The Air Element - Know what it represents and how it works

The Air Element - Know what it represents and how it works

There are four elements of nature relevant for our more profound understanding of Astrology and plenty of other things in life: Earth, Water,Fire, and Air. All of them have an extended history, recognized way before our time. Utilized by the alchemist to seek out answers or by people trying to grasp Mother Nature, these four are the pillars of everything we are surrounded by and everything we supply within.

All four elements speak of certain tendencies each zodiac sign has because it belongs to at least one of them. They assist us in understanding that there are other ways of observing each individual, give us patience for those who are different from us, and make it clearer why some songs are more compatible than others. This can be quite logical if you think about it, for Water gives Earth its fertility and brings us to life, while Air keeps the hearth burning and sparks the sunshine and our power of creation.

Air element connection

Air Element

This element connects all other elements, while it would seem less relevant, invisible because it is. The space from the character of Earth lifts us high, in impractical and mental planes that don’t satisfy our physical needs. Still, this is often the element that will be found all told by others, keeps the hearth going similar to the Sun burning hydrogen. We may say that the start of life wouldn’t be possible without Fire, but there would be no Fire on our planet without Air.

What does air element gives us?

The Air element gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and opens our soul to personal freedom. All signs that belong to the present part have a robust need to feel liberated and free. As soon as you see someone’s chart, the primary thing you must do is check it for the occupancy of every element. If you see that someone has no planets in one among them, this can be a really wide but still specific problem they need to handle during this lifetime.

The absence of planets in one amongst the weather speaks of a person’s inability to attach with it, and this creates problems on all other planes of existence since all four of the weather should work together so as for us to make anything true and significant in our lives. This lacking is commonly overcome by the employment of homes in connection to the element in question.

Still, it’ll never be easy for somebody with this example in their chart to search out the balance between levels of existence elements speak of. When matters are entirely different, and your client has many planets in just one amongst the weather, it’ll be hard to dial things down, balance this plane with all the others, and remain in an exceedingly peaceful state.

Air element balance

A very special situation presents itself when an individual has just one planet among the weather, especially if it’s one among the lights or visible planets. This can feel somewhat like a drowning man in possession of only one straw, holding on to that prefer it is his only resolution. If there’s such a planet in your chart, you may probably realize that you just gave lots of your energy to specialize in it; with great care, you’ll have some peace in looking for overall balance.


Whatever you are doing with what you read here, keep in mind that none is worth much without the opposite, and every one element has one thing in common within the world as we all know it – matter. This can be a link that connects all of them into the image we’ve of our body and is densely presented by the element of Earth. Without it, life wouldn’t be possible during this form, and you’d be unable to taste, touch, smell, or perhaps listen.

This implies that the manifestation of all things depends on the element of Earth, and this is often the foremost difficult element to search out a substitute for in one’s natal chart when it’s not strongly positioned.