Gemini Compatibility With Aquarius in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust.

Gemini And Aquarius

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Gemini and Aquarius Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

The Gemini-Aquarius pair could indulge in that act of sex by simple verbal communication, meaning they hold the capacity to transcend into a state of pure bliss solely by hearing each other’s thoughts and emotions. They do not have to be naked to share an intimate contact. However, they will consider nudity as a way to liberate themselves from all the artificial impositions represented through clothes. Their sexual experience will be the unity of bodies and the mind and the soul. They will find true meaning in each other’s arms. The sexual union of these kindred spirits holds the capacity to escape the mortal realm and plunge them into a brief eternity.

Both these individuals are aroused by intelligence. A relationship with one they do not consider intelligent is bound to sink. So, they require a partner who can complement their wit for the relationship to be a happy and content one. Neither Aquarius nor Gemini will ever be serious with someone stupid, in their opinion. Even their one-night stands or what they would call an “insignificant sexual encounter” has to be with someone who has enough wit or at least has something to say.

This couple focuses more on the act of sex than the place where they decide to do it. Gemini could be a little childish or wary of other people in certain circumstances. Still, with Aquarius as their partner, they will begin to realize that no one except themselves can put a limit on their freedom of expression. With that, Gemini will truly learn to embrace their sexuality. These partners will try everything under the Sun, communicate excessively, and learn about each other’s bodies to truly satisfy one another’s sexual needs. Still, their relationship could take a hit from the lack of emotional contact and physical intimacy. This could lead the two to drift apart slowly, often unaware that they are searching for something that the other cannot provide.

Gemini and Aquarius Trust

Trust comes relatively easy to this couple. They will trust each other implicitly, and it is one of their most vital points as a couple. Aquarius finds lying ridiculous, while Gemini does not feel the need to lie due to the abundance of freedom in their bond. In addition to that, Aquarius is aware of one’s need for privacy and space, as it is a sign where Neptune is exalted. Faith in each other remains a top priority for both the characters. They will rarely deceive the other because they consider lying waste of time and energy. Why risk something as beautiful as the bond they share when they could be engaging in so many subjects for conversation in the company of their excellent partner without feeling the tiniest bit of judgment?

Gemini and Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility and Interaction

When Gemini and Aquarius indulge in an intellectual debate, it is a fun watch for everyone. They stimulate each other’s thoughts to an extent where they fire arguments that they were not aware existed in their mind. While Gemini will be enamored by the fascinating beliefs of Aquarius, which is always so rooted in rationality and humanity, Aquarius will find the opportunity to relive some of their ego issues with the help of their Gemini partner.

Being a mutable sign, it grants Gemini the flexibility to adapt to some of those rigid attitudes and opinions exercised by their Aquarian partner, even if they disagree at times. In addition, Gemini has an inherently mellow nature that deeply understands the importance of social relations. So they will rarely ever fight for their true beliefs with the one they are closest to, which can prove beneficial as it avoids unnecessary fights. However, it could pose a severe problem in the long run when the constant silencing of their feelings and thoughts could leave a lasting impact on Gemini, leading them to lose their authentic personality to the point where they have difficulties recognizing themselves.

Therefore, it is crucial that this couple exercise healthy amounts of flexibility for one another, however different their belief systems might be. Still, it is best to share similar basic philosophies for life as they typically do, or it could result in them losing interest in each other and eventually deciding to go on their separate ways. As two air signs, they realize that communication is the key to solve any problem, but it often gets lost in too much talk and too little action. One of the biggest challenges in their relationship is their inability to understand how far their ideals are actually from the realistic world, which gives birth to unrealized dreams and unreached goals.

Gemini and Aquarius Emotions

One could say that a Gemini-Aquarius couple complements one another as perfectly as a key to a lock when it comes to emotions. In most cases, this is true. However, it does not imply that this is the answer to their needs. The fickle nature of Gemini can make them frequently change their mind or emotional state, at times daily. So, if they feel that the relationship is not going as well as it should be, they will rid themselves of it without overthinking the reasons that drove them to do so. And Aquarius is always craving to set themselves free from anyone or anything. So, parting ways would not be seen as an uncommon ordeal in their world.

Usually, their rational, intellectual natures will suit each other in a way that sparks excitement. Yet, it won’t be enough because the core of their relationship will suffer, not from the lack of emotion but the sheer shallowness of it. These individuals need to find someone who is more welcoming and warmer than they are, someone who can fuel the fire of their passionate hearts and make them feel deeply. Most of the time, they will choose to remain friends instead of lovers, even if they might have been attracted to each other when they first met.

Gemini and Aquarius Values

Suffice it is to say that they both value intelligence. Other than that, more minor differences between the two can be overlooked. However, as born humanitarians, Aquarius can be very intense about their beliefs and often back them up with all their strength. This is something that the Gemini understands but seldom supports. Their Aquarius partner values equality of all persons as much as their freedom is something that Gemini does not help, even though they might not verbally disagree with it, ultimately leading to separation.

Gemini and Aquarius Shared Activities

Aquarius is the only sign that is equipped to surprise Gemini. These two are different from everyone else, which the Gemini uses to climb to achieve greatness. However, it can differ slightly for Aquarius as some of their quirkiness is a mere farce, designed by their insistent need to make up for their turbulent Sun. Still, both of them entering into a relationship can be a tremendously exciting affair – counting on Aquarius to surprise and Gemini to follow their lead wherever they go. The main activity they share is travel. They could hit the road for thousands of miles to get their favorite ice cream or, well, for no reason at all. Mostly they will enjoy any activity when together, even the mundane ones, from traveling to clubbing or reading labels and instruction manuals on the use of various kitchenware.

Overall Compatibility

Gemini desires a partner who does not bore them out of their minds or make them feel self-conscious. When one looks at it this way, one could easily pass the judgment that there is no better match for Gemini than the fabulous Aquarius. And Aquarius needs a partner who understands their grand ideas for the future and discusses each one with them in-depth, someone who does not make them feel as though their ideas are too big to be achieved. Who could execute this better than Gemini? Unfortunately, while they are a match made in heaven for academic affairs, the two could find themselves in a relationship with a deficit of compassion and emotion. This problem is bound to surface as soon as one of them goes through a rough patch in life. The Gemini-Aquarius pair needs to work on their non-verbal understanding and the emotional foundation of their bond if they want it to last.

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Trust & Dependability
Common values
Intimacy & Sex

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