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It is difficult to say that Aries and Virgo will be a more awkward or worse couple when it comes to ‘sex.’ Aries may look at Virgo with utmost modesty and demeanor and may abstain from indulging in sex with them. However, it will lead to no sexual contact between the two. Not a thing is more agamic for Aries than a person who lacks to express their sexual identity. To communicate their sexuality or feel sexual at all, Virgo needs patience and foreplay. It is where Aries comes in savagely with no manners or tact whatsoever and seems shallow and unattractive. The actual question is – how did the two fall for each other in the first place?

Their close relationship will work only when Aries tries to be more communicative and vocal about their feelings. Virgo, too, needs to get out of their past, bad memories, and experiences and start afresh with their new relationship with Aries. New relationship, new start!


If they overcome their sexual difficulties and stay together against all difficulties, their problems with trust shouldn’t be significant. Aries usually have the need to be respected, regarded, and being straightforward. In most relationships, Virgo is faithful and trustworthy and hates being lied to. When they are honest in a relationship, they expect the same from their partner.


These two, at times, can be so irritated with each other that they might irritate everyone around them. If you think of a partner who would help you to be the best version of yourself, and you are looking for this quality (keenly) in your Aries or Virgo partner, then maybe you are wrong. The stumbling block for Aries’ partner is their impetuous nature, their readiness to fight, and their over-reactive behavior of making a mountain of a molehill. Virgo’s possible difficulty is their irrationality at times and long unending talk when they do when they are not understood.

The good stuff that could come out of this strange bond is their intellectual cooperation if they share the same interests or work. They will work together and brainstorm creative solutions for problems together. They will use their intellectual power to come with great solutions when required.


We could certainly say that the two signs bond over emotions more than sex. However, we are not disregarding that Virgo is essentially an intellectual sign, a sign where Venus falls and the absence of emotions. Aries generally find it difficult to differentiate between sexual attraction and love. For both the signs, it is hard to create an emotional connection. Their best thing to do here is to get to know each other well for some time and then start the relationship. So that they get time to know each other. Aries could also do so that they are not too prompt to get in a relationship and later regret it. It will give them time to make better decisions.

Their relationship will be more smooth and hassle-free if they know each other for quite some time, say as friends, and then decide to begin their relationship. When Aries progresses from friendship to sexual relations, in a sexual relationship, they are more thoughtful and gentle. Without sexual relations, Aries is more sort of a good listener and patience, so yes, friendship actually can prove to a sound base to construct a more close and intimate relationship with each other.


They both value diligence, aspirations, and determination, along with precise information. It makes them desirable colleagues. But there are other things too in a happy and successful relationship. Their joint business could be the foundation of their relationship too. It will give them a chance to have more meaningful and productive conversations daily.

Also, Virgo and Aries value other sets of things too. Aries regards courageousness too. At the same time, Virgo looks up to intelligence. However, Aries considers it a factor of loneliness and boredom and does not attach it to success. Still, these would be easy and light things to have fun with and will not mainly impact their bond together.


It is a good quality that Virgo is a sign of changeable quality and always concerned about their health.

This couple, in particular, would go for walks together because it is healthy, go to swimming classes together, play badminton in the evening together because it is healthy. It would engage them in activities that are closer to nature. So, yes, the two will do activities that are healthy according to them. Another great thing about Aries is that they will, in their free time, not engage themselves more in activities like watching television or surfing through social media recklessly. They eat up too much time without being of any productive use. Virgo would, at this time, like to do cleaning or reading work.

Nonetheless, the two should not consider such activities, which are too dull for Aries and too of little use to Virgo. On the contrary, they should avoid these as much as possible.


It’s a great thing that the relationship between Aries and Virgo is interesting. However, in most cases, it is not seen as too long-lasting. Still, if the two signs do not get too serious about their sustained future together, it will definitely be a friendly, fun, and happy relationship. If they become successful in getting the best out of their relationship, giving them enough space and freedom, then Virgo would absorb some of Aries energy. At the same time, Aries would get to learn to communicate more effectively and organize thoughts more nicely. So, like this, there might be a point where their bond might grow more solid and last long, and the only need they will have is to be together and enjoy themselves.

Criteria Aries Man Virgo Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection
Trust & Dependability
Common values
Intimacy & Sex

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