Aries Daily Horoscope


Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

Date range: March 21 - April 19

Your astral climate

Life is not an everyday game and certainly not today. Put your heart to work, whatever it is to avoid ruminating on your responsibilities or the tasks assigned to you. Neglecting them would only postpone the problem.


Your determination will be a real asset ... If your idea is good, of course! But take your time because your emotionality puts you in the wheel, do not make important decisions. Your need for action is on the rise and it can turn to aggression, don’t pick on those around you.


There are relationship tensions in the air. Stay objective and don’t get involved in annoying subjects. The susceptibility of your partner or the difficulties to forge new bonds if you are alone give you a hard time ...

In a Relationship : On this day, you will be unhappy and extremely difficult to please. You will spend your time questioning everything and it will end up offending your partner. Do not wait to find yourself at the foot of the wall to react. Avoid raising controversies and put your emotions into words!

Single: The day is not going to be favorable to create new links. In a gloomy mood, you seem reluctant to engage in a dialogue. You prefer to fold in on yourself and stay clinging to your certainties. Your lack of self-confidence is a real obstacle to starting a new relationship.


A feeling of déjà vu prompts you to seek the why and the how of what is happening to you. The encounters you make through your travels or the places you visit give you confidence.

Money Luck

Issues that have been pending for six months are coming to the fore today. By reasoning too much, you now encounter too many obstacles on a project that is nonetheless positive, think about it. It’s time to talk to someone you trust.


You don’t like routine. You need innovation and your inventive qualities are undeniable. Today, you take lessons from the past in order to develop a process. It is an effective way.

First decan

Born between March 21 to April 01

The word of the day is security so, do not hesitate to store your most precious assets in the bank or at the bottom of your heart ... you are in full possession of your means but probably held back by a demanding moon, make good against bad luck heart, be patient!

Second decan

Born between April 02 to April 11

Traffic is disciplined but rigid. The traffic will be fluid as long as everyone respects the rules ... if you are not wise the police will not show any kindness, today it is the Administration that wins so do not fight against windmills!

Third decan

Born between April 12 to April 20

Architects, company auditors, judges and managers are valued in their authority today. However, if you hold a position of responsibility, this influence will only be positive if you manage to remain measured, sober, disciplined and realistic. Excesses will be sanctioned.


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Your astral climate Life is not an everyday game and certainly not today. Put your heart to work, whatever it is to avoid ruminating on your responsibilities


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