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When it comes to sexual compatibility, there is a complicated mix of signals. Mars and Saturn are the rulers of Aries and Capricorn, respectively. These planets are referred to as archetypal or karmic adversaries. When it comes to sexuality, Mars rules the zodiac, and its conjunction with Saturn can create a slew of physical and objective roadblocks on the path to happy sex life. Saturn exerts undue pressure on Mars and consumes a large amount of its energy. Their partnership can result in a lack of sexual desire, a mutual sense of incompetence, and even impotence in one or both parties involved.

When this relationship occurs, it is typically caused by a deep unconscious urge to be held back and limited in sexuality. As with all that comes through the Capricorn sign, an Aries partner could achieve a healthy state where they are sexually fulfilled, and their spontaneous needs are met over time. Unfortunately, by that time, your Capricorn partner may have lost their energy and desire to engage in this type of sexual activity. This will lead to their split because there is nothing light or straightforward about these two, particularly when it comes to personal matters.

They may be insanely attracted to each other because of their relationship’s unconscious nature, but their differences will generally keep them at a safe distance. Capricorn, at its finest, will help Aries’ libido while still controlling their fire so that it burns as slowly as possible. At the same time, Aries sees their partner as an instructor who can teach them about their bodies and how to please them. Even so, as these two abrasive personalities collide, striking this balance is incredibly difficult.


It will be easy for Aries and Capricorn to trust each other because they are both extremes and “all or nothing” people. They would occasionally betray each other’s trust, even though they have deep misunderstandings in other areas of their relationship. This is something they can quickly take for granted, as they tend to lose sight of the moments between them that should be treasured when they are together. Either of them should have the foresight to remind the other of the positive aspects of their relationship from time to time.


Since Capricorn exalts Mars, Aries’ ruler, they should keep their conversation focused on career aspirations, professional accomplishments, and physical activity. They don’t have anything else to talk about apart from that.

A Capricorn partner would rarely encourage their impulsive and, in their view, stupid Aries partner to have their own opinions and value them as practical or realistic. They will appreciate their effort and energy level, but Aries’ conduct is inappropriate in most circumstances. Capricorn can retain their excellent opinion about their partner’s lack of tact and stamina, or even their idiotism since they have their feet on the ground and can evaluate the situation rationally. You can think how irritating this is for Aries, particularly when you consider their intense desire to set clear boundaries and be respected in every way.

Both of them would be mistaken in specific ways since they must realize what they might become if the right individual or motivator came along. The problem is that they could get trapped in this futile ego fight until they’re both so drained that they can’t imagine ever being in another relationship.


This paragraph should be titled “understanding” rather than “emotions” in this case. Their issue arises from the way they interact with one another in the first place. They would both likely have an idea of the other person as someone they might become after some effort is put into their development at the start of their relationship. The issue is that no one wants to improve here. Their feelings could easily be linked to the first picture they saw, no matter how unrealistic it was. So this is what we’d call a lack of understanding because these two may be insanely in love with each other’s false image and insanely determined to change each other.


They both respect freedom, clarity, and integrity, and their standard set of values isn’t the root of their relationship’s problems. When it comes to extreme views of the people, they are surrounded by, and they are always in agreement. They have an issue with their unreasonable aspirations, which are based on the fact that they share certain beliefs.

If Aries admires someone’s willingness to persevere and push through all sorts of personal challenges, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to be that person or have the strength to do so. Similarly, although some Capricorns value pace and concentration, this does not imply that they will sacrifice depth or attention to detail to be quicker or ignore deep psychological needs to remain focused on a target.


Capricorn has a hard time understanding why Aries wants to go for a run at 6 a.m. Aries is perplexed as to why Capricorn would waste an entire night doing something incredibly repetitive to be thorough when it is meaningless in this situation. What Aries doesn’t know is that studiousness has always had meaning, just as Capricorn doesn’t realize their body’s physical need to relax and function on instinct from time to time.

When physical movement is involved, they can quickly find things that they both enjoy. They both need to give attention to their bodies and daily activities, so doing the same physical activity at the same time every day will be beneficial. This way, they’ll be able to inspire each other: Aries will boost Capricorn’s motivation, and Capricorn will offer their joint efforts stamina. This will benefit their whole relationship because they would gain a greater understanding of each other’s personalities due to this simple task.


This isn’t an easy relationship to maintain. There is no hint of lightness or blissful ignorance in either of the spouses. This is why their relationship could seem to be a rivalry to ruin it the best way possible. It’s difficult to judge who will emerge victorious because they’ll both be miserable most of the time and happy that they’ve finally split up. If they insist on loving each other too much to let go, they’ll probably spend the rest of their lives banging their heads against a wall.

Their only hope of success is unconditional respect, as well as a diversity of perspectives and desires. They could genuinely complement each other, but only if they looked for the positive in each other and emphasized each other’s strengths. Unfortunately, the vicious existence of their rulers prevents them from becoming as optimistic and accepting. If they do get together, and whatever their story is, they should focus on what they can learn from each other rather than searching for flaws in each other, and they should always stay out of each other’s way.

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