions,  and dreams but only those that fall within the borders of practicality. They tend to focus on details and become unduly critical. This leads to anxiety about matters that no one else cares about.

The influence of Mercury is evident in how Virgos communicate. A lot of Virgos choose a career as writers, journalists, and typists, but they need a necessity to serve.

Since Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign, its representatives have a well-developed sense of communication. Many Virgos choose a career as writers, journalists, and typists, but they need a necessity to serve. When they first come from the clouds and jump onto planet Earth, their mission was to use their existence for good. If they cannot get in touch with their life mission and purpose, Virgos become somewhat introverted, feel lost, abuse substances, or refrain from being in the company of people who are close to them.

The main problems of the Virgo sign

Sometimes Virgos try so hard to be perfect, avoiding mistakes and finding fault with trifles, that they forget to relax. However, sometimes, when they get tired of controlling everything, they give themselves free rein. Virgo, as a rule, is quick-tempered - with a changeable mood, sharp humour, and craving for arguments. It’s good for Virgo to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes from time to time, and relaxing is an important part of taking care of yourself.

Virgo love and sex

“Accuracy” is Virgo’s keyword, and this also applies to love, sex, and relationships. The typical Virgo knows what she wants. Although many associate Virgo with hypocrisy and seriousness, in fact, the representatives of this sign are quite sensitive. On the surface, Virgos seem shy, but this is not entirely true. They know how to have fun. Virgos approach love as a holistic endeavour, so partnering with a Virgo can feel like a complete transformation of mind, body, and spirit. They will do everything to make you better. Try not to take them too personally if they correct you and make comments. This is how Virgos show concern.

Whether Virgos pair well with members of other zodiac signs depends on the skill of their partner They must begin that they begin to feel safe. Only when they feel safe can they open their heart and the relationship can prosper. They seldom have direct statements of love but intimacy with their emotional self-expression. A Virgo will prefer a stable relationship over fun, casual lovers. As intellectuals, each Virgo has an equation in their mind that their partner has to follow.

They don’t tend to be out and out explorative in terms of sexual exploration with many people. Their sexual experiences are limited to those who make them feel desired, important, pleasured, and loved. The sign of the Virgo is easily attached to the symbolism of a virgin. With regards to sexuality, an inner calling to change is verily overcome by restrictions they have placed on themselves.

When it comes to Virgos, the trust factor they share with their partner has to develop and be nurtured cautiously and steadily as against abruptly. Every partner that a Virgo has, can receive care and nurture provided they extend the thoughtful treatment that a Virgo requires.

Virgo friends and family

virgo zodiac sign

At their best, Virgos will strive to help you become the best version of yourself. This is because they tend to see things as they could be rather than as they are. The sign of Virgo is associated with caring for themselves and others, so they tend to be friendly and cooperative with people who also care about others. Virgos are known for their wit and dry sense of humour. To some, they may seem critical or cold.

Virgos are great advisors. They have a knack for not only finding problems but providing solutions for them. So, it’s always good to have Virgos around.

Virgo treasure and nurture relationships that are deep and meaningful for many many years. Little yet good actions go a long way toward forming a cordial bond with them.

Those who are born with their Sun in Virgo are highly devoted to their families and mindfully take care of those who are old and or unwell. They understand customs and the importance of responsibility. They have a sense of pride in their upbringing and all the factors that made their mind as dominant as it is.

Virgo career and money

Virgo is perhaps the most attentive of the signs of the zodiac. This means that no matter what profession they choose, they will notice mistakes and nuances that others do not. Virgos will easily find themselves in the field of writing and journalism. They tend to be very organized and like to plan, so working from home as a freelancer or independent contractor is also a good fit for them. Virgos are so good at self-discipline that they often have to remind themselves that it’s time to pause and rest.

Virgos are pragmatic, dexterous, and have the fine skill of analyzing things, events, and data well. They come across as very significant in the jobs that they do. The systematic methods that they employ make them great at organizing things, doing paperwork, and solving problems.

Virgos have an eye for detail. So don’t be surprised to see perfection in the work they do. Even though they can function as good critics, they can best help the human race if they become doctors, nurses, or psychologists.

Virgos support all pragmatic things. They tend to be good at saving also but sometimes it makes them appear a little cheap. If some Virgos have a bad habit then it usually is that of irrational spending especially if they were spoiled while being raised.

How to attract the Virgo man


Virgo men like to live their lives in a clean and orderly fashion. This factor has to be kept in mind if one is to attract a Virgo man.

Mostly he is very caring and takes his time when beginning a relationship and knowing the other person. This he must do before things become intimate and serious.

Often, he enters romance slowly, and carefully, and takes his time in planning to know an individual before starting anything serious. once he has an idea about what would possibly unfold in the relationship, all that his partner has to do is ensure that she delivers nothing less.

When he receives information on what to expect, his partner has got to take care to deliver nothing less. He might put up a cool front, but he has deep and sensual needs. If his partner is patient enough, he will eventually warm up. It takes prominence and labour to sweep a Virgo man off his feet.

The relationship strengthens if he has a partner who inspires him and reminds him of his talents. Sometimes such partners are found in the most unexpected of places. While looking for a partner who is truthful, and embodies patience, and cleanliness, a Virgo man is ever ready to go the distance with their perfect match.

How to attract a Virgo woman

A Virgo personality is a mix of intelligence and common sense. A woman born during this sign is incredibly bright, humble, and capable. Trying to seduce this woman can seem intimidating initially, for she will probably be placed on a facade of indifference. However, she isn’t cold but pragmatic and cautious when it involves starting new relationships.

When in a relationship, she will give herself to her partner fully only after assessing his character and emotions that have emerged right from the beginning of the relationship. She doesn’t fall into the category of worldly women.

Like all Earth signs, she will enjoy the fabric world and see any gift she gets as a blessing, but still, genuinely enjoy things only if they’re extremely practical and straightforward to use. Drawn to intelligence, a Virgo woman incorporates a solid capacity to like but chooses to share emotions until she is prepared. To protect herself, she is, many times,  private and defensive. She also needs these traits to be respected and gracefully broken only by a suitable partner.


There are no absolutes when it comes to astrological compatibility, but Virgos usually gravitate toward people who will help them learn, grow, and serve a higher purpose. Here are their most compatible and incompatible signs in friendship and love.

Compatible Signs:

The most compatible signs for friendship and romance are earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo). Water signs Cancer and Scorpio tend to get along well with Virgos. Although there may be obstacles along the way, Virgos can also find common ground with the Pisces sign. They can also get along with Gemini.

Incompatible Signs:

Air signs such as Libra and Aquarius seem too eccentric to Virgo, and fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) are conflicting.


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