Aries Monthly Horoscope


Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

Date range: March 21 - April 19


First Half:

In your marital relations, this time you will be very idealistic. You will believe that you can avoid all the problems and make sure that your beautiful love does not take a wrinkle. Beware of lack of lucidity! Quickly descend from your little pink cloud and know that your dreams have little to do with reality. Single, thanks to the harmonious vibrations of Venus, you will experience idyllic love. Passion and tenderness will be there. But jealousy could interfere if you aren’t careful.

Second Half:

Relaxation will be the order of the day. After having experienced many worries, your relationship with your spouse or partner will improve noticeably. You will be able to dialogue with him again, instead of shutting yourself in silence at the slightest annoyance. Single, you will hardly want to sacrifice your freedom. You would much prefer to treat yourself to repeated favorites. However, you might just stumble upon a hidden gem this time around. And then, farewell to this dear freedom!


First Half:

The natives of the sign will have an interest these days to be wary of impulsivity, either in daily work, or on the occasion of a personal decision concerning a change of job. Luck in the professional field will be generally the opposite. Even if relations with the Authority are not excellent, it would be better not to provoke it and wait for things to settle down or pass.

Second Half:

You don’t hate change when it’s up to you. It really won’t be this time around, and it will take a lot of timing to stay on top of yourself and the situation. Ultimately, this apparent upheaval in your work will bring you more advantages than disadvantages if you are flexible enough to adapt quickly to the circumstances.

Money Luck

First Half:

Try to be serious about managing your finances and take aggressive action. In other words, try to limit yourself strictly to essential expenses, since often “it is for the superfluous that one sweats” (Seneca). Otherwise there will be disaster in the air.

Second Half:

During this period, the focus will be on one of your favorite occupations: earning as much money as possible. You will indeed have new possibilities to diversify or increase your income. Financial transactions will be excellent. However, your partner may surprise you and even infuriate you, spending that barely earned money.


Boiling period, when you will be swarming with projects. Very creative, you will dare to take risks to express yourself. Go to others without complexes, come up with your ideas, and luck will smile on you. If you have children, you will be very attentive to their education, even if it means questioning your ready-made ideas in this area. And if you do fall in love, then be careful: it will be something very serious! It would be good if you revisit your usual conception of happiness. Until now, the focus has been exclusively on possession and consumption. You will probably now find that “in the face of true happiness, riches are worth the shadow of a smoke” (Sophocles). So do not kill yourself to accumulate material advantages.


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